Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Second Look at Tanay, Rizal's Beauty

Whenever a tragedy happens at a certain place or region, the tourism gets affected the most.  Like what have happened to Tanay, Rizal, after the Sitio Bayucan (Magnetic Hills) tourist bus accident.

According to the local government of Tanay, it has been observed that tourist arrivals have slowed down following the temporary suspension of all school field trips in the country as a consequence of the said bus accident, which involve 15 casualties from the BestLink College.

The   Department   of   Tourism   (DOT)-Region   IV-A  in   collaboration   with   the   Provincial Government of Rizal and the Municipality of Tanay together with the Tour and Travel Agencies,   Stakeholders   and  Academe   came   up   with   a  “WALK   FOR   SAFETY   IN TANAY” to recapture the trust of tourists and travellers and assert the safe and secured destination of Rizal.

It was held last April 5, 2017 at  Epic Parc (Tanay Sampaloc Road). But on the day before, together with some media personnels, we were able to visit several tourist spots and had a look at their major roads.

Contrary to the remarks made of the danger of going up the hilly roads of Tanay, it was actually a smooth ride from Manila.

 Our first stop was at the municipal hall of Tanay and we were welcomed by the tourism office and Mayor Rex Manuel C. Tanjuatco.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

#MomsTheWord, A Gourmand Market Rendezvous for Moms

When you're a mom, you can easily find simple joys in everything.  But there are times life is harried, prosaic, and we need more loving and we need our lifestyle to be more eventful.

Well, if you are stuck in that notion and you want to add zest in your mom-life, or whether you're in need of a more breath-taking event for your moms or mommy friends, here is my best suggestion - THE GOURMAND MARKET, Mom's the Word.

Found My Perfect Summer Footwear with ELRO

You can never be ready for the vibrant hues of summer.  Whenever I here or read about summer, I think of the warm azure colors of the sea, the sky, the sand, green fronds an neons.  Ooops, something went a bit eclectic there.  Neons are a thing of the past, and please don't ever disgrace the fashion community you belong to donning neons while at the beach.

Instead get caught in cool  hues that won't compromise your own design style.  But which would
fall perfect with whatever ensemble you decided to garb on with.

Shang Chocolate Wonderland, a Dream Come True for Chocoholics

Photo by Chu Perez
When a piece of chocolate heaven was made possible here on earth, what do you do?

OMG!  I might not have contained myself and went on panic attack and hoarded all the chocolates I could hold in my tiny arms.

Why the weird question? It's actually real, weird but real.  So fellow chocoholics, let us all rejoice, as Shangri-La Plaza, the metro’s top lifestyle destination, presents Shang Chocolate Wonderland. The week-long celebration kicked off last Easter Sunday, and runs until April 23 at the mall’s East and Main Atria.

Chocolate has been known to trigger happiness so chocolate lovers have the perfect reason to indulge in their favorite treats. Shang Chocolate Wonderland is choc-full of fun activities, the perfect way to celebrate Easter and jumpstart the summer season.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hopped on at Krispy Kreme's Easter Adventure

In an invitation that came through my email, I was greeted firsthand with this - "EASTER a better way to spend the end of Lent than in Krispy Kreme's Easter Fun Adventure?" I didn't get it at first but I guess I was just too excited to read through the whole email.

Krispy Kreme said it best!

Why Resorts World Manila Should be Your First Pick for Thrills

Last Easter, together with my youngest daughter, we trooped Newport Mall to see what was in store for their kiddie patrons.  Right even before we ride the escalator, we could already hear the excitement and it was just what I expected, the open court had been jam-packed with kids and moms who all celebrated Easter and some were adorned with cute farm and country get-up.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Golden Years of PSID Celebrated

I used to think that studying Interior Design is outlandish, I mean everyone has their own style, and anyone my contradict, but I realized it isn't just about the art of it, it also has to sound practical, and convenient.  I really thought it's only for the classy or rich people (but still is), but through the course of time, the idea became trendy and needed. Good thing the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) had been around to all these years to educate and train people who are interested and passionate in this field.

12 Things That Make the Philippines a Unique Destination

This list was made by a contributing writer, Patricia Evans

The Philippines has been getting bad press recently. The country is in a number of travel advisories mainly due to the government’s so-called “war on drugs.” There are also the persistent threat of terrorism in the southern region. One thing foreigners must know is that the Philippines is composed of thousands of islands, including two administrative regions. While there are parts of the country where not even locals are advised to visit during certain periods, pretty much all habitable islands are safe for travel.

Malls Nationwide Come Together for Flavors of the Philippines 2017


Going to the malls had been more exciting than ever with events that touch base on our cultural heritage, and nothing speaks louder than our cuisine.  With that...

Flavors of the Philippines 2017, the month-long nationwide gastronomic celebration organized by the Department of Tourism (DoT) and the Tourism Promotion Board (TPB) unite retail giants in the country to create cultural bridges through food, gastronomy being one of the best Philippine travel “destinations.”

DOT unveils "new" Fort Santiago

I'm sure you know the government is concerning themselves in improving our tourism spots all the more as tourists' growth are expected in the coming season. In line with that, the Department of Tourism initiated  the “Intramuros Revival Project” last year,

Now, it's ready for visiting and yesterday, Tourism Secretary Wanda Corazon Teo led the opening of the newly renovated Paseo Soledad and Plaza Moriones in Fort Santiago.