Friday, September 22, 2017

Resorts World Manila's Love Dish

I'm really not into celebrities, of course, I would watch them whenever I could, but unlike the others who fall under their fandom or go head over heels when I see them.  There are however some who I'd tell can be inspiring, but none can truly make an impact in my life as compared to the chefs I admire and look up to. There is however so many things to love them for.

A First Look at Rolls Republic's #SpeedyRollsFestival

You may have not known this but, I do have a love affair with my bed on Sundays, thus, waking up early isn't on the day's list of "To-do."

Please, let's not be too quick to judge, coz I'm a Christian too, but I'm sure the Lord does not mind coming to church on an afternoon service.  Like many parents, my husband and I wake up early every day to take care of the kids as they go to school, then gardening and household chores begin when they leave.  Then, I'm one headless chicken running around the house to do as many chores I could while planning for my blog posts.

Going back to my Sunday morning routine, I would like to make way for this particular Sunday when my husband and I drove on a Sunday morning to check out the Rolls Republic which is located at Avenue of Arts Building, a little over at Roxas Boulevard.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pastry Armoire Ensaymada x The Wander Space

Two years ago, Pastry Armoire was launched and had opened their doors to gourmands in the south.  

With enough pastries to last us a lifetime and ingenious ways of serving good food Pastry Armoire still promises to delight us 

Pastry Armoire proved to be forward-thinkers once again as they tried to put a spin on conventional ensaymada.  

A couple of us foodies were introduced to these new products of Pastry Armoire at Wander Space.

“Meat” Your Spicy Barbecued-Dream-Come-True: Racks Launches Smoked Chipotle Ribs

Think rich, dark-glazed, smoky ribs—the kind of dish that you don’t mind getting messy for. And when one thinks of ribs here in Manila, there is just one place that comes to mind: Racks.

You see, they aren’t called the #BestRibsinTown for no reason. With their reliable heavy slabs that are sure to satisfy, Racks is known for their classic formula—the same one they’ve been using since 1992.  While they have a much-loved hit on their hands, they sure don’t mind flipping the script and trying something new, well, I don't blame them, and I don't mind either to try out what else is left on their sleeves.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Innovating Tradition, Madrid Fusion Manila's Theme for 2018

Traditional cooking techniques and native ingredients will be at the spotlight for the fourth serving of the Madrid Fusion Manila (MFM) 2018.

Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo announced during the MFM 2017 Appreciation Gathering that next year's theme for the culinary festival is "Innovating Tradition".

“The chefs of today's world are now going back to their roots looking into their pantries and discovering what is available in their own locales – produce ingredients, forgotten or age-old techniques, making them new and responsive to our time,” said Teo, who led the agreement signing for MFM 2018 at The Conservatory of The Peninsula Manila.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cha Cha's Beach Cafe, A Different Kind of Food Vibe in Boracay

Boracay Island had always been a dreamy escape, and I'm sure many would attest to that.  Without a doubt, beachcombers take Boracay as a place of many interests, including food escapades. 

For sure, nothing competes for a beach vibe without having the famous mango shake, or the infamous calamansi muffin and a copious serving of seafood, of course.

Monday, September 11, 2017

My ALLHOME Shopping Experience

When we left for Italy for vacation last summer, my husband surprised me by finishing the walls and floors of our rooftop as an improvement to our urban garden project.  I had initially planned to render more work into it many summers ago, but life got in the way.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Resorts World Manila's Run with Me, A Successful Second Run for a Cause

Whatever your reasons are in joining a charity run, one thing is for sure, it will be a fantastically rewarding experience.  It may not be true to everyone especially if you were not prepared in doing so, as you may have had a hard time finishing the race or if it wasn't fun for you.

But what I've witnessed early this morning changed my overall thought of running.  Well, I never really run on a regular basis, but if you can consider doing chores in our home, it might fall under vertical run.  In any case, I did find this morning's event exhilarating, even though I hate waking up really early in the morning.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Five Inspiring Finalists of AirAsia's CreateCamp

Create camp is the Philippines' first social media reality show with five participants to be given a chance to be AirAsia's official storyteller.  Chosen participants will be under the mentorship of professional photographers and travelers for rigorous photography, videography, and traveling with a purpose boot camps together with the existing AirAsia Storytellers.

Last August 30, I witnessed the announcement and send off of the five chosen students from Manila, Baguio, Cebu and Iloilo.

Why We Love our Coast Boracay Staycation

If my husband was a writer, he could have been writing this, but he's not, however, we have the same thoughts and feels for this particular staycation.  I could have learned to read his mind, but his smiles, giggles, and initiatives speak for himself.  After spending half of my life with him I can pretty tell whether he's disappointed or he's plain happy.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

More Fun at SM Hypermarket Street Food Festival with Empoy of Kita Kita

SM Hypermarket Street Food Festival is the annual favorite food stop for Filipino food purveyors mainly because of this top reasons:

Proactiv Can Now be Purchased at Any Watson's and SM Department Stores

I believe that figuring out how to clear up acne and other skin issues can be a lifelong struggle.

Well not for me, anymore.

Especially that now clear skin is just another beauty counter away.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Philippine Farm Tourism Showcased at the ‘Niyogyugan’

Photos are taken by Gene Rose Imphang unless stated otherwise.

The holiday spirit has set in as over 500,000 people gathered at the Quezon provincial capital of Lucena City for the 2017 Niyogyugan Festival, signaling the coming of the so-called “Ber-months.”

Ikomai and Tochi

For the Love of Sharing Joy

After all we all just love people, and when we can make thousands smile and connected, it’s not a job, it’s a joy.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Meet The Newest Pizza Hut Look at It's MOA Flagship Store

Known for its penchant for keeping up with the times, Pizza Hut once again made sure their customers are comfortable with how they look and how best they serve them.   From the formal dining, we all got accustomed to, to a new concept of fast casual dining, easily accessible and available.

The Inner Boho Babe in Me was Unleashed at Momo Beach House

Do you believe in the saying that "Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow?"

That's the gypsy soul in me speaking up.  Even though I have been a mom for like 21 years already, half of my entire life, for that matter, have this deep longing of casting off to some place, where you can be quiet and wild at the same time.

If you ask, "is there such a place?"

Well. there is! In fact, it had been the dream I have been envisioning for some years now, but I don't know where this at.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Shangri-La Plaza’s Urban Filipino Home Exhibit

Personalization is a non-negotiable these days, especially when it comes to our living spaces. Now more than ever, they’re made to reflect what the people who live in them love and are better suited to their lifestyle.

Filipino homes in the metro are no exception, having come a long way from their traditional design and function to adapt to the hustle and bustle of city living.

This year, Shangri-La Plaza’s Urban Filipino Home exhibit showcases the vibrant character and creativity of personalities from different fields as they style living spaces inspired by their passions and pursuits.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Volunteering for #RiseForMarawi at Resorts World Manila

A call to action was announced -

#WeRiseForMarawi Meal Packing Event would need 200 to 300 volunteers to package 18,000 meal bags equivalent to 500 boxes in 6 hours, from 7am to 1pm. To benefit the 300 displaced families of Marawi siege.

In a heartbeat, people responded!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Foodie Discovery at WOFEX 2017: Benjabi Ventures Corporation

The hip durian Ice Cream from Malaysia is now in Manila, ready to cause hype in the coming days.

Slow Food Talks at WOFEX 2017 x Seed Swapping

You are what you eat...

What do you feel when you hear or read this quote?  I hope you're not offended, and if it makes you proud then, I'm smiling with you, that means you're on the road to helping our world to be a lot better in the future.

The first mention of the phrase 'you are what you eat' came from 1826 work Physiologie du Gout, ou Medetations de Gastronomie Transcendante, in which French author Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote: “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.”

This had been one of the core responsibility of Slow Food Movement-create awareness about biodiversity and passion for real food.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pay Less Eat More, Even Luxuriously at Raintree Restaurants

Many would argue that food shouldn't be a luxury especially when you're a Foodie.  That "effin" F-word really gets you ha!  Being a foodie, food categorizing should not bother you at all, whether it's gourmet, a street food, fancy or just plain, traditional, food is food, and you can always get on the bandwagon of trying out trending food.  And you just don't care of being judged.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Another Story, A Restaurant One Needs to Discover in Evia

Another Story is a restaurant that I may bear comparison to a treasure trove of trinkets from an Asian tour.  The owner recounts that this resto is one from her story book.  It was the lady behind the equally romantic cafe in Tagaytay- Cafe Voila, who made this happen.  She's Ica Sebastian.  By the look of her resto, it seems that you get to know a part of her and her favorite food.

Monday, August 7, 2017

City Garden Hotel's Food Tasting Event

City Garden Hotel Makati hosted a food tasting event last Saturday at the Bistro for guests planning o organize events such as weddings, debuts and company orgs,

Home Essentials for the Rainy Days with Rustan's Supermarket

Rustan’s Supermarket always has the choicest products on its shelves, and the rainy season is time to stock-up on items to keep your home warm and dry.

You can easily find all those rainy-day must-haves at the Feels Like Home: A Health, Home, and Household Fair from August 4 to Sept 3.

Friday, August 4, 2017

August Friyay Giveaway!

It's the first Friday of August and it's time for another blog giveaway.

It's been a long time since I really had a giveaway, it's not really a foodie giveaway but stuff moms would love.  

Make Your Dream Event Happen with Hizon’s Catering

I've been with the events management business since 2012 and there's a brand that is very much familiar to all I the clients I have handled- Hizon’s Catering.
Hizon's Catering has been in business since 1987. One of the favorite wedding events I have organized was the one catered by them.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Named Milkshakes at Shakeaway

In my first time to explore Uptown Mall in BGC, I literally entered a candy store.  But it's not actually a candy store, but there are shitloads of candies in it, you could die of diabetes if you stay there for too long.

French Cooking in the Filipino Home with Chef Xavier Btesh

Come to think of it, even though I have a friend who is a French chef, Chef Didier, I never actually got to ask him if he could help me with some French recipes I've been meaning to cook.  Guess, I never really mastered that type of cuisine yet although I love eating it.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Chef Sharwin Tee, Casillero del Diablo's Brand Ambassador

Casillero del Diablo, the most widely recognized Premium brand of Chilean wine, has recently signed chef- host Sharwin Tee as its newest ambassador. Highly acclaimed after gaining his culinary fame for being the first-ever winner of Lifestyle Network’s reality cooking show “Clash of the Toque-en Ones” and a host of his own show, “Curiosity got Chef”.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Doña Elena brings the Flair and Passion of Origen Flamenco Show

Doña Elena, the leading brand of Mediterranean products in the Philippines, brings the famed Spanish dance group, Origen, to showcase a lively and passionate Flamenco performance. From the soul-baring music to the intensifying dance moves, Filipino audiences are set to experience an authentic flamenco performance inspired by the music of the legendary Paco de Lucia, a Spanish virtuoso flamenco guitarist, composer and producer. 


The World Food Expo (WOFEX), undoubtedly the most anticipated food and beverage expo in the Philippines, will be held August 2-5, 2017 in two big venues: SMX Convention Center and World Trade Center Manila.

Tomar Tapas x Bar at Amorita Resort, Panglao

One of the distinct factors that might have added winning points to Amorita getting an acclaimed Conde Nast Johansen award is their take on food service.

As Saffron takes pride in serving dishes from Boholano's heart, Tomar boasts of their tapas, paellas, and pintxos with a modern flare and probably the only restaurant in Panglao serving the best of Spanish cuisine.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Turning Wilderness to Wonder at Amorita Resort

Have you ever seen the wonder
In the glimmer of first sight
As the eyes begin to open
And the blindness meets the light
If you have so say

I'm walking in the wonder
You're the wonder in the wild
Turning wilderness to wonder

from the song Wonder by Hillsong United

Upon reaching Amorita's lobby, one word came to my mind instantly, wonder.

Before I could tell you something about how I felt when I once again reconnected with the mesmerizing shores of Panglao, let me first say how glad I was to reach Amorita and to experience their warm services and the smiles of the hotel staff.  Because there is really something about the welcoming smiles of Boholanos (which I have apparently inherited from my father's side).

Friday, July 28, 2017

Alona Beach, Night and Day

Thanks to AirAsiaPH and Amorita Resort, I was able to experience the little Boracay of Panglao, Bohol.

Bohol is our home away from home, as my father was born and raised here.  And everytime we come to visit this province, a trip to Panglao is always a part of it.  We would always go to Dumaluan beach and when we were endowed to go to a resort that's fine and dandy, we would go to Bluewater Resort Panglao.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Grande Rice Bran Oil for the Healthy Foodie in Us

I was just on the TV and Solenn Heussaff was being interviewed regarding her diet to which she attests that she don't eat fried food, to maintain her sexy bod.  Aww, so how can we (who eat fried food, a lot) then have that same bod without having to succumb to cholesterol and rich, oily yummy dishes?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Herbed Mushroom Soup

I'm always up for a challenge and in the kitchen "raising the bar' had been our routine (mine and my kids).  We sure do love the classic dishes, of course, we'd make often, but there are times that we want to try something unique and most of the times, we'dbe our own guinea pigs, but we don't mind, I just needed to make sure that in the process, I don't get to waste the food.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Arts and Culture at Tam-Awan Village

Our education system is dominated by the idea of teaching children to absorb information within the guidelines of the curriculum and standardized tests.  It is our duties as parents to teach kids beyond what they can learn withing the schools' boundaries, especially about being culturally responsive.

What I love about that responsibillity is having to explore our regions, drive to the unknown and discover with them.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Pay Hotel Bookings Even Without Credit Cards

Hoping for a quixotic staycation at a hotel, but you don't have a credit card to pre-book it?  Or, you do have one but you don't want to use it for some reasons.  Fret not! had solved your misery. exclusively now offers Pay-At-Hotel, No Credit Card Needed.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

AirAsia's New Santan Menu and Catalogue Launch at Amorita

Last July 12, I flown with fellow foodies and travelers to Bohol on board Air Asia.  At the very least, it was my first time to have a pre-booked meal flying across the country.  My husband and I have counted on air Asia to bring our family to the destinations we have pinned as best-ever family trips, such as Puerto Princesa, Davao and Boracay, but we never really experienced a good meal inflight, because we were not aware of how such meals could be delightful.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Mati's Meat and Bread

When we think of family, there's that term that stands synonymous to it - home.

Conveying the theme of family and home is what Mati's Meat and Bread strives for.  Getting inspirations from their own family celebrations plus the foundation which Melo's Steakhouse have banked on for years, the heirs of the aforementioned establishment invite everyone o visit Mati's at Festival Mall's River Park.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Arca's Yard for our First Stop-over in Baguio

I'll just be photo dumping snapshots from our recent food partakings at Arca's Yard, a cafe and a museum with a mini library.

It's a famous hang-out of weekenders needing to find solace from well, the busy life.  It was for it's impeccable dining-on-the-floor-with-a-view.  When you enter the compound an al fresco dining area will welcome you and on your left would be the door to the main building.

There are plenty of Instagram-worthy nooks to get cozy with, or dine with a group.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Baguio: A Different Perspective of a Family Escape

For the nth time, our family have been escaping the dynamic life in Manila.


Baguio. our temporary distraction from reality and routine-living.

This time I was so eager to see "The Valley of Colors" in La Trinidad.  Also known as Stobosa, it's a hill of gigantum mural led by the solar artist Jordan Mangosan together with Tam-Awan artists.  Stobosa actually stands for Stonehill, Botiwtiw, and Sadjap, the three sitios on which the artwork now stands.


Baguio isn't what it used to be 10 years ago, nor was it last year when we last had an overnight. Today, even though the mist had always been upon us, followed by drizzles from the clouds, the city had been ever so busy, with people, with cars and with all the hustle and bustle.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Enticing Flavors Added to Izakaya Sensu's Menu

Just a couple of days ago, hubs and I were serious about trying out  a couple of listed sushi bars in Manila.  This happened after watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a documentary movie about an 85-year old Japanese sushi master.  The master Jiro Ono, owns a Michelin three-star restaurant - Sukiyabashi Jiro located in a subway in Tokyo which we dream of trying out in the future.  Our first take on this project did not start out so well, this one was in Ortigas.