Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kashi Maki by My Pink Wasabi, FOR FREE!

I'm dying to catch these beauties once again!  
These are the makis  that you won't get "umay", you know, 
the feeling that you've so many to the point that your senses tell you you've had enough... 
Why?  Well, these are not your typical Japanese staple food, 
these are cakes masterfully done aesthetically.
Yes miniature cakes, cut, rolled and designed to look like Japanese Maki.
An elegant dessert, with exquisite yummy notes!
So what are we all waiting for.
Let us go to Mercato Centrale on
June 18, 25 Midnight Mercato Centrale 10pm-3am
                                                                       June 19, 26 Morning Mercato Centrale 7am-2pm

or order Kashi Makis at 
My Pink Wasabi

or call them at 


  1. My Pink Wasabi has uploaded some photos here:

    Check it out and start liking ^_^


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