Monday, January 2, 2012

A Procrastinating Coffeenatic at Zuni

Wait,  I was going to talk about procrastination, however this brought me to the thought of why I was actually doing know writing...

I mean I have been so overwhelmed by bloggers' and readers' reactions to my posts and I will be forever grateful,   But what in this world will I be getting  for this?   My husband would most often look at me as though  I will be wasting time  writing, but he just allows me to do it for he knows I am happy doing it.

Am I really happy taking pictures at places I don't know who owns  and afterwards writing about what I ate or drank or where I've been to?

I guess eventually, I would be able to finally  come to my senses and  figure out what I really want to do and maybe earn from it instead of spending money and effort into something that  people anticipate to.   But before that, let me share you one expensive  coffee break at  Greenbelt, Ayala.

We started off with the bun and butter, while we waited and eagerly asked the server which he could recommend.
Yes it was supposedly a cup of coffee only for me and another for my father,  a one refreshing cup of hot tea for Mama, but we ended up checking the menu and  ordering

We ordered the Trio Mushrooms.   Sauteed Portabello, Shitake and button mushrooms in garlic and olive oil, is an easy dish to do but costly here at Zuni.  Good enough to fill a diabetic adult's tummy without worrying about blood sugar going berserk.  Oh it's actually part of the Appetizer menu.
 Avocado Scallop Cheviche.  Cheviche from what typically known to us Filipinos as "kinilaw", a South-American dish, though raw fish or seafood are mixed with lemon or lime.  This expensively concocted dish is satisfying and can understandably explain itself why it costs that much...raw  scallop in lime juice and avocado (the fruit being not in season usually is costly).

The Vanilla Espresso Pannacotta.  Has a silky,smooth texture that would have you automatically go, oohhh, ummm....It was absolutely,  deliriously  delicious.   The espresso and vanilla suited me well, I did find the elaborate design of the strawberry and mango syrup fascinating but I like it better without it, for it kinda ruined the whole coffee creamy gelatiney taste of the eggless-custard.

Oh I almost forgot to talk about the much awaited topic, my cup of Joe,  well there's nothing good about it...that's it! 
You may want to  check out their menu and see for yourself if this is  champagne taste on a beer budget.
Oh about procrastination...let me talk about it in my next post...

Check out Zuni's website:


  1. Hi Tukayo!

    coffee, coffee, food, coffee, food...need I say more?

  2. ohmy, everything looks delicious! will definitely try this out next time :D

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