Thursday, June 9, 2011

Danielle's Rainbow Cake

   Yep my daughter made this!   I'm sorry but we can not divulge the recipe or how we did this, cause she is looking forward to making money out of this.   (Hoping!...)
   All I can say is that as colorful as this looks, the more colorful your world gets, as your teeth sinks in to these.  I'd bet one or two would not be enough.  
   You can ask my church mates, how these were always a hit during eat-outs and  picnics.
We are now open for orders, but we are currently experimenting on what frosting to put.   But for me, it is best as it is, but frosting is always an option.  For quotes on prices (costing is still being discussed) you can click on the tab at the top where it says contact me here.


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