Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Date for 2012

You could be walking down the street or cooking at your kitchen or dancing your hearts out  or driving through a quiet alley; you could be caught up in the mundane or in the middle of the worst day of your life. You could be anywhere in the world. Doesn’t matter. It could happen. And it is anything.
Anything can happen and that is what makes life so deliciously wonderful. We open our hearts to  opportunities.  The  door  where it would lead us to our dreams coming true, the opportunity  that we’ll beat the odds, the chance that we might find a love or lose love, the chance that we could encounter something truly remarkable.
Whatever the odds are, nothing could quite beat an opportunity to develop oneself, discover something unfamiliar or trying a knack out of writing.   Yes that's a side of me trying to inspire someone.
Here is another side of me, wondering what in the world, one Japanese restaurant at Paseo de Santa Rosa doing, serving the best  P200.00 lunch specials.   My husband took me at this place, he had long planned, just  that we couldn't find the perfect opportunity to do so, till one perfect afternoon. . .

This is not part of the P200 set meal available for lunch or in between 10 am to 5 pm.  Though so affordable enough that the two of you can share with a cup of fragrant jasmine rice.  The Pink Salmon Sashimi costs only P280.  Nothing beats the serving of those freshly sliced succulent pink salmon.   Don't be misguided by my picture.   This always happens to me, at those opportunities where I can deliberately show off my itsy-bitsy ability to take good photos and I left the cameras at home.   The same thing happened when I went out with co-food bloggers when I celebrated the anniversary of  this blog.   It was all  planned well, for all of us to enjoy each other company,  start a friendship and of course the delight in the food and the ambiance of the place.   Not a shot was taken on either of my dslr or Sony Cybershot.   I did have my camera with me, though I forgot to remove the memory  stick form my husbands notebook pc.   Good thing I have two of the best photo and food bloggers with me.  Well, that's life, there are opportunities and there are stupidities.
Now, here is what I am telling you about.  Since this happened last week, I couldn't recall the name of these dishes.   But don't fret.  I will be coming back here with my family, once more and will show more pictures.  the place is so Japanese...The place was huge and there are lots of seating though if you want to reserve a particular number of seating you may want to reserve in advance if you will go there during lunch or dinner.   The place is well-known in the area.

I bet you are so giddy to know where this place is, I will not tell you yet, let me leave you hanging for a while.   I'm kind of thinking pf having this placed guessed and I will be giving out a GC good for two somewhere at The Fort.
Are you game?


  1. I'm curious.. The food looks good! :D I'm quite bad at guessing though >.<

    1. Hi Sumi Go, Oh, let me tell you the food was glorious, that was why we are going back, will reveal the restaurant next week after Chinese New Year, we'll be there on the 23rd.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. This is getting quite exciting...Sorry Ophine, it's not at Umenoya...


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