Friday, April 29, 2016

Gastronomy by Joy's Summer Give-away

I have so many things lined up to share you guys, it's been a while that i haven't run a give-away on my blog so I'm glad I was able to make up for it.

Have you read my blog about Philippines: Food Holidays, a travel and dining guide?

If not here is the link:    

If so, and you are thinking of having one, then you're in for a treat.  You can now easily plan your next foodie-get away and be an advocate for Philippine culinary tourism.

GET THIS CHANCE TO WIN 1 (one) FOOD HOLIDAYS and a BAYONG filled with DEE's Gourmet Popcorns, Organic Facial mist and Lip Gloss from Brazil Spa and a travel bag tag from DOT!

All you have to do is

1.  Share this on FACEBOOK or Instagram.

2. Tag me @joyfelizardo @gastronomybyjoy

3. Use the hashtag #gastronomybyjoy #tourismphl

4. Comment below why you want to promote Filipino cuisine, with your name, cp number and email address.

Period of posting and sharing starts tonight and ends on May 5, 2016.

Announcement of the winner will be on May 6, 2016.

That's it!

Make Dishes Stand Out with Organique Acai

 I love my family as much as I love myself and when it comes to our family's health I do not compromise.  Sometimes I just can't say no to someone who comes along and offers me something that might help improve my family's health, specially when we talk about diabetes and how to prevent aging.

I've had a lot of exchange of ideas, tried almost everything that promotes good health and sometimes food and natural medicine alternatives, I guess this blog can somehow show you how crazy health conscious I have become throughout the years in the recipes that I shared and the products I have features, though not so much on the food I eat outside home.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Gastronomic Tour of Philippine Flavors at the Launch of Philippines: Food Holidays

More often than not, when I think of traveling somewhere with or without my family, I always put a list of "where to eat" in my itinerary.  Thus, I can say that traveling equates with food exploration.

In all honesty, even though I grew up savoring chocolates from foreign countries and devouring all sorts of pasta dishes at home, I have this longing to go back to our roots.  The daily comfort of my father's Pinaupong Manok and Adobo, my Lola Vita's Pochero and Nilagang Baboy. and a specialty fiesta fave my mother would prepare our guests, Arroz ala Valenciana has always been my inspiration when I think of trying out new dishes from different regions in our country.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Megawatt Pizza Chicken Burrito

If this feature won't blow your mind off then I don't know what else would.  You see if you put yourself in the foot of the restaurant owners, I'm sure you might run out of unique ideas.  In this era of food glorification, more and more unique takes on cuisine, theme and kinds of service has to be thought of really well.

Speaking of unique takes, my husband and I have been wooed by a new Tex-Mex restaurant near Gilmore and Robinson's Magnolia.  This unassuming car wash business tied up with a restaurant for a leveled up take on that eat-while-you-wash concept and the good folks behind Red Baron Ribs and Steaks are the same folks who thought this.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

When McDonald's Reached Dearly to Manila's Joys

The name speaks loudly of itself and I couldn't be happier having it as a name.


Were you like me who had been being teased every Christmas for having such as name?  That you'd hear the words of the song "Joy to world..." randomly from someone who begs for your attention.

Sigh...but it is also true that your name suggests who you really are.  Agree?  Guess, I just had to live it out and enjoy every moment until my loved ones last call me with that name.

Significant to this was the recent event, which was "amazable", btw, conducted by McDonald's as they celebrated the coming out party of the newly-improved Chicken McDo.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sultan Mediterranean Grill, A Reason for Getting Lost in Salcedo Village

I just can't get over the industrial and modern interior touch which melded perfectly with Mediterranean influence which you can feel when you enter Sultan Mediterranean Grill .  I'm glad we got lost at some of Ayala CBD's backstreet after paying some dues at Megaworld business center.  

Salcedo Village is known for restaurants such as Wholesome Table, Wildflour + Bakery, Apartment 1B and many more.  But not most us know, also in the foodies' radar belong unusual restos which for sure will ignite your senses.  There's Sofrito (Latin American/Puerto Rican), New Bombay (Indian), DiCofi (Vietnamese), Calderon (Spanish), Balkan Kitchen (Yugoslavian) and more...

It's such a long list, and I'll be adding one that really made our day right - Sultan.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Record-breaking Tourism Achieved in February

The country’s tourism industry performance is off to a thriving start this year and continues to break records with the month of February 2016 reaching a total of 549,725 visitors for a double-digit increase of 20.42% from 2015.

In the past 62 months under the Aquino Administration, this  has been the highest  growth rate  and the biggest  volume of visitor arrivals.For two consecutive months, the country’s tourism grew by double digits at 13.17percent in January and 20.42 percent in February.

Eastar Wars, The Egg Invasion, An Easter Engagement at Century Park Hotel

Century Park Hotel knows not only how to party but how to put more life to the usual event, case in point, it's 2016 Easter celebration.

To date, this is my fourth time to attend Century Park's Easter celebration with my kids.  I had to admit, my daughters have been looking forward to this every year.

Our Easter Egg-venture at Century Park Hotel

A Fun Easter Celebration at Century Park Hotel

Easter Moments Made More Precious at Century Park Hotel

The Food We Eat: Is Your Child Safe From Toxins?

Link here

Excuse me for being such a health-freak mommy.  Like many moms, I only want the best for my kids and I don't want them to get sick or suffer when they get old.  So any info that would educate me and like-minded parents about the food we eat and what we ought to give our family is salient.

Do you know that the food we eat may have toxins that can pose serious health risks particularly among our children who are most vulnerable.

To provide for the increased demand for food, conventional commercial farming resort to artificial growth-promoting hormones and synthetic pest control substances such as pesticides and herbicides for faster production of crops, meat and dairy products. While adults have developed immune system to help fight these toxins, children are defenseless because of their immature organs and systems.

Hotel Review: Casa San Pablo Captured in Photos

Casa San Pablo have been home to many honeymooners, vacationists and have hosted a number of extremely fun team-buildings.  Having heard so many praises for this bed and breakfast place in San Pablo, I have put it in my Bucket list and it took me by surprise that I would be able to visit the place and experience a slice of lifestyle they offer.

It was actually the second stop of our CALABARZON Kulinarya Tour hosted by DOT Region 4-A (also known as CLABARZON).

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Snippets of Palarong Pambansa 2016 and the Things We can Learn from it

I've been following the yearly updates of Palarong Pambansa ever since I've started with my other
blog in Wordpress (my lifestyle and parenting blog).  It took me more than a year since then to fully realize it's cause.  Don't get me wrong, I do believe in sports, and I encourage my kids to be involved in sports.

However, I never pushed my kids hard enough for them to make it to District eliminations.  It's not easy rearing four children, each having their own unique interests, let alone tag along them in practices and school meets you know (who's complaining, I did want to be a stage mom, but...).  So I give props to parents who have supported and are supporting their kids be good in sports.  They deserve to give proper recognition too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Expectations Were Met as Planned at the Palarong Pambansa 2016

As the temperature rises up to 40 degrees in Albay, Palarong Pambansa 2016 competitions are also getting tougher with athletes pushing themselves to the limit to get that inevitable glory of winning.

Not only that kids, both in primary and secondary levels get to be trained and able to compete, they also get a chance to see the Mayon Volcano and gain new experiences and friends, we can not deny the fact that Albay itself gains from this event.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Palarong Pambansa Opened with 12,000 Delegates

This year's much-anticipated Palarong Pambansa 2016 was held at Bicol University (BU) and opened last April 10 with a remarkable headcount of 12,000 delegates. This includes student-athletes, coaches, and officials from all 18 regions.

It was officially launched and wekcomed by thr Department of Education and Albay with a festive march of colors, costumes and banners showcasing the countries' top athletes.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Charlie's Grind and Grill

Thanks to my genes, if I'd be fairly reasonable in my expectations, I rarely need to lose more than five pounds, though I've been cooking, baking and yeah, eating for like all my life.  But I must admit that there were times that I need to spread my exercise mat on the floor and sweat my butt out for at least 15 minutes just to finish an entire burger over a meal complete with fries and milkshakes, especially if this meal is from Charlie's Grind and Grill.

This well-loved burger joint along Kapitolyo, Pasig, stood the test of time.  Long before the rest of what Kapitolyo is now, Charlie's have been already serving one of the metro's best-selling burger.

With clientele that goes beyond the regular car owners who have their cars cleaned and buffed.

But more than their tasty burgers are a wide range of comfort food perfect for those times that you needed more than fillings in your tummy.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Davao Day Two: Countryside Adventure at Malagos Garden Resort

What actually brought me here in Davao is the sought-after, world-class product, that is the single-origin chocolates made and advocated by the Puentispina's.  They are the family name that made famous the tree to bar chocolate experience.

Malagos chocolate is created in high quality standard environment giving high regard to the areas where the cacao trees are being grown to.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Madrid Fusion Manila 2016 spotlights Philippine gastronomy

“Madrid Fusion is the event where the world goes to learn the future of food”, Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr. said during the opening ceremony of Madrid Fusion Manila 2016.

In Madrid Fusion Manila 2016, “we have found a most powerful platform to showcase Filipino culinary artistry for the second time, building an image for Manila and the Philippines as the place to learn about the past and the future of food”, the tourism chief added, “imagine an event that not only attracts people to travel but also build an awareness for a place and the experience it offers.”

Over a thousand delegates have registered for the second edition of Madrid Fusion Manila (MFM), now ongoing until 9 April 2016 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

 MFM 2016 is organized by the Department of Tourism (DOT), Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) PHL, Foro de Debate, and Arum. This year’s theme, “The Manila Galleon: East meets West” celebrates the 450th anniversary of the Galleon Trade that linked Asia with the Western World.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Davao Day Two: Countryside Adventure at Eden Nature Park and Resort

There are so many things to love about Eden Nature Park and Resort. It's one great proof of how nature loves you back if you start respecting it.  The owners of the huge land where Eden is boasts so much of what you can do to rearrange nature and plot it beneficial both to human/tourists and Mother Nature.

When you decide to visit Eden, make sure to plan wisely your day.  Many attest that you need a full day to enjoy the whole eco-tour and adventures offered by Eden.  Apparently, we only have half a day to do that.  

Sexy Chix Pastel with a Kick

Are you like me, health-conscious, yet loves to try out new stuff from the groceries?

Like an artist, seeing a new kind of paint-brush, or a a new brand of watercolor, I get pretty excited whenever I see great potentials for some "not-your-ordinary" ingredients to use in traditional dishes.

Case in point, Purefoods' Sexy Chix Shredded Chicken.

Many would say that it's as healthy as canned tuna, but for those who doesn't eat tuna or any fish (canned or not) it's one of the quickest way of feeding one hungry self.  All you need is your good ole' handy kitchen buddy - can opener, a bowl to put it in and a microwave to heat it up, walah!

Instant grub right there, which can be topped on steamy rice or as sandwich filling.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Torayvino Water Purifier, Soon to be a Household Name

How confident are you to drink from tap water, or from any faucet?  We must admit that though our water services assures us of delivering safe water from their reservoir, we can't still rely on them for having safe and drinkable water.

That is the reason why water-refilling stations have sprouted in many areas in the metro and even in most remote provinces. I, myself and my family used to suffer diarrhea, and other bacterial-infections from drinking unprocessed water.  With the onslaught water deprivation in our area, my husband and I decided to put up a water purifying system business to augment this and to finally answer our family's need for safe drinking water and eventually earning from it.  In a business perspective, it isn't easy to set up one and to maintain it even.  It is costly and laborious. But we needed to comply with the standards set by the government body who handles this -DOH.