Thursday, February 3, 2022

K-drama inspired cafes in Angeles, Pampanga

Unique, IG-worthy Coffee Shops Near Pasay City

Someone once said, "Coffee is a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your old self."   

My husband asked me, in full support of what I do for living (blogging) and maybe start me off on the right track with vlogging, "what else do you need, since I've bought you all the things that can help you improve in your vlogging?"  I answered "TIME!" (with a sarcastic smile).

He replied with a laugh, not to insult me, what I need according to him could not be bought haha or is unnegotiable, as we have 2 adults, 2 almost adults and a toddler.  I guess, the only thing that could fuel me to go on and can compromise my need for extra time is coffee!  

Hence, whenever we get to go out for errands, grocery runs and whatnot, I try to ask my husband if we could visit a coffee shop nearby, and Metro Manila never runs out of interesting cafe's to cater to my coffee whims. 

It's great to see new cafes popping up despite the hardships most businesses are undertaking.  It keeps coffee connoisseurs happy while keeping the business community up and running.

Check out our YouTube vlog on the list of K-drama inspired cafes in Pampanga.

To add to the active coffee community, I have collated several unique coffee shops around the metro for you to also visit.  

You get to enjoy both the coffee and the ambiance!

1.  74 Apartment Cafe

The best cafe in my neighborhood, should I say.  It's like a breath of fresh air to us Pasayeno's, like having our own little Siargao or Elyu spirit.  It's near to the clinic where I would bring my kids to and you'll never be disappointed with their selection!  At first, I could hardly choose as they went all in, from coffee mixes, hot and cold, to milk teas and specialty tea beverages! You'll want to stay for more!
My suggestion would be their Macadamia Latte.  I also love their pastry selections such as the orange muffins and chocolate chip cookies and make sure to have their crowd fave croissant to go with your drinks.

It is where jeepneys (Malibay to Mall of Asia) pass by and you'd hardly miss it as it's the only white shop along that street. 

Address: 74 Clemente Jose, Pasay City

2.  Papa Kape

It's one of those hole-in-a-wall type of nooks where you'd never expect an oasis to be.  In a busy residential area of Palanan, Makati arose a coffee and laundry shop.  Aside from the the brand name having a ring to it, Papa Kape may be your typical go-to coffee especially for the local coffee enthusiasts.  Perfect for the plantita/plantito's, bikers and just those needed a breakthrough from the hustle and bustle. 

Been meaning to come here since I knew about this "still secret coffee shop in Palanan" when I saw a churchmate trying it out, as it was a walk away from their church in Filmore.   I love how home-owners' open up their home, garage, gardens to cater to what the community needs, may it be a sanctuary or a cup of coffee.  

Tried their Cappuccino and Hazelnut Latte with Onion Bread and Mangga at Suman to-go, but will come and stay longer next time to try their one-of-a-kind drinks,  Brazo Latte and Kape Gingerccino.

Address:  5641 Ampere Street, Palanan 1235 Makati

3. Cafe 6059

Like the first cafe on the list, they got their name from their address, hence it's easier to find in Google and waze, but in truth, the exact place is a bit hard to navigate to and the street one way and narrow and parking can also be a hard.

However, you'll get to try the best Spanish latte and mocha latte in Brgy. Olympia, Makati.

It's a hip place for the young ones who is into arts, graffiti and spoken word poetry.

Address: 6059 San Rafael St. Brgy. Olympia Makati City


4. M Studio and Cafe

M Studio can easily be associated to Magallanes, but I have really no idea what M means, but I know that their food are gourmand-approved and and the other part of the cafe is indeed a studio, a dance studio,  and also a place to hold photo sessions.

Next to Malibay and The Resorts Wold Manila, Paseo de Magallanes is our next food spot in cases when we need to have food right away.  

M Studio Cafe has that outdoor relaxing vibe, with their dining area perched at the terrace, where you can also see your food being prepared.  To top that, they have a wide array of beverages and coffee mixes, with their strong coffee.

Address: 3rd Floor Oakridge Plaza Paseo De Magallanes

5.  Kapetolyo by SGD Coffee

Ever since Mayor Isko Moreno flexed about the beautification (improvements) in Manila, especially within the vicinity of Manila City Hall, I had my eyes on this cafe sitting next to the Sisa Monument.  It used to be this dirty place where street dwellers would frequent and no one have imagined it's going to be what it is now, a place in the midst of the breathing grounds of Manila, surrounded by trees and historic monuments, and now where you can savor local brews and good food.  

Many bikers have been starting their days here and many others have had special gatherings here which took many to wait until the pandemic loosened up. 

I love their Flat White, and my husband loved their cappuccino, however, I wished they could have widen their coffee selection.  

Address:  Cecilia Muñoz Drive cor. Antonio Villegas St, Ermita 1000 Manila, Philippines

6.  Wildheart Flower Shop + Cafe 

Last December, 2021, I visited my Aunt in Las Pinas, it was also my late mother's bday so I figured it's the best time for me to visit this dried flowers shop which happens to have a coffee nook inside!  

That's hitting two birds in one stone right?  I've been buying my mama dried flowers online and it's not that affordable, but more reasonable than buying fresh ones every week.  So, I was like a child in a candy store, and all those dried plants and flowers are eye candy.  But, so happy to know that they sell it so affordably, way cheaper than the ones I get online, with a little fee for the arrangement.  

It was such a blessing to visit them with my husband and toddler and we love their Spanish Latte too!  

Address:  137 Carnival Park Street, BF Resort Dr, Village, Las Piñas, Metro Manila


Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Hopeful for a Healed and Loved 2022

Hello 2022!

For some reasons, this gave me a feeling that this year will be more than better than the years behind! I never really realized that two years went by so fast yet so strong it made such a huge impact on many lives!  Death of a loved one became common, poverty level have increased and though most of the times the streets were deafeningly silent because of locked downs, the times have proved us that we can still learn, we can still go on and wait until the world heals including us.

Last year, I only have a few posts in this blogsite and it was such a waste as I was paying for the domain and I felt robbed off my time.  Time which I asked over and over again to have more of so I could do most of the things I love like writing and baking and exploring places... But like what my husband told me, he could give me everything I would ask except time!

But it was okay, this is how I designed my life to be, to be here whenever my kids would ask of me, to be inside our home where I could see all the flaws and be able to somehow fix it.  But even though I still can't, I know I can find a way to do so.  

For the mean time, let me write...

I have often allowed myself to plan for something exciting but times had changed, so I'm just letting it lead me slowly.  I used to breeze through in deciding what to do in times I'm given choices, whether to add content to my blog or joy to my being or just stay at home and rot, but times had changed, and I'm seeing a very different light, but still light, hope, and joy...

I've been brewing a blog, a list of some of the coffee shops I visited which were perfect for everyone's liking, which supposed to be my first for this year, but somehow I couldn't finish it, so this... 

Let me make this blog post official, to welcome a year of bounty, a manifestation of God's blessings and healing and a year where we can add to our joy.

Hoping to add interest to your life and inspire you to believe more in your self while holding on to your faith in God.

In Jesus name! Amen.