Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Conti's Delightfully New All Day Breakfast Must-haves

In the foodie community, one piece of wisdom remains constant- Having a meal after waking up might be the single most important food decision of your day.  Morning meals does not only fuel your body it also supplies the necessary nutrients needed for a productive day ahead.  Countless studies attest that people who eat breakfast are more likely to meet their overall nutritional needs for the day, than those who opt not to.

This thought made stronger when Conti's first launched their four new all-day breakfast dishes at their Greenbelt 2 branch.  When breakfast meals were that important and were made delectable that you are comforted (through the food and the ambiance), what better way to indulge in them than to have them any time of the day.  Breakfast for lunch, breakfast for dinner, well in this case, I'd also have it for meryenda, especially their Croque Madame!

DOT holds 'Philippine Harvest' March 29-31

The Department of Tourism (DOT) announces the holding of the Philippine Harvest at the Central Square Mall at Bonifacio High Street, Global City in Taguig City from March 29-31, 2019.

It is a trade fair that will feature the country’s farm and food destinations in line with the government’s sustainable tourism development program.

Monday, March 25, 2019

An Overture to our Babymooning at Savoy Hotel Manila

I knew timing is everything in the world of parenting and family-building.  But as a mom, I always fail in that department.  I've been blessed with kids even without asking for them, but I never regretted anything, in fact, if I were to choose a life, I'd still choose the kind I have.  And No, my life isn't perfect, nor have I been living in luxury but God was so graceful to bless our family comfortably and I couldn't be more grateful.

That was why, on my birthday, when my husband asked me what I want on my 43rd birthday, I thought to just freeze that day and let me live that age a bit longer, cause time have caught up with us and we aren't getting any younger, nor our kids are.

So he asked, and I answered,"I want to have a maternity boudoir photograph session."

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Maternity Boudoir Photography with Seriously Boudoir

I can't find any reasons why women don't want to have themselves glammed up or even consider having their photos taken professionally.  If you are hesitant because of fear of judgement, or self-doubt, don't.

If I were to talk to my 20 or even 30 year old me, I could have advised to do a sexy shoot or a "boost-your-confidence photo session" and the one that Seriously Boudoir offers is the best of its kind.  But you know, I was so surprised to find myself projecting to every click of Joy's camera.  I actually found it fun, a bit tiring for a preggy mom at her 40's, but fun.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Quaker Oats Made our Family's Breakfast Even Super

When asked, as a foodie (or food blogger), what my favorite breakfast dish is, I would  say, there are two -  eggs and oats. These two were the dishes that pulled me through my college years, when hot meals prepared quickly in the morning were essential. And when I eventually had a family of my own to manage, the two have always been present in our daily breakfast.  A staple breakfast for us would be cooked oatmeal (sometimes chocolate oatmeal porridge) and fried rice with eggs plus dried fish or beef tapa.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

At Casa Simeon, Albay: Where Heirloom Dishes and Good Sleep Awaits

Just last year, I had a wonderful experience at Albay.  It wasn't my first time to tour Albay, as our family had a memorable one around Legazpi and the neighboring towns of Albay, back in 2012.

Read about our Albay joint here.

Also, I was one of the media representative to cover the 2016 Palarong Pambansa as hosted and initiated by the Department of Education.

I've seen throughout the moving of years how the province of Albay developed, especially it's capital, Legazpi City.  I have also witnessed how the nation raved about their Bicolano cuisine and found Albay to be a foodie destination.  No wonder why everyone have been going there and having an awesome experience as well.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Gastronomy by Joy's Take on California Sushi Bites

Did you know that cucumber is a fruit, and not a vegetable?  I bet you didn't know that huh?  I bet you didn't also know that it has superb health and beauty benefits aside from being a good remedy for under eye puffiness.