Monday, February 28, 2011

Three Different Southern Flavors with ALVEO

    ALVEO welcomes you to South side living, as they do, they have invited selected people from the media to witness the innovative design, cutting edge engineering, adherence to environmentally sound system, and the foresight inherited from Ayala Land, the country's leading real estate developer.

Sharing A Baking Seminar With My Foodie Friend

One of the things I love doing is baking and then eating them with my kids!  As a home-baker, I'm used to baking brownies, cupcakes and loaf cakes.   I would often browse the net to find easy-to-do and easy on the pocket baking recipes, and when i do, I often do them.  For one is, I am not sure if it will turn out well. Yes, I am a "sigurista" and I don't want to waste ingredients as well.  So the the best deal is I attend seminars such as this.   Good thing, I was able to see this add in one of my friend's blogs.
I have attended several baking classes, but none yet could compare to the baking demo my friend and I had last February 25 at San Miguel/Purefoods Culinary Center.   For one is they have a classy and new-fangled kitchen, complete with everything you'll be needing for cooking and baking.

  Another is the instructor.   Chef Paul Camaclang headed the group in making scrumptious and sure-fire recipes.   He made the baking demo lively and jovial.

Here he was making Coffee Lady Fingers.
Pastel Walnut Pocket Pie  and Peanut Twists                                  

Tableya Cinncmon Swirls

We were thought simple roll and knead doughs and a few techniques in making styles in baking.

Hands-on making siopao.
See how much fun were having making Whole Wheat Siopao.

Sounds new and unique, right?
Cheezee Caramel Bars, before baking
Bonus Recipe, Cream Cheese Tableya Brownies
The finished products!

Chef Paul, Julie and me...
San Miguel Purefoods invite you to a series of Workshops and classes, and I encourage you do!
I can't wait to start baking again and hopefully earning again from these goodies, which I used to 9 years ago.
Visit their Website at:
Call them at:  6405453 look for Ms. Rochelle
What we had was BOS 2, that's Business Opportunities Series: Take Home Surprises:
                                                                                                Unique Pasalubong Ideas
BOS 3: Party Packs: The Finest Food to-Go Dishes
                  March 11, 2011, 130 pm
BOS 4: Supreme Frozen Desserts
                  March 25, 2011, 130 pm

They also have classes for those who never really have cooked and baked yet but would want to, so better call them now and ask about it.

Do take time to read my Recipes Section, I will be demonstrating my favorite recipe from that class to share with you, at  soon!

Happy Baking!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrating our 15 Years of Marriage With a Lunch at the Crystal Room

This has been a much awaited lunch not only for me but also for my husband.  
 As a husband and wife , we fought a lot of hardships, heart-breaks and infirmities, and we endured all with the Lord as our fortress and source of everything!
To make our relationship more of enjoyable ride we had tried a lot, and took our dining up a notch.   We have been sharing a lot of first-times lately, and here, this was the first time we had a "fine-dining experience."   Happened at the heart of  Bonifacio Global Center, The Establisment.  
I would love to chat about all that had gone through my life with him playing the biggest part of it but this will interest you more, since this is a food blog.

The Establishment is composed of three avant garde restaurants, the Hall, Tulipan and the Crystal Room.  

  • This seemingly private but not really hush-hush place looks like a hallway, with glass panels dividing a quaint wall, where the sunlight gives off striking radiance from the outside, is how I can summarize the place.   How I wished I could make a poem out of this but alas, a less poet am I.   So to a natural person like me I can descriptly summarize the  place as elegant!    The white background and the whimsical chandeliers, and not to mention the semi-circle dining table says it all.   And the service, top class, everyone are polite and warm-hearted.   

This February, they have launched Guest Chef Lunch
 Specials were Chef Him Uy de Baron was featured.

Chef Him has prepared a delightfully delicious lunch menu, as expected from his extensive training from Le Cordon Bleu, experience as Executive Chef of Chef Cuisine catering and consultancy, his stints at East Creative Asian at Rustan’s, Le Souffle & Edsa Shangri-la Plaza and as a Chef Consultant for numerous large food corporations.

 For our anniversary lunch we started of with  a basket of baguette, their French bread  to be dipped in herbed melted butter or pesto, then followed immediately with Tempura of Squash Blossom filled with Prawn Mousse and Plum Chili Dressing.    A mixture of prawn and herbs possibly floured and egged, filled the flower of squash and crusty fried, then smothered with a light clear pink sweet sauce.

For our entrĂ©e, Pan Roasted Chicken with Asian Mushrooms Ravioli and Chicken Jus, skillfully prepared.   I love the Jus.   It has a different taste, unlike any other chicken soup or stock, maybe it has wine or a spice I haven't discovered, and yes it was superbly cooked.   The chicken is tender and juicy without the meat being raw.  Their own made ravioli really goes well with the roast chix submerged on the Jus, but still in perfect texture.   I've eaten a lot of raviolis but never have I tried it with a stock, so this is another first.   However, funny though, we tried to eat    the leafy thingy on top of the chicken, but we really can not, Bhogs even joked about it being skinned from the palmera or bamboo found around the resto, we never really could tell what plant or veggie that was.

Bhogs enjoyed it anyway!
He missed the rice though

And for the dessert, our second first,  Mango Panacotta with Pandan Cream, Muscovado Syrup & Fresh Fruits.  Our first ever Panacotta (it's an Italian dessert) which I've been dying to try for centuries.   Topped with slices of strawberry, passionfruit, kiwi and pomelo saps.  I found the mango panacotta a bit sour but still delectable.  You have to try the panacotta with bits of  fruits and syrup.
As recommended we had our coffees with the desserts.   For my Daddy, the good ol' Gourmet Capuccino, and I had a cup of English Tea Latte.   OMG, my first tea with milk, that's another first.  And I found it very comforting and very tasty.  I was a bit hesitant about having it, good thing I tried, I broke my own notion of a tea with milk is yucky.

See how big the serving of this dessert is, hmmm really a value for the money, It is very smooth, when it touches your mouth mmmmmmmm, and  shooked head.

See how frothy the milk on the cappucino? 


It really was meant to be a well-deserved firsts for both of us, hopefully not the last.

After which we headed to Market, Market which was near, and there was the Panagbenga celebration, a good thing to those who weren't able to visit Bagiuo, they brought Bagiuo here in BGC.  Then we watched Unknown, lead by Liam Neeson.   A very memorable advance anniversary celebration capped with a good and intriguing movie.  We are 15 on February 26. 

The Establishment
Unit A The Fort Entertainment Complex
26th St. corner 5th Avenue
For Bonifacio, Taguig City
Phone: (632) 844 6364

Sunday, February 20, 2011

At the Stick House

Gianduia Chocolate
Counting down on Italian Gelato stations in the Philippines

Yes...Ice Cream Sticks, but their Italian Gelatos on an array of flavors.

Yes...One can lounge, read a magazine and indulge in their gelatos on sticks with toppings of your choice.

Some of the Italian Gelatos I know are Fiorgelato, Gelatissimo at the Bonifacio High Streets at now I came to discover the Stick House at SM Megamall.

Better visit them at the lower Ground Floor, Bldg A., Sm Megamall
Their website:

An Exquisite Dining Experience At The Pergola with Kusina ni Kambal

"Family means too much, 
Friends are too valuable,
 And life is too short, 
To put-off sharing with people, 
How much they really mean to you, 
And pursuing whatever it is that makes you happy."    
                              Author Unknown

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Unprepared Picnic at the Hot Air Balloon Fest 2011

     Everything was set, itineraries, the accommodation, the activity lists,  even the food i'm looking forward to eat!   It didn't turn out to be the greatest adventure, and didn't turn out to be what i had expected also.   Nevertheless, we made it through.   As I always say, in every problem there is always a solution, it just depends on how one will face it.
     Going back to the picnicking...As the quote goes "It just wouldn't be a picnic without the ants

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chefs on Parade

     The event definitely did not only give a glimpse of the Philippines'  and Asia's culinary expertise, it also highlighted creativity, craftsmanship, artistry and gastronomy!   I have been awaiting for an event as such, so even though my schedule for February is very tight, I had to make time for this!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


      A nice afternoon deserves a cool whip of a snack, this time I won't be the one to prepare it.  It was even better to share it with a friend who always prays for you and share time.  Happened at the Red Mango, in Mall of Asia.   Together with her cutee son, Nzo, we headed to the second floor of MOA and ordered ourselves frozen yogurts.

Blueberries and Cream Waffles

Monday, February 7, 2011

Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 2

Goldilocks  Bakeshop had been so well-loved since 1966 and as far as I could remember it has been a tradition in our family to have one every time we celebrate a special occasion.   From my childhood birthday  celebration to my kids.   This time a lot have evolved in the baking industry, yet Goldilocks still remains preferred by most Filipinos.   As a mom it is important to me that my kids are happy and that they will have precious memories of our family celebrations, and cakes are the best instrument for this.   As an experienced baker, it is my dream to make on my own a special  cake for their birthdays.   

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Best Indian Cuisine in the Banana Republic

New Bombay
Authentic Indian Cuisine

   The good thing about internet nowadays is being able to buy stuffs online.   Advertising in the internet can be costly or costless   On the second hand, customers like me, who often puts value for money next to quality of food and service, finds it delightful to  hunt for good dining bargains.
   It was time for me to try out new things and enjoy  God's blessing in all the areas of the said LIFE.
   Little did I know that buying e-tickets and online vouchers will really come in handy in my new found hunger for life.   Dining in New Bombay, to be honest, is my first experience in this matter.   I used a Buyanihan voucher to pay for our food that would have cost P500, but the voucher only cost P200.   The allotted deal was enough for two heads, well that depends on what you will choose from the menu.   Whatever excess in the bill is what you just have to pay.  

Here are the foods we ordered:

For appetizer, we had SAMOSA, triangle empanadas filled potatos mashed the Indian way.
It has two dips, the tangy Tamarind chutney and green coriander chutney.  Both are amazingly new to my palate.  Both dips makes the yummy crusty pastry tastes better and blends so well with the potato filling that is mildly seasoned.

Samosa dipped in coriander chutney, moderately spicy with the leafy taste.

Chicken Tikka Masala, the main dish.
The flaming hot plate...Everything is out of my world.  I'm not a picky eatery, however, i don't like very spicy dishes.  Eaten with either rice or chapatti, an unleavened bread.  We tried it both, and even went scale higher with Cheese Naan, like chapatti but has cheese inside.

I guess eating spices became their second nature.

The Chappatti
To trully enjoy Chicken Tikka Masala, one has to dip a portion of the Chappatti to the dish.  

Of course I have to try their Chais, Hot Indian Tea.   Good to balance the mix of spice you had.   Though I never dared to drink Ginger Tea or Salabat, now I know how it tastes and feels like.   To even spike it up, it has milk and sugar, those are just what I recognized, I don't know what the concoction is, but one should not leave the place without trying this.

And to finish my meal, I had to try KULFE, an Indian Ice Cream.   It is made of low fat milk, saffron and dry fruits.  I know that saffron is the most expensive spice, and I never had recipes using the coveted spice.  Saffron makes the dish pink and more appealing to the senses.
Could you imagine a dessert with spice?!...

I love this Kulfe!

I don't want to say a mouthful, since my mouth really spoke to me!  Wheew!  I think I'm getting accustomed myself to the spicy gastronomic reverie.  
Do visit New Bombay, they have a file of  almost all of the dish in the Indian Cuisine, Shorba (soup),  Vegetarian Tandoori, Chicken and seafood dishes, and a lot, lot more.

We tried it at their main branch at Sagittarius Bldg., H.V. Dela Costa.   But we were at the Columns (Malugay St.) first to check out their restaurant.  Both venues look appealing though.

From here on I will be rating my ridiculous adventure for food.


 Find them at