Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Foodie's Chronicle on Yummy Eats

Could anyone tell me how a petite mom like me enjoy all the gastronomic pleasures at Yummy Eats without feeling bloated or guilty of gluttony?
And could anyone please tell me how such an event could be as successfully tempting as this one?
Well, this one I could answer, as equally tempting as Yummy Magazine, a collaboration of celebrated, authentic and bizarre food finds gathered here at the NBC tent.
My niece, Yngwie and I were totally baffled on where to go first, with all the booths and foods.
Here the day's journey...
I hope my pictures tell the story of my afternoon delights at NBC tent last Saturday May 21, 2011.

Pinoy Eats World and vegan cookies from Pipino Vegetarian
Sweet treats from Tina's Pie this time!   Vigan's bototay and organic lechon...
Mochiko, my favorite ice cream where I get to try Black sesame seeds and cookies and cream.
More pictures to come. so sorry for the late post!
Do update this post...

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