Monday, January 16, 2012

Japanese Foods on the Cheap Side

Have you been to Megamall lately?  Yup!  The mall have had a major facelift.   A new and big parking area are now upfront, add to that new establishments opening up here and there.  Well of course, what I have been eying for are new restaurants  that I have never tried yet at this mall or anywhere for that matter.
Long, long ago, when MOA was nonexistent yet and Greenbelt has not expanded, Megamall was the mall for us.  Though when you plan to go shopping a good half day should be planned to really get the value you're after or find the definite products you are looking for.  Choosing where to dine was easy.   Please don't ask me if it is still.   I think we do have the same answer.  What is good though is that wherever you're situated, you're sure to find a cafe or restaurant to your heart's content.
But then, the last time we were here, we ended up coming late, a bit over dinner hour.   It was part of the plan to eat there but we need to find World of Feng Shui first to straighten up some matter with them.   Imagine how big the two buildings are.   Did you also notice that they have a new way of looking for a certain shop or store there, it is didgitzed, a big screen will welcome you at either end of the mall, which supposed to give you details on where to find what, in the touch of a finger.    But to our dismay, we didn't find WOF at the program, so it was like looking for a needle in the haystack.  But after an hour of going around asking guards, a quick ask from the information counter guided us to the store.   By that time Bhogs and I were really starving.   Bhogs can't think of  any place anymore to eat, and he presumed that I would go a mile further walking and choosing a restaurant.   What a blessing though. as went out of WOF,  Bhogs found a small Japanese resto.  It was simple, not that inviting, but only a few seats are available and judging by the people's actions and facial features, it seems a good place to eat.   And Indeed it was.   It was only an hour before  the Mall closes so to our thinking, this might be good enough.
Both of us got Bento boxes, with a good serving of Miso soup.   The soup was hearty, a nice way to preparing out cold stomachs and our salivating palate.    Mine was Mixed Tempura Bento.  It is a bento with prawn,  chicken and vegetable tempura, together with rice and slices of orange.   I would definitely recommend this.   Everything here is just perfect.  The crunchy, soft to the bite,pieces were not salty.  The veggies are fresh and crunchy, cooked just the way I want my veggies.
Bhogs had Kara Age Bento, which has three pieces Chicken Tempura, salad, rice and orange slices.  It was a complete meal in itself for a cost of P 108.00 per bento box.  What more could you ask for, hhhmmm, Japanese tea I think.  But the serving was quite hefty.   We ent home quite content with what we had, and our pockets also were happy.   The cost was cheaper compared with the know Japanese restaurants but the quality of food is competitive.   Really a value for your money.   
What I like best was, though your tummy is filled already, I'm sure with that value, you will still be tempted going to a cafe or a milk tea shop to get some dessert fix.


  1. wow! i've seen this resto before but thought it was expensive. thanks for the post, ill try this next week. haha

  2. i guess this is good. im not into jap food that much except for ramen & teppanyaki :)

  3. I haven't seen this at Megamall yesterday, but the food looks good! :) Will definitely try this in the future as I'm a big Japanese food lover. Btw, thanks for following my blog. Following yours now.. :) Let's spread more love for food.


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