Friday, October 29, 2010

Buona Vita an Italian Restaurant, A Hidden Treasure in Daang Hari

My first blog...
Anyways, I'm just so eager to share my experience dining at Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano.   After a long drive to Gen. Trias, Cavite, to meet one  of my husband's clients, we decided to find a nice place to eat.   We have definitely agreed that we were not going to any fastfoods in any of the malls in Cavite, since we've been so sick eating in crowded places and having the same food everytime we go out, you know having to bring-up four kids...
I have tried to search the net the night before we did the client visit, and thank God I found a blog about Buona Vita, and since we're on an adventurous move, I thought why not try it, and it is in Cavite anyway, and the drive back to Manila can be easier taking Daang-Hari Road.
And there lies a cozy place, tucked off the road, surrounded by lux villages, Buona Vita.
I like the ambience, not very Italian though but a bit romantic, and since it was only 4 pm, me and my hubby are the only diners.
Now the big part of it all...tsaaraan!.. The Menu!
Since it was just for meryenda, we ordered brewed coffees, Mhargherita Pizza and  Spinach-stuffed Raviolli.

Well,  I can say  that my hubby really loved the food, tasty yet satisfying, loved the way they served it, very palatable, service was top it, I would recommend this to my friends...
My hubby is not really an Italian dish fan, though I cook a lot of pasta at home, since most of my relatives are in Milan, the family is fond of it, so maybe I can be a good critique...Ah basta nag-enjoy ako!
So if you want to have a good converstion with friends, may it be serious or wholesome, this is the place!