Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dreaming of Chocolate Cake, Without the Nightmares Afterwards

  Cakes have always been associated in  my memories with love, goodness, giving and joy.  I grew up adoring chocolate cakes from Goldilocks.   When Red Ribbon came, not a birthday passed by without my sister buying for us.   The reason why I learned to bake is due to my undoubted love for it.  Instead of tangible yet nonsense gifts, rolls and rolls of this dessert lace every table, in every occasions.  Now, everywhere you go, a bakery or a cafe  always have a version of this.  

   Now my kids bore the same love for it.   Well, as a kid, anything that's chocolate is already food.  My kids would devour bars and truffles in one sitting and the culprit on stains on clothes can easily be determined till the "dramastic" change in our life came.       (Dramastic is a portmanteau word were drastic and  drama were compounded).  

   So why the word dramastic, it was the time we found out that both my parent's had become type 2 diabetics from type 1.   Worst came the heart-breaker, when our then five-year old daughter was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic.  She almost went to coma but with God's ultimate grace and friends' and relatives' contemplative prayers and support we were able to accept the fact that she needed to take insulin injections all her life with constant blood-sugar monitoring.   She got better, but facing the big change in the family's lifestyle was tough.   We have to surrender our sweet cravings when she's around.   Coke and soft-drinks are no-nos in the house.  Candies are given away and I have to lay off baking and chocolate-making. 

  Since then we've been watchful with her condition, what's even harder is that we need to know how many is her sugar intake and how to compensate her insulin dosage with whatever food she takes, every minute of her precious life.   Since then we have been careful and resourceful in whatever we give her for food.   We also learned, from series of  really bad hypoglycemia attacks, that we also need to figure out how to keep sweets at hand but away from her sight, just in case her sugar level drops.

   But you know what, what still gets me out of those dark times are still chocolates, but since we have histories of diabetes, we indulge in it moderately.   Don't get me wrong I now went back to baking but occasionally.  We eat healthier, and thanks to Coke Zero, we can have sodas when we dine out.  

   With those thing we need to have in mind, we would rather have less sugar in our desserts, but we try our best not to succumb to artificial sweeteners.   We tried our best also to have at least a cup a day of teas, such us banaba, lemongrass and green teas.    Also, if you are usually attending food bazaars, like me, you will get exposed to a lot of healthier and organically based options, and will be able to know sugar-free desserts.

   At first it was hard for us to look for bakeries, shops or stores that would cater to customers looking for sugar-free or sugar-less products, but not anymore.

   It was so timely, that My Pink Wasabi, had decided to launch their guilt-free and yes sugar-free Flourless Chocolate Cake and Truffle cups.  I  remember the first time I discovered there was such a thing as flourless chocolate cake.   We said how can it be  a cake without the flour?  It was at  Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino, one of Chef Jackie Laudico's decadent desserts.  It sounds absurd though but for us non-chocolatier  or dessert-guru, but trust me there is such a thing, and it such a wonderful dessert.

   The words alone. A chocolate cake that doesn’t even bother with flour?  For me that was brilliant.  Why?  This is most useful to kids with autism, ADHD, ADD syndrome, and to me being surrounded with loved-ones suffering from diabetes.   I would use to think how, we'd celebrate birthdays without cakes, or worst chocolates,  so I'm thankful for angel's in the kitchens disguised us pastry chefs, whipping up amazing stuff in their kitchen with the best thought in mind of pleasing their customers even to them who aren't allowed to eat their creations.  
  So when my Mother-in-law, celebrated her birthday last January 25, I ordered this artistically crafted cake minus the guilt, minus the frightening what if's, minus the sad feeling of my Dana and my in-laws wouldn't be able to have a bite at least.

  This gem of  cake, is moist with  deep chocolate flavor, with that clean, pleasantly sweet taste you won't find in other sugar-free desserts.    According to Chef Anna Marin Chua of My Pink Wasabi,  it has 56 % Dark Belgian Callebaut, with no added sugar.    More so, Callebaut chocolates, from maker Barry Callebaut uses Maltitol as sugar-substitute, a form of sugar-alcohol.  It is 90 per cent as sweet as sugar, non-cariogenic and  significantly low in calories.   It may be useful for people with diabetes, because it does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels, unlike sugar.

  This dome cake is completely 62 per cent sugar-free chocolate based truffle cake.  Inside you will find an even luscious  consistency like of the mousse cake.   You will find the texture a bit nutty, something like of gianduja, or  Nutella, beacause of the almond flour added.   Though it doesn't have that treachy after-taste leaving your throat sore.
We don't have to do the sugar waltz anymore, specially now that My Pink Wasabi is just  a call or an email way form us.

  Let me just also announce that they have a deal with e-Bay Philippines, kindly click on the picture below to check the deal at Kuponan.   You get the 6-inch Flourless chocolate cake for only P 588 instead of  regular P980 value.

Aside from this be sure to check out their incredible Maki  and other heavenly desserts at Mercato Centrale, every Saturday and Sunday of February at 7 am till 2 pm.

Simply divine, isn't it?
For more info, check out their Facebook fan page
or call and text them at  09062102966  /  09478658634
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  1. looks divine! I totally miss goldilocks and red ribbon, I had the cookbook that they had limitedly released bought :D

  2. yum....chocolate cakes looks very delish and what a drooling treat this is Sis :-) FTF, hope that you can return the visit too


  3. looks great and beautifully done! visiting late from FTF, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :)

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