Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Year-end of Gastronomic Family Bonding

Woohh!    2011 . . .  What a year!
January 1, 2012 1 pm.
Finally,  I'm done with all the mess in the kitchen .  . .  We woke up at  10 in the morning, and I couldn't remember when the last time we woke up that late, and yet we didn't really partied that hard last night.   If only there could be more days like this...the fridge is full and no need to cook  (the best time when microwave oven comes so handy) ,  no work to think,  good movie marathon, and just taking it slow with the kids slouched in front of the TV.
And yes what a better way to celebrate than to begin with my first blog for the year 2012!
Cheers to a year spent with good friends,  family and  relatives!   Without all of you it wouldn't be as eventful as it was!
Here is a picture of our Christmas dinner!  I planned a really nice post for this but as always, time has not been so generous with me.   And yeah, I'm entering this year with still lot's to post, yes that's more food/restaurant reviews and unforgettable family travelogue.

This was supposed to be part of that blog  . . .
The angst of a mom preparing for a lovely family Christmas . . .
A few more hours and it will be Christmas Eve. . . the table is all clean awaiting to to spark up with the forage I have planned for a week.    Ooops,  I still have to find the mantle my mom gave me to adorn the table first before  the plates are  worked up for the feast.
Ahhh . . .  Aaarrrggh. . .  Yaaiikks. . .
I wasn't able to have my nails done. . .
Been planning to have my crown glossed and browned. . .
The most dreamed spa and facial treatment didn't happen. . .
Got everyone's gift under the Christmas tree, except mine is not there...
Was able to give everyone gifts, except I hadn't received any yet...
Shopped for the family's new stuff for the season, except I wasn't able to buy at least one thing for me, yep not even a new pen...and the list goes on...
But then again, I'm still happy and that can never be replaced with a reconstructed beauty or any gift wrapped in the most glittered wrapper put under the most stunning and all-sparkled tree.
My network of friends are growing, more relatives are seeking me out to bless me and clients are more trustful...That couldn't be bargained!
Toasted French Bread with Baby Potato Salad, Cream Cheese Caviar
 Dynamite!  Spaghetti on my sausage...
Penne Pesto with Chicken fillet Teriyaki
 Crab Cakes...
More Chicken Fillet Teriyaki
 My Traditional Oven-roast Chicken...
For Dessert we had...
Suman (no I didn't make this, I don't know how)
 Dark Chocolate and fresh Strawberries
 Mom-daughter Bake'Em Chocolate Cake with pink frosting and fresh strawberries...
Yes!  That's was for Noche Buena...will be posting the recipes soon, "pwomise!"
You maybe asking what my new year's resolution is or are...none!  I never had for a long time and I guess will never have for this year.
How come?  Well, as others try to list what lacked their life and argued with themselves what they needed to do to suffice those, I just live my life and kid's with all faith to God.   We never really know what is going to happen to us with just a blink of an eye.   We get sick, we get better or worst, we get rich, we get poor,  we remember the hurtful past, we hope for a brighter future,  and yet we live.
We didn't really have so much food this year for we have devoted this year more in prayer and in remembrance of those who have been struck with storms, tsunami,earthquake and death.  
And I asked Bhogs that I don't want to cook for Media Noche, but I know I have to live up to my kid's expectation of a tummy-filling , fork-licking here are what I have come up with.
 Deli of  2 kinds of cold cuts,  2 loaf bread variation,  cheese, veggies and green olives
 Shrimp Kebabs
 Rib Eye Steak Kebabs
Meat and cheese stuffed Tortellini
12-piece Fruit Salad.   Twelve pieces of different fruits according to tradition.   Don't ask me about it though I'm not into hearsay and what not,  but I want to see if I can mix up 12 different kinds of fruit in a salad without ruining the unique the unique taste of each.  Let me see if can still remember all I have put in the salad bowl...Now there's  papaya, pineapple, grapes,kiwi, apple, orange, mango,strawberries, lemon,  melon, pomelo and dragon fruit.   Go ahead, count them...
.And tadah!    Chocolate Celebration  by  Park Avenue Desserts.   A truly decadent layer of chocolate cake, caramel walnut, luscious mousse cake adorned with perfectly spread chocolate fudge and adorned with a delightfully thin sheet of vanilla cake and sinful dark chocolate.  Ending each heavenly bite with the zesty white chocolate topper.
It had been a really wonderful year for the whole family and it was our simple way to celebrate life and what seems to be ahead of all of us.

 Indeed, nothing in life is arbitrary.  That there is a bigger picture in the works that we will perpetually be blind to. And that, when life seems to be far too quiet, it just means that destiny is about to fall on you. It’s about to kick you in the face and smack you in the head. Because life is not static.  And I do believe that whatever the picture may seem, we write the content of the page which bear our life's plot.
We’re all living different stories and we’re all walking through different seasons.  Whether we are taking over the world or on a furlough,  it’s good to realize  that wherever we are,  is exactly  where we’re supposed to be.
Let me end with this notes from my kids,  and start my 2012 blogging year with this...
"Do change the things that can be changed and accept the things that  can't be!"
Cheers to a better  life on 2012!

Here's where to find Park Avenue Dessert (PAD)
Address:  #7 Maga Center, Paseo de Magallanes Commercial Center, Makati City
Tel: 02 8526141


  1. Delicious to the eyes, delightful to the tongue. It makes me happy to see you and your family happy this new year. God bless!

    By the way, the sausage with spaghetti, fun-tastic! I think I'll try to do it as a fun treat for the kids.

  2. Amazing and unabashed! Tnx Mr Tripster! TO make the pasta thingy sausage. Stick some uncooked spaghetti pasta to the sausage. Cook on boiling water w/out salt...for about 10 to 15 minutess or until the pasta are cooked! Have fun!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Everything looks amazing!!Happy New year, Joy!

  4. Tsalap! Certified mommy k ateng and alll the food, winner!...Hoping to bump you this 2012...Coffee perhaps and escapade with food...

  5. @PEachkins...Same to you sweetie..
    @Jinkee...I'd love that, coffee and pastries, why not!

  6. How do you do it? You are so talented! Was the spaghetti in the sausages your idea? How clever! I want to do that too :)

    Happy new year to you!

  7. Gee what a compliment from The Pepperific Life...I wished the idea was from me but I just got it somewhere in the net...

  8. Ang sarap naman ng Media Noche ninyo :) Daming foods. Kakagutom at kakatuwa tingnan kasi iba iba :) I'm sure nabusog kayong lahat :D Thanks for sharing this.

    Wishing you a blessed and prosperous 2012!

  9. wow!!! you are so good at food presentation! I could give you a 10!! ;) everything looks so yummy! i am so drooling! thanks for the visit. returning back some love via FTF


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