Sunday, January 22, 2012

On Dining Out and Healing for New Beginnings

Memories are hunting horns whose sound dies on the wind.   As  I hope. . .
There are good ones and there are those who kill.  I think the only reason why people hold onto memories is because memories are the only things that don't change when everyone else does,  it even changed me.
Funny how it could make you smile when flashes of childhood foretold,  how you lost your tooth, how you won the silliest game...But morose comes crawling when the hurtful words mumble in your mind,  horrific scenes you dread are visualized, shadows of what seemed to make you now creeps in.

But the worst of it all are memories of being hurt by someone  you love.   Wack  me on the head if  you don't have a memory of this, or if you don't know anyone who have been on that train..   A broken relationship is very hard to erase from one’s mind and very difficult to deal with. One finds it hard to come over the memories of a broken relationship which was one going great guns. Being hurt by someone you love is something that you cannot easily deal with. It is difficult to get over the wounds of the heart. The only option you have is to nurse your wounds and let them heal with time. Time is perhaps the best healer. 
In the words of Daphne Rae, “I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” 
I have been wounded, like most of the married women,  not many knew but we managed to overcome all the gory memories and I went to the place of forgiveness.  In the midst of all the pain and trauma, there are some silver linings the Lord weaves in.
Someone asked me,"Why have you decided to blog?"  Hmmm, you know what I told her, "To be honest, it's personal and I don't want to go into details, but I love doing it now!"
I guess this blog answers that.  
I have read this  in a book, and I find it somewhat helps relieve some pain. It told me to visualize I am on the top of a bridge with a bungee cord hooked to my ankles.  My troubles and pains pushed me off the bridge emotionally.  Everything I knew to be true was false.  I mean everything!
Now, my job is to find peace while I am plunging toward the ground.  As I was reminded...God is my bungee cord.  He is with me and will prevent me from crashing.   He is the hope that when the fall is over,  I am held tightly and secure.  God will reel me in and again I will stand on the bridge looking down at my past life - always remembering the fall, but not destroyed by it.  In the meantime, I have to realize the ground is a long way away and the fall may take time.  But someday I will stand again above it all.   I pray everyday that God gives me peace because some days I can't find it.  Cry if you need to cry....yell if you need to yell...and get made if you need too.... Get it out in the open so you can see it, reflect upon it, and change it. Keeping the hurt inside and pretending you're OK will not help heal your brokenness.
I feel so sad for anyone who has to go through this. It is difficult and the fall is not fun. Learn what you can, rediscover yourself, and trust in God. Time will heal all wounds - but it takes patience.

A new beginning, ending the disturbingly painful  pasts.

In the rebuilding process a new, truer marriage is often built to replace the old one, which was often marked by emotional imbalances. When a marriage is torn apart and built up again from the ground up, the exposure of faults and weaknesses that were hidden before can foster deeper communication that didn’t exist before, binding the couple together in new and wonderful ways. There is hope; as the Lord has been setting men free from sins of all kinds since the beginning of time, so has He brought many marriages back from the dead. I’ve been privileged to see some of His work, both in my marriage and in the marriage of others. 

We worked hard and still working hard for it.  On the road to rebuilding the bridge and breaking the walls,  we went to places, away from all the burdens, talking about us and how we can improve our lives where the family benefits from it all.  Another  night of pure bliss, after all, there is still hope...

Spaghetti ala Puttanesca

Cream Puff

My undying love for Strawberries and Cheesecakes

Good days are to be gathered like grapes, to be trodden and bottled into wine and kept for age to sip at ease beside the fire. If the traveler has vintaged well, he need trouble to wander no longer; the ruby moments glow in his glass at will... Freya Stark

If you have been meaning  to get away from all the pain, the forsaken past traumas' have given , hit the road and find solace and delight without the scene of harried  people.   Just a few days ago we were here, sufficed by the pasta, pastries and coffees, PAD could offer.    Seeing all the sweet goodness parked inside the store it was enough for me to say, "yes, there are such heavenly pieces scattered in this world, that even for a while, time wouldn't be like experiencing hell, and this place is one of them."
PAD, an abbreviation for Park Avenue Desserts, have always been amongst Lori Baltazar's fave cakes and pastry purveyors.   Our New Year's cake was bought here.
Memories that worth keeping should always include gatherings such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other events where desserts, specially cakes are highlighted the most, and Park Avenue Desserts will prove me right.
So next week I will be back to try out more of their goods, which include, Macarons in rainbow colors, Banana Cream Pie, Croquembouche.   Oh, they too have Vegan cupcakes, sugar-free desserts for diabetics which should be best for my lovely daughter.
New Year's Celebration Cake from PAD
Park Avenue Desserts can be found in #7 G/F MagaCenter, Paseo de Magallanes Commercial Center, 1232 Makati, Philippines.
Call them up at  (02) 8526141
For more information, do check out their Facebook page.


  1. Replies
    1. A big portion for two! they didn't skimp on the ingredients, they added walnuts too for crunch and more texture! Yummy!

  2. was teary-eyed while reading this. Nicely written, Ms. Joy! I admire you more for this!

    1. Oh sorry dear, didn't mean too, I was just pouring out something out of my heart, and the creative juice went out with it...See you soon!

  3. your post reminds me of someone's post about healing and new beginnings on a restaurant that serves desserts and other things as well. I am currently searching for it right now. The "healing" and "New Beginnings" are also in the title of the blog post from that other blogger.

    1. Really, if you do find that, please let me, so I can also check it out, it might help me more...

  4. Those delicious treats will surely make me forget all my worries. Visiting back from FTF!

  5. "When a marriage is torn apart and built up again from the ground up, the exposure of faults and weaknesses that were hidden before can foster deeper communication that didn’t exist before, binding the couple together in new and wonderful ways." -- I can really relate to this. All married couples go through hiccups, but genuine lovers will always overcome the obstacles and build a stronger and more loving relationship.

    Great post! Very heart felt. :)

    1. I totally agree to everything you said Kim. Though it would really break your heart to bits, you need to go that road and accept each others faults lest you break up what god intends for a true relationship.
      Thanks for the lovely comment, very well said!

  6. Beautiful post Joy. I love the food pictures--will have to visit PAD myself to try them!

  7. written very nicely...naiyak ako...lalo na sa undying love for strawberry and cheesecake, Joy na Joy ka nga. I love strawberry and cheesecake, too. Pag nag Baguio, halos yun lang kinakain ko dun...

    1. Loka! senti lang, para maiba naman! Pareho talaga tayo ng mga faves hahaha!

  8. I'm really not so sure on how to comment on this. I mean the first part was really unexpected of you. You really surprise your readers once in a while. All of a sudden it ended with these sweet treats. Well, life's like that. Sweets come after learning from pains and the past.

    1. There is always two sides to a coin. I do live up to my name, but I am also sentimental, emotional and vulnerable to such. But if we stayed that way, looking hurt, stressed and depressed, we won't be able to see the beauty, even on these sumptuous foods and sweets. Your comments do give me smiles most of the time! Thanks!

  9. Nice article for a healing heart. "FROM PAIN TO SWEETNESS" --I believe you really touched the heart of your followers which somehow doesn't really know who you are. Afterall the pains in your life, i know that it is your faith in God who trully gave you enough strength to overcome it.

    i Know you are happy with your new career as blogger.Keep on blogging cause u made an inspirations to your readers. and i know it helps you to chillax when your world is rolling upside down; just enjoy every event, spread ypur wing, soar high and get out in the box. I strongly believe in your capacity.

    God bless you my dear bes!

  10. Thanks for always lifting up my spirit with sweet words (and sweet pictures as well ;) your blogs are becoming more and more interesting, for me it's not only about food and your thoughts of it but it's more about food for the soul, not only about satisfying your cravings but most especially about warming our hearts.... We're proud of you sister! Kisses ;)

    1. Thank you Sis! I know even though, we are miles apart, we are still emotionally connected somehow and I can feel your love.

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