Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Taparazzi's New Breed of Tapas

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. . .

Taparazzi is a newly opened casual dining joint at McKinley Hill, owned by Ren Ren Cayetano and famous Cosplayer/model  Alodia Gosiengfiao.   Picture perfect breed of tapas are served among other famous Filipino dishes.   Tapa is known to be a kind of cured beef slices derived from the Spanish dish (Tapas).
There have been a lot of "tapahan" , "tapsihan" ,  restaurants or even  whole-in-the walls who specializes in "silog-style", or  sunny side egg topping a cup of rice partnering cured meats  such as hotdogs, hams and yes, tapa.  In our district alone we have to four tapsihans to date, those that I have tried though.
Now let me ask you, do you prefer a certain way on how your "tapsilog" or "tapa" is prepared?
If so, how would you like yours?  Soft, chewy, sweet, spicy, briny. . .?
Let's see how my kids would rate  Tapararazzi's dishes.  
Anyone likes meat floss?  So this might suit your taste, the Beef Tapa Flakes served with unlimited rice, sunny side fried eggs and atchara (pickled papaya).    This was mine, Bhogs has the Original style Tapa, which was flavorful but still hard for our  bite.   The Tapa Flakes were like the Original's except they made it a little sweeter.  This one was easier to chew though, but my five-year old went home with toothache after having to battle with the meat.
Three of my kids, had Crispy Bacon Tapa.  The meat was a bit stringy and tough.   Not crispy, as they have expected, but cured just the way how bacon was done, thinking so.  The serving was good enough, the beef was not thinly sliced to resemble the bacon but the taste was satisfying enough.  Danielle knowing that it is owned by Alodia (she used to be a cosplayer also) never said a word but judging by her look, she didn't enjoy the food that much, she must've thinking about B-Fast Angus beef tapa.   Darren on the other half, enjoyed it but said concerning the value and all, "we should have just went to Tito's or GreenCab, they also serve unlimited rice."
All in all, it didn't quit reach our expectations, you'll get your money's worth and a lot of people working around the area come here for fill, you might want to try it and judge for  yourself.

Taparazzi is located at Barangay Fort, Mckinley Hill
For any inquiries call them at  (632) 6596014


  1. Based on the photos, their meat serving is quite few.. I don't think it will be worth the 120 pesos. Then again, it might taste good :)

  2. I like eating tapas. I kinda agree with Berylle about the serving of the meat though.

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