Monday, June 27, 2011

Fernbrook Gardens: The Modern Day "Garden of the Hesperides"

Talking of kings and queens, prince and princesses  and courtyards and romance...
Or  how about an enchanted land amongst the Gods and Goddesses, vivified in  Greek myths! 

Some there are who say that the fairest thing seen
on  earth is an array of horsemen;
some, men marching; some would say ships; but I say
she whom one loves best
is the loveliest. 
Light were the work to make this plain to all, 
since she, who surpassed in beauty amidst the lulu of the nature and the aura of serendipity
-nonetheless but the bride handed over to her forever lover.

Let the pictures enthrall you as it left me breathless as I look in awe in all its wonders!
 This must be the Elysian Fields, once lost, now found here in the south.   In Greek mythology, the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous.

No, this might be the  Garden of the Hesperides, said to be the sacred garden of Hera from where the gods got their immortality as said from the Greek's myths.  
O let me be for a day be the muse Erato, 
Or the contemporary Cinderella,
Alas, now, a poet have I been...

Sweet in summer, cornucopia  of  sweet-endings,
Cooling thirsty lips aglow;
Sweet to lover's the wedding abounds, 
So spring arrives with garlands crowned;
Words of love and promised future
Sweeter yet the hour that covers
With one cloak a pair of lovers,
Living lost in golden weather,

While they talk of love together.
Perhaps this may be a poetry blog, or a site for lovers in the making.   Perhaps not!
But seeing and experiencing that awesome place, which is the Fernbrook Gardens at Portofino South, made me re-evaluate my senses, and thus what I have become, or what life had made me.   My love for peachy places and food have evidently reinvented me.  Good company, good sense of being, good berth, all God's workmanship!

                           The place: Fernbrook Garden Portofino South
                           The event: Food Tasting and Renewal of Vows planning
                           The caterer: Illustrado
 So far, the number one on our list, and what might be the only one!
    As an  Appetizer, a choice of Baked Eggplant with Pesto and Asian Spring Rolls
    For Entree, the restaurant's pride, Paella Illustrado, trully superb Spanish dish and  Linguini with  spicy creamed sauce and shrimps.
    The succulent Fillet of Cream Dory and the lip-smacking, tender Baked Beef Spareribs Mexicana  with  black and calamata olives.
   Be lingering, Pork Picata Milanese, and the delish Chicken Relleno with Tamarind Sauce, my fave and to rave for from this day forth...
And last but can never say the least, the Dessert, a cocktail serving of Buko Pandan,  choices of pastries straight from Illustrado's own bakery, Sans Rival, pudding, Carrot Cake, Super Moist Chocolate cake, New York cheesecake, etc.
What then could I ever ask for, on a day as captivating as this!
Many thanks for the invites, Fernbrook Gardens and Illustrado...
Praying to see you in a year or two, with all our loved ones enjoying both your companies!
Portofino South, Daang Reyna, Las Pinas, Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact Numbers:
(632) 710-8608, (632) 710-8545, (632) 217-7715
USA Phone Number: (215) 792-6583
Mobile Number: (63917) 860-6478
24 HRS. CUSTOMER SERVICE HOTLINE: +63(2)8434343 local 2776

 744 Calle Real del Palacio (Gen. Luna), Intramuros, Manila 2001, Philippines Telephone: + 63 (2) 527 3674 Fax: + 63 (2) 527 2345



  1. Captivating indeed!
    Where is Portofino?

  2. While I was reading and looking at the pictures i was saying to myself, "How enchanting!"....

    THen i scrolled down and i say the photos of the food and I said, "Heaven!"

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