Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Mystery Japanese Restaurant at Paseo de Santa Rosa, Revealed

Last week, I posted something about a Japanese Restaurant that Bhogs
discovered at Santa Rosa, Laguna.   We went back this time to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday.
RYUMA Restaurant, is the name of the mystery Jap place we have been boasting about, for it's hefty serving of authentic Japanese cuisine without burning your pockets.
I took a lot of photos, because last time I was here, I wasn't able to bring any camera except for our cellphones and the shots weren't as satisfactory as I hoped.
I have been a blabbermouth all this time, so I will just let the pictures tell the story of how we all enjoyed our lunch at Ryuma and the whole Paseo de Santa Rosa.
For sure every member of your family will enjoy a dining experience here.

 Just a few things which had caught my attention inside Ryuma.
 The people...
Now the food...
Beef Ramen (P200/set, has salad)
Tori Karaage Teisyoku (P200/set, has Rice and salad)
Pink salmon Sashimi
Tokusei Ryuma Chirashi Set (P450, good for 2 to 3 people)

All the set meals came with a bowl of satisfyingly good Miso soup and refreshing salad with lemon ginger dressing
Zaru Soba Udon set (Cold Buckwheat noodle
Noodles served on ice cubes

Ebi Tamadon set (P200)
Is that gastronomy or what?
The food were awesome, all fresh, savory, the service was top-notch, the food were served quickly in fashion and the place is so clean, very 5 S with bottomless Japanese tea  for free..  The kids had lots of freebie stuff such as drawing materials, ice cream, cutie umbrellas and candies.  The staff were very accommodating and always ready to attend to our needs.

Ryuma Restaurant
2/F Paseo de Sta. Rosa
Commercial Center 4
Sta. Rosa City
Tel: 049-502-8401-02


  1. Wow Ryuma pala yun! Looks yummy! :D

  2. The place looks nice! Sad it's far from our place but I will definitely consider this next time we go on a roadtrip to the South. :)

  3. Wow, very near to us, will definitely visit this...Thanks for sharing Joy!

    Jinkee Umali of and

  4. Very interesting. Kids are so cute in their outfit. It is really such a nice treat for your mother-in-law. The beef ramen looks great. And as for udon, well, I'm not a big fan. It has a very strange flavour. Dunno why I can't love it.

    Japanese restaurants are quite expensive, but then, i wouldn't hesitate spending that much for delicious dishes.

  5. Lovely pictures, very vivid. Good that yo were able to chance upon this! Great find of a charming Japanese place.


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