Friday, May 31, 2013

House of Traditional Javanese Massage and Beauty Care Opens First Branch in Manila

Millions of people on earth suffer from the various forms of anxiety on a daily basis.  It goes from extreme cases that basically shut down a persons’ ability to function to disrupting one life and taking much of the joy out if it.  There is hope, and there are several things that you can do to help yourself and others reduce anxiety.  Knowing how to keep a healthy balanced life, I have been constantly exploring the metro for a very reliable massage and spa place.  Thank God he answers prayers, I have been to many different spas and there are just quite a number of them that I found helpful to my back and kind of massage.  There is this new spa that had recently opened and I was blessed to have been a witness to its ribbon-cutting ceremony. I still yet to try their services though, but let me share you some info about this new spa place just right in front of my alma mater.
Before I forget, the grand opening of  House of Traditional Javanese Massage and Beauty Care last May 24, 2013 were graced with  the Top Five Winners of Miss Tourism World Philippines 2013, with the Top 1 Winner who cut  the ribbon.
The spa happens to be the first authentic and largest Traditional Javanese Massage establishment in Singapore since 1999 (with 8 branches in Singapore) proudly presents its first branch in Manila, Philippines, conveniently located on the 3rd Floor of E. A. Building, 2510 Taft Ave., Malate, Manila (beside DLSU-College of St. Benilde).
Even the staff are in to no excuse as they don the “kebaya” (a traditional blouse-dress combination that originates from Indonesia and worn by women in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Burma, Singapore, southern Thailand, also worn by Singapore Airlines’ flight attendants).  The staff  will tour you around, making you wonder at how meticulously built the spa was.  Now the only test, try the skilled hands of the therapists well-trained by Indonesian and Singaporean trainers, definitely another edge over competitors.  (Can't wait!)
The Bali-inspired ambiance invites spa-lovers to experience a “resort like” feeling inside this spa.  All materials used during its construction came from Indonesia and Singapore.
What’s unique about the House of Traditional Javanese Massage and Beauty Care is that it offers not
only  authentic Javanese Massage (Indonesian massage) for the whole family, sportsmen, executives, young and elderly (providing  a various selection of Massage Lotion Cream and Traditional Herbal Ointment for individual needs) but also other various traditional treatments:

The spa operates from 11am-12am daily.  It offers membership packages ranging  from P6,000 (for individual), P10,000 (for dual) and P15,000 (for corporate) which already include gift vouchers for  Javanese Massage and Intensive Facial - on top of the  20%  lifetime discount - valid in Singapore branches.

The use of jacuzzi in the Family Room and Couple’s Room is an exclusive privilege extended to  its valued members.

They  also owns D’ Java Factory (Singapore) with more than 700 different spa products and accessories made of 100% organic products ranging from highly selected herbs and spices.

They are having their pre-opening special promotions until July 31, 2013.

To know more of these promos, please like us on Facebook:  House of Traditional Javanese Massage and Beauty Care – Manila.

For inquiries and reservations, please call (02) 2150986 and 09177153655 or email or visit  

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Levante Eastwood: A Budding Night Market in the East

My husband and I frequent Mercato Centrale if we are craving for snacks after dinner without anything in particular.  I guess you can instantly choose there.  My friends are pretty envious about this.  We are just kilometers away for The Fort so it's easy for us to sneak out of the house late at night or even early in the morning for some organic products.  For my friends who are far from where Mercato is, it was tedious and time consuming to visit the venue.  If they do so, they would regret to (in a good way). Why?  Because they would want to visit often now that they have seen the wide array of food products not particularly found in  the malls or food places.
Now my friends can smile and ready up their appetite as the food market concept comes close to them, in the north (with Mezza Norte opening up in Trinoma) and Levante at Eastwood City.
Just last May 17, the group behind the conceptualization of Mercato Centrale graced the launching of Levante at Eastwood Citywalk 2.  Now, they are open to everyone every Friday at 6:00 pm to 3:00 am.  Levante is said to be a Spanish word for "the East", is a night food market which is a collaboration of Mercato Centrale Group and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.
Here are just some of the food you want to check out at Levante.  The market has it, from all-day breakfast down to the regular street food with some gourmet stuff to go along with the others.

Now my personal picks from Levante!  
I wasn't with my family when I went there, so I had these brought home as my pasalubong for my lovies.  B. Wings' wicked wingsanity Buffalo wings, Angus Beef tapa, Schmidts Gourmet Franks, and Earl Grey infused cheesecake cups from Twisted desserts.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Super Duck: Fit to a Tea

The fact that tea is an excellent source of antioxidants – along with possessing a myriad of other health benefits – has long been established and reported at length. Its properties are believed to improve liver and kidney functions, clear your digestive system, and improve your mood, among others.  However, as tea shops becoming a trend with milk tea shops popping up here and there, you never really know if you are getting an honest to goodness premium tea on your glass or cups.
So if an invitation comes, where I can try a galore of sampling of what I have understood as authentic Taiwanese teas, there had been no reluctance.
I have to be clear on this though -I am not a tea connoisseur, though I have long understood the benefits so I have been a tea convert for years already.  I can consider myself to be in the middle of the tea novices and tea enthusiasts.   It's still fresh to me though how I used to loathe the grass-like taste of  the tea my grandma used to give me whenever I have the chills or stomach aches.  
Let me ask you something.  How many tea places- masked as milk tea houses, can you name?  Let me rephrase it.  How many tea places have you tried already?  Maybe 5 or more?  I, myself could find it hard to even count those that I have tried already.  Would you think I would be credited to have loved teas?
But the fact that trying out different milk tea houses makes you an expert on teas is outrageous, these famous franchises do not (for a fact) explain the origins or the tastes dimensions of your tea choices.  
If you are into teas, like the Brits and Chinese, you better know your teas well, and might be spending tons of money buying supra-quality brands (like those in TWG), I have the best news for you!
There is this place in Ortigas, that will surely educate you about quality teas which was franchised straight from Taiwan.  The owners contend that it is not the most famous brand in Taiwan but for them probably would be the best choice.  Are you ready to know the name of this tea house?  
Wait, look, up in the sky!  It's a bird! No! It's a plane! No! It's SUPER DUCK!
Corny noh?  I'm just that excited sharing my experience with you.  

According to the owners, who are steeping and brewing the teas themselves, they have tried out several tea places in Taiwan, and Super Duck was the one they had with the teas suited for their tastes.  So, they thought of why not bringing it here in Manila, since it's a booming business.  They have trained 10 months just to get everything down to the nitty-gritty of  making sure distilled water is used in making their concoctions (oh yes even their ice). 
Let me now share some of their offerings.
Passion Fruit with Perilla Seeds

Warning! They have a wide ranging-selection.  You can either go wild and adventurous with your kind of tea concoction, but whatever you choose, I guarantee you will definitely enjoy it.  Also, like any other tea place, you can choose the range of sweetness, the sinkers and can definitely ask for suggestions which would suit your mood for the day.  Like try some fruity or minty green teas for coughing and sneezy days.
In summary, they use five different kinds of teas, the Ceylon Black tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Green Heart Ooolong Tea, Wenshan Clear Tea and Tie Guan Yin Tea.
Now the exciting part begins...
L to R (going up): Golden Oolong Tea, Plum Tea, Roselle Plum with Fig Jelly, Mixed Fruit Green Tea, Peach Green Tea
We started of with one of their signature drinks, the Passion Fruit with Perilla Seeds.  In Chinese medicine, the perilla seed is believed to offer health benefits for the large intestines and the lungs, a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. The seed is commonly used to resolve problems like asthma, prevent coughing and even help with constipation.
I like their idea of using fresh juice or even  fresh or frozen fruits to sweeten and give character to each concoctions.  Like in Plum Tea, Roselle Plum with Fig Jelly, Mixed Fruit Green Tea, Peach Green Tea.  You can have Plum tea in either green or black tea,  with a chunk of fresh plum. Now, don't you think having  Roselle Tea is interesting enough to visit them, what more with hearing fig jelly? I so find this place very gourmet.  If you are an avid health buff, and are serious in having 5 fruits or vegetables in a day, I would recommend you have the Mixed Fruit Tea, which is green tea bursting with citrus flavors and has fig jelly, nata de coco, perilla seeds, orange and grape.  One of my favorite is the Peach Green Tea.  Which is a perfect balance of real peach juice and subtle green tea flavors.
For the old-school or those that prefer the traditional way of having teas, you can opt to have Healthy Tea Bags.  These are loose leaf teas in original triangular sachets which you can order cold or hot.  Don't be surprised if it's served with the tea bags in the drink.
If you are only in to modern and trendy tea concoctions, well-known as milk teas, check out their selection under Super Duck Milk Tea.   Who can ever go wrong with Classic Milk Tea with Pearl (black tea) and their Signature Milk Tea with Pearl (which uses green tea).   If you however fancy pearl sinkers, why don't you try Jasmine Green Milk Tea, Green Heart Oolong Milk Tea and Wenshan Clear Milk Tea.  The Jasmine Green Milk tea being floral in aroma  and subtle floral notes with a mild and clean taste. The Green Heart Oolong is a type of High Mountain Tea with excellent fragrance and a clean, mellow, fresh sweet and brisk heavy flavor.  With Wenshan Clear Milk Tea, there was a floral-like aroma but gingery, albeit in a less intense manner. 
If you are however into more milkier and creamier level, I suggest you try their Milk Series, which is mixed with fresh milk.  I was able to try the Roasted Matcha with Brown Rice.  Matcha for me is an acquired taste, it is a Japanese ceremonial tea yet taste grassy, like having a doze of wheat grass.  But I learned to like it anyway, specially if its in a form of Cheesecake or other desserts.  Brown rice is a challenge as a sinker, don't you think?  It was alright.
Before we had the Milk Teas  with cheese, we were tried with French Rose Milk Latte.  Yes, the owners were a bit fuzzy about giving this to us, saying we might not like them, for it may seem to be for the distinct drinkers only.  I don't know about the others, I like, like it!  I remember having to go back to Makan Makan for their Bandung with Chichow.  The Bandung (rose syrup milk tea) is quite similar in taste to French Rose Milk Latte.
If you want a play of sweetness and saltiness, try the Nai Kai with Cheese series.  Their best-seller under this category is the Chocolate Nai Kai (the one sprinkled with cocoa powder in the photo above).  It's somewhat close to a cross between choco mousse and cheesecake but liquefied.  You can also try the Wintermelon Nai Kai (Gong Cha's Wintermelon MT is one of my fave yet still undominated), close to Gong Cha's version with  cheese taste to it.
Another premium brew which you want to try is the Tie Guan Yin Tea.  It is thought of as the most expensive tea in the world and is served to royalties.  Since it can be brewed more than seven times before it looses it's flavor, the price is alongside with the other blends.
To make your visit complete for a snack, they have selected proper pairings to your favorite bevs with the healthy theme still intact.  Quackers would go best with any hot or cold tea drinks, for one, they are not soggy and oily for a fried snack, and they are made out of processed veggie meats.  The Shrooms are awesomely crunchy yet soft on the inside.  They are made fresh from Porcini or Chantrelle type of mushrooms.
The Veggie Meat finger-foods I've tried are V-Chicken Nuggets and V-chzdogs.  They were surprisingly tastier than what I've tried in a certain hospital serving veggie meats.  They are also imported from Taiwan.
If you still crave for more of Taiwan's offerings, and can't still get over the summer feel.  Have their version of Halo-halo.  The Taiwan Herbal Jelly Dessert has different kinds of their sinkers mixed up in one huge cup served with crushed ice.  Two or more people can actually share with this.   Also, I've overheard they are branching out soon in Makati. 
I hope I have kept you stimulated enough with just a fraction of the tidy sum of choices they have at Super Duck.  After all, aren't teas supposed to enhance our over-all well-being.  I'm sure you can find the perfect tea blend that would finally suit you.  Well, I did! So let me conclude that this Modern Tea Place, Super Duck, really fit me to TEA (pun intended).

Super Duck Modern Tea 超級達可時尚茶飲
AIC Burgundy, ADB Avenue corner Garner St. Ortigas Pasig City
Tel No: 570 2292
0917 891 0697

Monday, May 27, 2013

Village Tavern Revisited on Their First Anniversary

One of the best things to look forward to during each special occasion is being with family or friends and getting that special time to relax, to forget work, drop all the stress, be with those you love and celebrate traditions. Just like the one we had when my daughter turned  15 years old.  
See how we celebrated her day with the most delightful dinner here:

Ambiguous But Delighted at Village Tavern

After a year since Village Tavern had a branch here in the Philippines, many foodies have eulogized about it, including me.  Many have gone nuts by just checking out the miscellany offering.   I consider it God's divine intervention when I said I have to be back soon after we have tried the tavern.  Yes! I got an invite to their first anniversary to try out the spanking addition to their teeming all-American comfort food selection.   I'm quite sure, if my kids would read this post, they would say, "we haven't even tried the other food, now they have added more."   Well for me, I guess there would be more reasons to come back.
We began the night of gustatory experience with Crispy Clams with Spicy Lemon Dip (P 375).  A basket of crisped baby clams served with the concoction of spiced up mayo, lemon dip and simple salad greens.
To pique our palate some more, we were served with Fully Loaded Romaine Heart (P 425).  Frankly, I'm not a fan of the milky fluid which gives the romaine the typically fine-bitter herb taste.  But what was wonderful about this salad was the simplest possible way they have served the veggie but amped up the flavor with oil-dripped bacon chips, chopped onions and tomatoes and the oh la la blue cheese dressing.  Our seat-mate Vina was so gracious enough to slice and mix it up for our consumption.
Then came the Roasted Bone Marrow (P 295).  We all gasped in shock (either in a bad way or a good one), upon seeing a 12 inch backbone split in half with bone marrows open for scraping.  After which, Chef Josh Boutwood came to our table and gave us hints for a touch of indulgence.
As you can see, Chef Josh seemed so animated as he tells to pick a piece of the sourdough bread, spread liberally with the bone marrow,  a dash of the co-mix of rock salt and freshly ground pepper and finally a generous sprinkling of the apple cider vinegar.   Who can tell that you can actually eat a roasted bone marrow, for I thought you can only savor it with typical Bulalo soup.
Before Chef Josh left our table, he said that there is no bad cholesterol in it.  I gawked and said,  "really, come on."  Realizing how stupid I was and how so right he was and after much debate with my husband on this, I can fairly say that indeed bone marrows (specifically those of grass-fed animals) are nutritious and scientists and doctors said it contains many important elements for brain growth and development. It also takes much less energy to digest than plant food.
 But, even with the scaredy-feeling (thinking it is high in cholesterol) I grubbed it into bits and boy that creamy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness was so gratifyingly good!  I also think that the apple cider vinegar some dash of coarse sea salt made all the difference.
 Fourth on the list is this plate of Cod Fish (P 525).  The Altlantic Cod fish was pan seared first then topped on a a bed of salt-roasted potato slices which was cooked with chorizo bits and caramelized onions.  I found the fish a bit bland though, so eating it with the chorizo and potato is highly recommended.
Who said tomahawk can never be dainty?  Would you just look at this 35 oz Tomahawk Steak (P 2895).  I have tissues ready on one side of my table right now for this has a high drooling effect factor.  It is perfectly aged, hand-cut and grilled with the right temperature, getting inspirations from first-rate steakhouses of New York and Chicago.  Usually served with a mound of compound butter and salad on the side.  A dab of the herbed compound butter on the soft, succulent and savory beefy meat is said to impress and feed everyone, I'm sure, for it impressed me to bits
 I am so frank about  my animosity to meat.  I am not a voracious carnivorous you see.  But time and again made me a convert, specially if a Rack of Lamb is plated beautifully and served right in front of you.  Surely the heavens, will struck e with lightning if I go home not getting my share of the rosemary infused  Lamb Rack (P 675), layed on a puddle of milky goodness with peas and mint and the best-tasting mashed potatoes.
And the sweet ending to my glorious night, was the Frozen Lime Souffle (P 295).  This wintry, tangy and nutty (all at the same bite) dessert will surprise you.  It's a souffle alright but kept in the freezer for a time to be served as an icy choice on a hot humid night like this.
When I saw the menu, I instantly checked out what would be served for dessert.  It was the thought of lime sorbet that had got into my mind when I saw the name, not realizing by then that it's a souffle, frozen at that.  So I said to myself that it will be for cleaning up the palate.   Indeed, it was to lighten up and freshen up the palate for more of what they have!
Oh yes the beverages!  If you have some cravings with cocktails to match your impeccable food choices,  Village Tavern is also treating their customers with half off on all wines by the glass, as well as all cocktails and liquors to their Wednesday Night Out. 

Cheers to more gastronomic wonders to Village Tavern!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

DepEd to Open Oplan Balik Eskwela Command Center

Haven't you noticed, the streets are getting busier, the malls are overpoweringly flooded with parents and kids shopping for school supplies and yes schools are more than ever harried in preparing for this year's school opening.  This year marks the opening of school with K to 12 Curriculum now in full blast.  Together with the parents and teacher's readiness, are other concerns which they may have. not knowing where to get such answers.

With this the Department of Education had made sure that the opening of classes will be handled in a smooth and organized manner.  The school is mandated to be opened on June 3.  All this in mind, DepEd  is again launching the Oplan Balik Eskwela (OBE) Information and Action Center Task Force (IAC).
The OBE-IAC will provide helpful information, handle complaints and serve as a routing mechanism to students, parents, and teachers nationwide. It will be open from May 27 to June 7, including Saturday and Sunday, from 7am-6pm, at the Bulwagan ng Karunungan, DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.
“Every school year, we implement Oplan Balik Eskwela to facilitate an orderly school opening. But beyond that, OBE is part of our commitment to Education For All (EFA) goals.,” DepEd Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC said.
Luistro added that the department has been serious in addressing the problems in basic education, having already addressed the gaps in some of the learning resources such as school seats and textbooks where zero backlogs have already been achieved. Shortages in classrooms, teachers, and water and sanitation facilities will also be addressed before the year ends.

More on Oplan Balik Eskwela (OBE)

OBE is an inter-agency effort with other government agencies involved in school opening matters, This will compose the Oplan Balik Eskwela-Inter-Agency Task Force (OBE-IATF). Member agencies are: Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of National Defense (DND) Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Department of Health (DOH), Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC), Department of Energy (DOE), Philippine National Police (PNP), Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS), and Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services and Administration (PAGASA). Private corporations involved in the delivery of services for the education sector such as Manila Water, Maynilad, MWSS, and MERALCO are also part of the task force.
Luistro encourages the active involvement from the different DepEd field offices. Specifically, the regional directors and schools division superintendents will also have their own command centers not only to ensure for the smooth opening of classes but more importantly, to encourage parents and communities to bring school-aged children to public elementary and secondary schools.
Likewise, all regional directors and school division superintendents are directed to designate from their senior staff at least two action officers who will oversee regional and local concerns and coordinate these concerns with the central office.
Local IACs will set-up hotlines to receive calls, text and fax messages, and e-mails on complaints, requests and suggestions and a help desk to accommodate walk-in concerns.
Central Office OBE-IAC may be reached through hotline number: (02) 636-1663 or email at Walk-in concerns will also be accepted.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Goods.Ph Be Cool In School Promo – Get A Chance To Win Samsung Galaxy SIV

The start of school year 2013 is just around the corner.   Have you completed the stuff you need for school (that is if you are studying)?  Are you sure? For some, having a handheld computer and cellphone is now not just a trend but becoming a necessity.   Let me ask you, do you have one?
What if I tell you you can get one without purchasing (it's not that affordable, I'm sure you may have known)?

Goods.Ph  just started a very awesome giveaway that will surely make your eyes wide.  They are now giving away ONE SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 for the lucky a winner of this contest.

All you need is to use your real Facebook account and register on Goods.Ph using your email and that’s it you’ll now have a chance to win this super awesome Samsung galaxy S4. Just follow the instructions below.

La Dolce Vita Day: Atelier 317 + TWG

What glee!  It was the day before Mother's Day, without any plans, it was a bliss indeed  that an opportunity was opened to have a date with a dear friend.  My  best-friend since college had been asking me if we can have lunch or something and do some catching-up.   I have been trying to fix my schedules for I have been thinking of the same thing.  I can't bring to mind when the last time was when we went out.  As Tricia said, it was just like yesterday.  I guess we were all that busy.  She with handling a school and textbook business and me with these - blogging.  Not to mention the countless hats we need to wear at home being a mom and all.

Cinderella at Fisher Mall

Signing the contracts from left to right are Paul Gerard Del Rosario, Vice-Chairman of Mallers Investment Inc.;  Ray Del Rosario, President of Fisher Mall; Arthur Coronel, President and CEO of Cinderella and Richard Santos, Group Manager for imported brands of Cinderella.

Raise your hand if you have been a Cinderella patron.  I for one have bought a lot of my clothes and my kids from merchants under their umbrella company such as Oshkosh Bigosh and Nafnaf.  The company still expand their tents by opening more branches.

Just last Monday, Fisher Mall had welcomed Cinderella  as a pioneer fashion tenant with its 800- square meter store, and its other boutiques such as Esprit, Clarks, NAFNAF, Pretty Fit, Oshkosh and Pierre Cardin, amongst others. 
To read more on Fisher Mall, you may want to check this post: 

Fisher Mall will be ready for shoppers in time for Christmas this 2013. It is located at the heart of Quezon Avenue corner Roosevelt Ave, the former Pantranco bus terminal. It will carry its own anchor stores such as Fisher Fashion Store, Fisher Supermarket, 5 digital cinemas, Playland game arcade plus a wide array of dining options.

Staggering Response to Brigada Eskwela's Kick-off Day

Last Monday, the Department of Education (DepEd) led by Secretary Br Armin Luistro launched the 2013 National Schools Maintenance Week also dubbed as Brigada Eskwela.  The event took place with a bang  at an early schedule of 7 am at the Philippine School for the Deaf.  Brigada Eskwela will run from May 20 till the 25th.  With its anchor 
Now on it's 10th year of service and campaign, Brigada carries the theme “Isang Dekada ng Bayanihan sa Paaralan.”

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The First Orosa-Nakpil Food Fest

I was so thrilled to have been a part of 1st Orosa Nakpil Food Festival by the Malate Business Association, last March.  The league of bar owners along the streets of Orosa and Nakpil in the center of Manila's nightlife have come up with an idea to bring back the good ole glory days of the area.  This event is not only for party-goers but most especially for food lovers (which makes all of us)! 
As what I was told y one of the organizers of the event, The streets of Orosa and Nakpil is the epicenter of all great parties, a famed venue for watering-holes. Orosa being the gay's shindig place while Nakpil St. is for the straights (not gays, that is).  
At those times I was not into partying and drinking so I was a bit off on the topic but when it comes to food then it's my business.  This time around the plan to liven up the streets to entice those that used to hang out in the area and those that have never been here by engaging in more events.

Ambiguous But Delighted at Village Tavern

A lot of images conjured up in my mind even before we got to Bonifacio High Street Central.  It was my daughter's 15th birthday and we got lucky to be seated inside right even before it poured.  We barely noticed the heavy rain inside as we were comfortably seated at the end center, near the kitchen counter.  Taken aback with all the unusual restaurant's decor, I try to assimilate the images of a tavern as I have seen it  in the movies or on novels.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Pay Using Your Credit Card and Get a Free 4oz Deep Cleansing Wash, per FDA Promo Permit Number 0621 series of 2013

Are you a Proactiv user?  Well here is a treat for you.  Proactiv has a special promo where you can get a FREE Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash, just by using your Credit Cards when you buy online at
If you haven't tried Proactiv and in dire need of something that can be a solution to all your acne and skin problems, now is the time for you to consider Proactiv.  Check this blog for more info on the products:

Tips on Dining Out with Kids + Claw Daddy's + Rufo's

At Claw Daddy' Crabhouse and American Grill
Introducing your children to the world of restaurant dining can be an exciting and rewarding experience for the family, or it can be an absolute nightmare.  From servers and staff that give less than stellar service the moment they see a child at the table to the glares of fellow kid-free diners, it isn’t always easy to enjoy a family meal out on the town. 
Yes, it's not always raining sunshine when kids are with you specially on the not so friendly atmosphere.   That gives me a thought.  Maybe I could also rate restaurants according to their friendliness especially to diners with kids and babies.
Here are some factors you might want to consider when figuring out where to bring the whole family or your kids out to dine.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

K to 12, Officially a Law

Like many parents and educators, I have been a witness on  how scrupulous it is to pass a bill for it to become a law.  I'm not a politician nor a lawyer so I wouldn't dare go beyond explaining the long procedure by which the lawmakers in the Philippine Legislature abide by.   All I know is that a series of reports, conferences and debates have to be made, and that it is important to know that it should be beneficial to all the citizens.  I have been a witness indeed to a far more important bill  or law wherein my children's future are at stake.   And I'm pleased to announce that finally President Benigno Aquino III has signed the Republic Act No. 10533 or the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 commonly known as K to 12.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Super Tuyo: My New Kitchen Hero

This post will give a whole new light to eating the very familiar yet applauded less, Tuyo.  Tuyo in the Filipino's dictionary is any fish heavily salted and dried under the sun, which in turn preserve the fish then stored.   Also, it is the most widely eaten viand during stormy seasons.  Unlike daing (another kind of dried fish) tuyo are smaller variants of fish such as herring, and Salinas being preferred by many.  

Friday, May 10, 2013

Chef Laudico Guevarra's Fiesta-feel Buffet

I've been spending a couple of quiet moments, thinking how I could celebrate Mother's Day without my mama or lola here with us.  Sweating, diffused and uninspired due to some mishandled issues with some projects where I am busy with.  Though there are some things which should be cheering me up, like having my new Samsung fridge (10 in,two door, inverter model), getting nice complements from my readers and having more time with kids at home, there is still that emptiness I just couldn't pin point.  Is this a longing for my mom's or sister's company or just the recollection of my most indelible experience at my lola's old house in Bohol?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Countries with Tough Visa Application

The memory of our first visit to Milan was a bit traumatic.  Let me correct that, its not actually the trip that was traumatic but the process on how to get there.  No one told me getting one would be like finding a needle in a haystack, worst when you're getting for the whole family.   We were supposed to be in Italy for my sister's wedding.   Guess what, it took us more than a month to get a permission to enter Europe, meaning we need to have Schengen Visas, worse we didn't make it to her wedding and Christmas.
That was nine years ago, when we don't have any other options.

Now things have managed to change for good, that includes applying for documents you need for traveling, studying or migrating abroad.  More so, getting a visa can be a breeze, although in some cases it would still depend on your country of origin. However, there are some countries where getting a visa is complicated no matter the color of your passport.

Delicious Summer Treats That's Right on the Budget

Two months can drag on when trying to keep the kids entertained all summer.  Aside from increased electricity bills, longer shopping list (with more visits to the grocery store), moms need to think of what to give kids for snacks.  
I'm sure by now you have exhausted all efforts on deciding what to make or buy  for every three meals for the day, how about those in-betweens, it can get pretty nasty- from junk foods to tons of sweets readily available in the community stores.  Well, here's a treat for all of us, starting this summer right until the school opens again.