Friday, April 8, 2011

What? Maki for Dessert?!

    You never know what you get to discover in attending foodie events.   I've been introduced to pasticceria's (Italian pastries),  patisserie (French pastry) and the usual Native "kakanin" or Filipino delicacies and different regional sweets,  but never Kashi Makis.   At the event Best Food Forward, last April 2, 2011, me and my son were first introduced to these one-of-a-kind, ingenious yet extremely yummy looking dessert.   To be honest, we just passed by My Pink Wasabi's stall, seeing it all-decorated on the table just like any ordinary Sushis and Makis.   As I was almost on the stall next to it, I was offered to taste a sample, and someone uttered, "it's for dessert!"  I said, "What!, Wait a minute, these I've got to see."   As I was trying out a few, my son looking on with a grin,  they explained that the adorable, Maki-looking sweets are made of cake slices, thinly sliced Belgian chocolates, Chantilly creme, fruits and nuts.   Indeed, as lovely as they come, the taste was really exquisite.   I was quite tempted to try a few more, but my son looked as if he was telling me "You should be ashamed of yourself, Mommy."   Well I trully understand, as a pastry baker myself, I know how it could be such a pain-staking job, yet fulfilling, so I have to wait for the chance that I could order some.
   Hand-crafted by a Pastry Chef, Chef Anna, accompanied by her keen eye for elaborate details, and the expertise in baking, makes each piece a work of art.   To make it even fancier and more Oriental,  some Kashi Makis are tea -infused, yes, you read it right, tea flavors are oolong tea, green tea, mint and lemon, among others.

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A Tarradiddle:
   Chef Anna Marin Chua's  My Pink Wasabi was established in October 2010 by her entrepreneurial friends with the goal of selling unique gifts for Christmas. After 3 months of product testing,  Kashi Makis were finally introduced. Cute and yummy, these cakes are formed to resemble sushi.  The inspiration for the name My Pink Wasabi came from its non-conformist style in dessert making. The idea of a pink wasabi summarizes the true essence of its products, unconventional yet complementing. It perfectly describes the sweet fusion of desserts with the simplicity and perfection of sushi.  My Pink Wasabi's first success was in the Paskong Pilipino Bazaar held at the World Trade Center last year. Kashi Makis delicately wrapped in transparent boxes were sold out before day 2 ended. Because of the good reception and positive reviews from friends and clients.  My Pink Wasabi joined the weekend market, Mercato Centrale and was then featured in blogs, online lifestyle magazines and tv shows like Unang Hirit, Mel and Joey and Teen Watch.

   Now, My Pink Wasabi has grown beyond the unique gift idea as it gradually expands its line of products. Japanese cheesecakes have recently been added to its offerings; unique made-to-order cakes for special occasions and sweet dessert giveaways are also accepted.

 Bento Box Kashi Maki

Give away sample package, good for weddings and parties.

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  1. Lovely post Joy! Thank you so much! Loved this line

    "I was quite tempted to try a few more..."

    It makes me happy to see people enjoying my pastries

    and this part:

    "...but my son looked as if he was telling me "You should be ashamed of yourself, Mommy."

    hilarious! nice touch, it made smile! you write so well.

    I loved your post about Best Food Forward as well, yummy photos too! :)

    Thank you once again! :)

  2. @ Pink Wasabi...Wow what a compliment! Thanks so much for reading and trusting me with all the information. I love meeting people specially bakers who are so passionate about their job!

  3. What a deliciously whimsical way to serve dessert!

  4. The sight of it makes me smile already, even better when I tasted it. Very ingenious. Love it. Nice blog, yummy photos...mmmmm.


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