Friday, January 20, 2012

Is That An Upside Down House?: The Pan De Amerikana

Ridiculous as this may seem,  a house constructed upside down or have your world turned 180 degrees.   This building is actually a restaurant, probably the first upside down diner in the Philippines or in the world.   Located along the stretch of Katipunan Avenue, cars coming to and fro passing by here, would stop and  look at it.
Wacky, amusing, crazy, whimsical, call it what you want ...but sure you will find this one of a kind, if not, please do let me know, and give me reasons why.
Wait till you get inside. . .
My kiddos couldn't find the words to describe the place,  always telling them not to bend their neck to much or they might  get stiffed neck.   I did find myself asking though, how in the world did they get those things up on the ceiling  or rather stuck on the floor, and built upside down, duh! 
People below doesn't seem to care what were above them.  Food was great maybe. 
.If you can flip you monitor, or if you're using a lap top, Ipad, notebook, you might want to try it, you will notice that  the picture is normal, just don't look at the upper part of the picture, it'll get even crazier 'coz the people seem to hanging from the ceiling... hahaha...
Simple chairs and tables, for a group "tambayan" session, just bring your chess or dama pieces with you, and play away while grubbing.   Would love to have a Filipino "meryenda" (snack) here with Ginatan Halo...
Now you do the judging for the food.  This is Bangus Sisig on a Sizzling Plate. (P125.00), Danielle's choice.
Flavorful Pork Caldereta (P60), will tell you what a Filipino Comfort food really is.
Pinaputok na Tilapia (P75.00).   The one who invented this is a genius, one could practically eat the whole fish, with the crunchy and fairly seasoned.   It's like having your favorite fried fish but better.   The banana leaf made the fish more savory with the aroma and the effect it brought to the fish.
 Pla-pla with Bawang and Sili.  Another fried fish rendition, we usually have at home,  but this one was served with lots of  toasted garlic and jalapenos.  My kids loved how the spiciness worked with the crunchy skin of the fish.
 The kids ordered Barry's Chicken.  A plate of fried chicken, rice and gravy.  Typical salted chicken fried, though Nica loved the gravy.
The place is cozy, along the indoor garden feel is the music from Sitti, or acoustic artists and singers.
Price is super low, such good  value.   Not pricey but the service is good and food are amazing.

A family that eat together have fun together!
This I can say,
It's more fun eating as a family in the Philippines
Hand washing area.
The path to the bathrooms.
They blew a whole in the roof just so we could enter.   Warning make sure you know how to read upside down before entering.

 Yep, that's what's going to happen to you after you had an hour or so of fun-dining and enjoying the whole feel of the place, you become wacky like these people.   (Sure made us all laugh seeing this one.)

NTBN:  Super mad about for misguiding us, while we look for the place.   It took us an exhausting one hour of circling Katipunan Ave.  where in fact it is at the other side of Katipunan, in White Plains.
Be sure to google for yourself with the exact address shown below.

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  1. very interesting house :-) yum and very delicious foods you have here Sis, nagutom tuloy ako :-) Returning the visit from Food Trip Friday.

  2. kasarap namang puntahan nareng pandesalan na are eh...

  3. Their breakfast meals are my favorites here. I used to go her with my boyfriend-now-husband when I was still in college before going to class.

    1. Wow that was so sweet of him! Hoping to come back and try out the breakfast.

  4. Wow, interesting nga... sayang super layo! But whenever I get the chance, will surely check this out. LOL

  5. There is also one located in marikina :). Returned yhe favor. Thanks

  6. pretty neat! what a great place...kala ko exterior lang ang up side down...pati din pala interior...super galing...kakagutom!

  7. Wow wow wow! I will drag my boyfriend to eat her. Kaso medyo malayo from our place. But by the looks of it, worth it!

  8. So cute! I'll ask Alex to bring me there :)

    Thanks so much for dropping by my FTF entry for the week, Honey Bourbon Ribs!

    1. You better go there, it was so much fun! Till next FTF...

  9. It's been so long since I last went to Pan de Amerikana in Marikina.. Time to visit this really cool place again.. :D Thanks for sharing!

  10. Interesting place, nice food, too much for a pandesalan. There's a Pan de Americana also here in Wilson, San Juan. I'm not sure if they are related, I go there for the pandesal lang. But this is a lot better. I'll go try this one pag nagawi ako sa Kalayaan.

  11. Buti hindi nahuhulog yung mga mesa sa taas, :) amazing though mine is up and its here thanks Sahm’s Dining Diary

  12. Yan talaga ang ultimate trip! Grabe! Just looking at the pictures enjoy na talaga! Ang the pinaputok na tilapya is a work of genius and very enticing. Love it!


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