Friday, January 20, 2012

Little Store on the Hill

After attending a very strong program from the Department of  Education and Dynamic Teen  Company, coined as Kariton Klasrum, me and two of my blogger friends, Ning and Vince were invited for lunch at Little Bagiuo, Greenhills.  I was so excited, it was supposed to surprise me, since the friend who invited us know that I'd be delighted to places as such.   
Not a shadow of doubt was with Ms.  Marikit's face when she said that this place serves more than just authentic Chinese dishes.  Indeed, upon entering  Chinese grocery items are stacked up everywhere in earthling colors and aroma.  

 We then headed straight to the window where to order for our meal.  We were asked to choose for our own.  I got all giddy, just that I'm good at hiding it (hihihi) and couldn't tell what I like, everything looked so good, that I didn't know where to start.   So I let Ms. Marikit order for me.   After we had our orders, I couldn't contain myself not to go around and check out the goods.   I told myself, this is where to get all the ingredients one would need to prepare a true Chinese dish.   Now that many Chinese and non-Chinese are on to preparing an auspicious feast in celebration of the Year of the Water Dragon Chinese New Year.   They should consider this specialty store.   This is very famous to people living around the area as I was told, that during weekends, cars parked out the store and having Chinese going out after with bags and bags of Chinese, Taiwanese...goods.

 For the record, they do serve the best lumpia which would be hard pressed to find even in Binondo.  
 The Fried Tofu was so satisfying, a health food in itself.  The sauce is not that sweet, and this is best eaten by those concerned about calories, a good lunch or dinner after hitting the gym and running a mile up the hill for fit.
 The Kikiam should also be tried.   It is not like the midi kikiam sold on the streets, (though admittingly, they are also good) which has that kick-start crunch on the skin.
Oh my, I forgot to take a picture of the Omelet, sorry I forgot the name of it.   All those food went with cups of  their fried rice.   Careful, most of the dishes have peanuts so if you're allergic to it, you may ask the staff about what is on every dish.
 We all even went home with a box of Tikoy and Haw Flakes.  If you lived with my same era, you know what Haw Flakes are.  We used to play with these candy when I was a child, imitating a priest giving out the host (as a symbol of Christ's body).

At home, I immediately cooked slices of the Tikoy for the family's snack.
Thanks again Ms. Marikit for these favors...It was fun having that lovely lunch with you and the guys.

To get there  drive  to  Wilson St. from Greenhills, turn right at the corner where Alex III and Gloriamaris stand and a few meters away is the  Little Store on the Hill.

I say this is a slice of Binondo on the hills of San Juan, I've read that they also cater the best noodles best Chinese way.

If you don't want the hassle of going to Chinatown, then this place is a nice stopover.

Little Store on the Hill
Address:  2 Jose Abad Santos St.
Little Baguio, San Juan
Contact Numbers: 721-9174  or 721-2359


  1. We love haw flakes too! and we also play holy communion with it :) #childhoodmemories haha! :)

    1. ahaha! the one they have actually are the bigger ones. My kids don't know what they are though, since i don't find anywhere in the any stores around us anymore. . . :(

  2. I love the pattern and color of your blog... its very pleasing to the eyes... and that Little store.. seems not little at all heheh they seems to have all chinese products in there... very nice!!!

    Eigroj Stain


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