Thursday, January 5, 2012

Celebrate A Dulcified New Year with My Pink Wasabi's Deal

Since food is my life, I am pretty aware that food, just like clothing, has "fads".  Things like pesto come in and out of fashion like the Louis Voutton purse of the month.
So they say...
I have never been one to figure food in when I am talking about latest trends.  If it's something I like, it's always in fashion at my house.    But If you really want to talk about fashionable foods in my house or everywhere I go here is one I could really  recommend.
And what a way to welcome any celebration this year than with none the less, My Pink Wasabi's Flourless Chocolate Cake!
Oh yes the fad in our hood is healthy  yet scrumptious, simple yet fabulous, sweet but sugar-free!
Now MYP is throwing off  25%  on their  Flourless Chocolate Cake made with regular Callebaut dark chocolate with no added sugar.
The best way for my diabetic daughter to indulge in every cake goodness, without me feeling guilty,  giving  in to her chocolate craving.

Now available for purchase from January 5,2012-January 10,2012
and redeemable on  February 1, 2012-April 30,2012

How to Order:
1.) Send us an email with your Name, Contact Number and order quantity
2.) Pay Php 200/coupon via bank deposit ( details will be sent upon receipt of your e-mail.
3.) E-mail bank deposit slip
4.) Pay balance upon redemption
5.) Pick up at: 49 Elisco Road Kalawaan Sur Pasig City, Mon-Sat 8am-4pm.
6.) Delivery at extra charge. Even numbered days, no deliveries on Friday and Saturday.
7.) Strictly 1 week notice for orders, changes should be made 3 days before redemption.

Diet is now a fad, having feasted with all the sweets and cholesterol form the   holiday dinings, so you don't have to put away  indulging in some sweet  escapes with these deal.

  Here is how to contact them:
Visit My Pink Wasabi at their Facebook page...

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  1. Hhhmmm, I saw them at best Food Forward! Sayang didn't get to try their Kashi Makis.


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