A Slice Of My Cake-Life

This is supposed to be my "about page." 
But I've been procrastinating for the longest time of telling you all things about me.  For one, I'm not the type who blurts out everything unless when I'm applying for a job.  I promise, will really try to make time to do this.

For the mean time, let me just say that I'm a simple mom of four kids.  I have a two kids in college and two graders.  They all love pastries and cakes, and eats six times a day.  

I'm a proud La Sallian from batch 93 and have finished a degree in Mathematics with Specialization in Computer Studies and also a degree in Education.  Yup, it's a double-degree, double major kinda thing and I don't think DLSU still offers it.

I also got a certificate degree in Early Childhood Education and have been a pre-school teacher for three years.

I never knew that Culinary will become the professional trend  today if I have known I could have taken certificate course when I still have the strength and time.

As you may have noticed, I have designated a page for the recipes I have tried and my families have loved, all because I love to savor a variety of culinary fare and I strongly believe in the art of gastronomy!

Food and travel, mom-style!  That's how I would want to be acquainted with as you read my blog posts.  We are a family who loves to eat, cook, bake and just be everywhere where the Lord leads us. Realizing that the country is growing economically in the terms that more and more cafes, restaurants and businesses are coming in the open to serve the unwarrantable appetite of the metro, it is an honor to review and feature them to you.  

With that said caterings and purveyors will also be graced here.  Apart from being your homey foodie blogger, I'm also into Events Management so I know how a top-notch catering service provides.

Like the many I know here in Manila, I would also refer one that is a specialized catering in Melbourne, Executive Catering.  Do click here, for a wide range of events such as corporate catering, product launches, conference catering, private functions and party catering.

Expect fun happenings from me and my kids as we explore a life full of spice and sweetness.  Come away with us as we visit the different islands of the Philippines and scour the lands for gastronomic delights.

Treats Instead of Tricks, Precious Moments Experience 

Nov. 1. 2010