Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pub Burrito's Dinuguan Burrito

Foodies have been pretty stoked on new Mexican restaurants opening around Manila.  Honestly, I was in every bit jealous of them.  I've been stuck at home with some online jobs and with kids' activities that I haven't had the time to try out some of them.  There is however, one staple and one of my favorite Mexican food which I have been dying to try, curiosity kills the cat as the saying goes.

 Kia Del Rosario, one of the sisters who owns The Kneutral Creations, a trendy fashion line which supports true Filipino hand-made products, have been posting her other passion on Facebook.  Aside from being crafty and fashionably sensible she also is a well-endowed chef and have recently joined a series of culinary competitions such as The Next Big Food Entrepreneur and just recently, at the Food for Change at Mercato Centrale.
PUB Buritto, short for Pinoy’s Ultimate and Bestselling Burrito is what keeps her busy also.   Filipino dishes inspired burritos are what Chef Kia swanks about.  Not that we are tired of the good old Taco Bell style burritos, but it's good that she tries to break new grounds in serving foodies with her burittos.  
And finally, after giving in to my cravings for Mexican food, I started with PUB Burittos.  When I found out that they are part of UN's and Knorr's recent project - Food for Change, together with hubby, we went to Mercato Centrale last Saturday and headed straight to their booth. 
 When it comes to food, my choice is always eclectic.  Of course, why would we try regular dishes, that will be boring to review or write about.  So, when she announced that they will be dishing up Dinuguan for their new Burrito flair, I got interested.
On the booth, you can plainly see that they use only fresh vegetables and meat, all the ingredients are laid out in an organized and clean manner.
They make everything from scratch, the carnetas (the meat filling), and yes, the Dinuguan.  The tortilla is also home-made, they get it fresh from the oven of an Iranian friend .
For those who don't know what Dinuguan is, it's a pork blood stew, a Filipino, savory stew of blood and meat simmered in a rich, spicy gravy of pig blood, garlic, chilies, and vinegar.   Originating from the word "dugo" or blood, it's a controversial dish even for many Filipinos, one, for its unbecoming religious influences and well, second, healthy issues which has grave as well The term Dinuguan come from the word dugo which means blood. It is similar to a Singapore dish, pig’s organ soup
 As you can see, a scrumptious serving of the sour and savory blood stew was laden over layers of peppers, onions, cabbage, and cucumber.
 Spoonfuls of steamed rice is finally carpeted over the whole stuff before the tortilla is rolled and wrapped.
 Looky,  here is a cross-section of my Dinuguan Buritto. I like how the sauce of the Dinuguan blended well with the everything in the buritto.  It was sour enough as an alternative to the regular sour cream and bean filling.  The rice added as an extender, since the Dinuguan is very liquidy and there is less meat in it.  This buritto rendition is an alternative to the usual "Puto-Dinuguan" pairing for meryenda.
 Another steady fill-me-upper is their beef burrito.  A mildly spiced sauteed beef, it could use a more spice though to liven up the flavor more.  I wonder if putting grated cheese on this would also make more difference.
 While we were enjoying our PUB Burittos, the crowd has started a small pandemonium, as KC Concepcion roamed around the tent and started getting samples from the Food for Change participants.
Even this sweetheart celebrity is addicted to selfies!   She grabbed first the Takoyaki Balls which I also buy at Mercato Centrale.

To know more about them, you can contact them at this numbers 0922 814 1625.

Do add them up at FACEBOOK as well: PUB Burrito.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

New FSC™ Certified Products from Gastro Chef

Are you aware that somehow we are also part  of the massive forest destruction without realizing, and evidences are found in our home.  From the toothpick, to the papers to the furniture and home fixtures that we are using.  

In a report made, "sufficient evidence is available that the whole world is facing an 

environmental crisis on account of heavy deforestation. For years, remorseless destruction of forests has been going on and we have not been able to comprehend the dimension until recently. Nobody knows exactly how much of the world’s rain forest have already been destroyed and continue to be razed each year. Data is often imprecise and subject to differing interpretations. However, it is obvious that the area of tropical rain forest is diminishing and the rate of tropical rain forest destruction is escalating worldwide, despite increased environmental activism and awareness." (Deforestation, India)

The growing needs for lumber and timbers for global uses have resulted in massive deforestation which environmentalists blame for climate change.  The time is now that we all have to understand this, and become responsible enough by not supporting products that support this issue.  

"But that's very perverse, don't you think?"  Almost everything if not all comes from trees, and we have been dependent on it since time immemorial.  If you want to stick to this approach, let me propose something.  

I've come upon this brand called Gastro Chef.  I've been using their cutting board and chef's knife for a year now and up until now they still look good and has not chipped.  The good thing about the woods they use is that they are stamped with the FSC seal which means that the wood is sourced from properly managed forests.

FSC or Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging responsible management of the world’s forests.  FSC™ certified products provides the customer with the assurance that the timber used has a chain of custody and is only harvested from forests that meet the stringent environmental, social and economic standards laid down by the Forest Stewardship Council A.C.

Now, here is one good news from your foodie friend, the kitchen utensils I love using from Gastro Chef are FSC certified.  So I can rest my worries on being a part of the economy that disregards wood sustainability, and so can you.

Read more about Gastro Chef's products  at the link below : 

As Filtra Group, the makers of Gastro Chef products, have continually innovates new eco-friendly products.  More and more elegantly designed kitchen helps are up to grace your dining tables.  They are best for our daily food serving  and are very easily cleaned.  

Cutting Board with groove - large, Lenga-FSC™ certified wood

Serving tray - large, Lenga-FSC™ certified wood

Pizza Peel, Lenga-FSC™ certified wood

Bread Bin
Bread Board
To find out more of these products, dimension and product designs and to order, kindly go to their website, here is the link: http://www.gastro-chef.com/menu/product-list.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Visit Malaysia 2014, The Campaign Arm of Tourism Malaysia

In 2014, Malaysia will celebrate its fourth Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) with the theme "Celebrating Malaysia Truly Asia."  The VMY 2014 promotional campaign has started this year with a series of year-long special events and activities leading to VMY 2014.  It will contribute to Malaysia's target to receive 36 million tourist arrivals and RM168 billion receipts by 2020, as outlined in the Malaysia Tourism Transformation Plan (MTTP) 2020.  

In lieu of this, Tourism Malaysia have organized a special business session last October 3 at Solaire Resort Manila.  The said event have provided a platform for the invited travel trade members in the Philippines to network with Malaysian delegates, in an effort to encourage greater cooperation and formation for more tourism products and tour packages, particularly during VMY 2014.

Blessed by chance, I got to see first-hand what Malaysia has to offer to a mom like me who always make it a point to plan out a vacation for the family.  At the lobby of one of Solaire's spanking ballroom  a 4D mini-exhibit showcased the beauty of Malaysia.   Roti Canai and Teh Tarik, authentic Malaysia milk tea, were available for visitors to taste and savor.  Malaysian musical instruments were on display to showcase the festive culture of Malaysia.  And a flat screen television on the floor gave a virtual experience of diving right into Malaysia’s mystical diving destinations.

Amir Arshad, a Malaysian batik artist demonstrated the actual art of making batik fabrics.   Even Mr. Anthony Ballesteros Rivera, Marketing Manager of Malaysian Embassy, was there to get educated with it.

This is Ning's batik artwork in progress...but looks proffesionally made already!
My friend, Ning Buning and I were able to get our hands crafting with his help and I got to snag home  a batik art.

The guests were treated not only with spectacular games and prizes, everyone came expectant of a bounteous  Malaysian fare, and it was indeed another showcase of how vibrant Malaysian tradition is, even in its cuisine which was masterfully prepared by the best culinary artisans of Solaire Resorts Manila.

DepEd, IP Communities Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Month

Our natives may seem to adrift in the modern world, but they too have rights to be educated according to the government's laws.  Evident that the country, rich in culture and traditional heritage have drifted along with the tide of progress leaving behind our brothers and sisters in far-fetched areas, in the mountains, in the islands, sitting, awaiting to be illuminated with the whole educational context which every child has a right to, even our indigenous people.

In light with this, the Department of Education (DepEd) have concerted much efforts in bringing our modernized education system (K to 12) to them.
This month they hosted a National Indigenous Peoples Education (IPEd) gathering at the DepEd Central Office, bringing together some 140 representatives from Indigenous Peoples Organizations/IP Communities, representatives from civil society/non-government organizations (NGOs) with IPEd Programs, IPEd advocates, and other government agencies that have a stake in strengthening mutli-sectoral support for DepEd’s IPEd Program and K to 12.

With the help of the Department’s Indigenous Peoples Education Office (IPEO), a program was organized which included statements from representatives from DepEd, House of Representatives, National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), civil society, and elders, leaders, and youth representing IP communities. A painting depicting elements and the education vision of IPEd was also symbolically unveiled by the participants at the start of the program.

As according to Assistant Secretary Jesus Mateo gave DepEd’s message to the various IP representatives, speaking engagements are being made to IP continually so that DepEd  can sufficiently give the right response towards education and that all of us is to be sensitive enough in considering their culture.

Amongts the people present were Rep. Nancy Catamco, Chair of the House Committee on Indigenous Peoples, Leonor Oralde-Quintayo, Chair of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), Commissioner Alice Panares of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), ARMM Deputy Governor for Indigenous Peoples Timuay Hilario S. Tanzo, and Nemia Gareza  of the Episcopal Commission on Indigenous Peoples.

The event intends to increase awareness on DepEd’s IPEd Program and the educational vision of K to 12 and strengthen linkages among the various stakeholders towards the realization of a culture-responsive and contextualized education for IP communities. It was also a promotion of respect and appreciation for the cultural diversity of our communities and learners. The Department has been pursuing these advocacies in line with the National IPEd Policy Framework (DepEd Order No. 62, s. 2011).

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our 3rd Year Celebration! Living a Sweet and Pampered Blogging Life!

Are you one of those who are fond of counting troubles?  If you are, then this might not be the page you might be looking for.  But on  second thought, you might want to hang around and learn a thing or two about living a life of joy.  Hehe, I'm not named one if I can not attest to it myself.

This blog actually is a fruit of all my regrets.  Good thing I held myself up and realized that there was really no sense in crying over spilled milk.  I ended up not looking for things to make me happy, they just came knocking at my door.  Cheerfulness for one is my key, then there's the hunger for trying out new things, even the most odd and scariest experiences can give you utter fulfillment, only if you accept the challenge.

The great things about blogging is winning new friends, learning new things from fellow mom-bloggers.  The best is being able to share not just information but some top notch products and services.

With this I was able to come up with a simple celebration with a few help from our partner products such as Diana Stalder, Gastro Chef,  Whipped Cupcakes, My Pink Wasabi, Sweetielicious, Wowcakes and Peppermint Kid Salon and Spa Boutique.

L to R: Vix of mum-writes.com, Leira of www.mushings.com, Me, Hazel, Monika of momgonevain.blogspot.com and Michelle of stayadventurousblog.wordpress.com
Let me share this quote to you as an expression of how I have shared some simple gestures for happiness to my guests on our sparty yesterday at Peppermint Kid Salon and Spa Boutique at SM Aura.
 Happiness is always a by-product.  It is probably a matter of temperament, and for anything I know it may be glandular.  But it is not something that can be demanded from life, and if you are not happy you had better stop worrying about it and see what treasures you can pluck from your own brand of unhappiness.  ~Robertson Davies

I hope they enjoyed the snacks I have prepared for them, not that stunning though for a refreshment but hopefully it was satisfying for them.

This ain't just an eye-candy!  This cupcake tower was sublimely created by  Wowie Lontok of Wow Cakes.  Ain't this photo just adorable.  She customized our afternoon sweet nibbles with the same theme as our sparty!

With the chocolate cupcakes adorned with one of the best butter-cream frosting I've had, glammed up sparty-inspired gumpaste toppers, everyone has had to take a moment of deep thought whether to eat one or just cherish it as an ornament.  But when they could not resist to take a bite, nothing stopped them (whoops that includes me and the kids) in getting not just another bite but another round of the cuppies.  The chocolate cake was moist but firm making sure the toppings are stable, and oh without being too sugary.  I really appreciate Wowie giving us not just a dozen but 30 cupcakes, we all had more than one and a few more to share to the gracious staff of Peppermint.

Cuteness down to the very details!  
The perfect sparkler for an eventful day like this was.  Make sure to visit and like her page and check her cake arts, you will be amazed!

All five of my guests (who won in my raffle) and a blogger friend where luxuriated with their custom foot masque, pedicure and manicure.

Seated like a dainty girl on the swing-inspired chairs, each of their foot and legs were pampered- soaked in bubbly and scented foot bathe, scrubbed, masked, wrapped in warm towel and then with an invigorating massage.  The smiles on each of their faces said it all after their nails have been daubed in their chosen colors of polishes, which the salon's manager boasts as all-organic and US -based products.

Wouldn't you want all your legs' dead skin cells rubbed off and having a refreshed feel after.  At the photo, Millet's legs are being prepped for the mask.
Two of our guest boys were also given haircuts and the out-of this-world kiddie back massage.  Can't you see how busy they are playing and watching a cartoon flick on their LCD monitor while their moms are bonding with the other moms.
Of course Peppermint does not only glorify their clients' legs, hands and nails, their stylist are professionally trained to handle the hairstyles they want.  This made us all the more happy as the salon extended their generosity by giving some of my guests stylish hair cuts.  I love their hair wash chairs.  It does not only look elegant but comfortable as well.  Will share you some time, how my daughter enjoyed this experience.
If you can check above, most of my guests have been prettified with new hairstyles.  (Will update this post with their lovely photos...)

The second batch of mommies who got pampered.  As you can see, they are both busy updating their IG's and FB's, cause WIFi is fast and FREE here.

Oh yes!  More cupcakes!  These are lovely red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting from Eat and Cheat Cancer Book Project and Chef  Alvin and Chef Brooke of Whipped Cupcakes!

I have dreaming of learning how to do fish tail braid on my hair and have attempted on doing it on my hair but alas, all were failures.  Now, I can don one without having my fingers braided instead.  Peppermint's staff can do complex hair braids for everyone.

Ain't this just so rewarding!  Seeing charming smiles on my friends faces specially the ones from the girls like Adee and Haley.

Aside from the pampering, we also gave-away some stuff from Diana Stalder (P400 worth), Gastro Chef (P 650 + worth), and P500 GC from My Pink Wasabi.

and some other things!  

Thanks Peppermint for partnering with us on this day, that is just worth-treasuring!

Peppermint is open at 10:00 am to 10:00 pm for all your beautifying needs.  If you want to have the same or your own customized Sparty at their SM Aura branch, here are the contact details:

Let me also share you some of the other reviews of the bloggers who have experienced the same excitement and ultimate pampering at Peppermint Kid Salon.

From Mom Gone Vain/ Lipstick and Moe


From Lucky Finds:

Address:  Unit B-07 Basement 1, SM AURA PREMIER, 
                McKinley Parkway corner 26th Street, Taguig City, 
Phone: (02) 553 3597
Email: sales@peppermintsalon.com
Website:  http://www.peppermintsalon.com