Thursday, June 16, 2011

Disappointingly Bad Batch of Cupcakes

    It took me more than three months to personally meet these!
    I hope this serves as warning to those who bargains (including me), through internet deals, providing discounts and freebies on foods, luxury items, resort get-aways and more.
I don't mean to put down anyone, just airing out certain concerns of mine.  The number one is VALUE FOR MONEY!
   You see, I bought a voucher, which dealer I would not cite.   The deal was for a dozen cupcakes. and the catch pharse: "Celebrate a Special Occasion with a Set of 12 Heavenly Cupcakes from ____(Toot Toot Toot).  Well I've seen a lot of muffins and cupcakes and the picture above doesn't look heavenly to me (or heavenly enough, or however you put it).  according to the same site, here are the highlights
  • 12 delicious cupcakes for a total of P225 instead of P900
  • Every cupcake selection is made to order to keep every one fresh and delectable
  • Creatively decorated cupcakes made from gourmet ingredients
  • Enjoy an array of exciting flavours and designs from their boutique shop
  • Classic & seasonal varieties
   This is not the only disappointment I had when I purchased the voucher.   Last March (now is June), I called the supplier for these dibbles, it was two days before my daughter's birthday.  The woman on the other line said that they can only take orders, three days in advance prior to the pick up of the cupcakes.  I told them and have asked the lady, pleaded even, cause the cakes are meant to be bought for the kids mini-tea party to have a sort-of consideration.   And I have checked the deal about it, and it doesn't say that you have to order in advance, in three-days, that is.  Plus I don't have the time to look for cakes.  Well then what could I do?  So, I kept the voucher and maybe save it for a special occasion.
June came and at last, I'll be finally having my eyes and lips and tongue on those goodies.   
   So I called, and the lady on the other line, said that I could only pick up the cupcakes at their New Manila station or home bakery, whatever.   It was Friday, and we were on number coding, so our option is to go there on our motorcycle, we are from Pasay, btw., and it is all the way near Gilmore St., in Manila.  (Far, far if you are going to commute or in our case ride a motorbike).
   We found the place, and we were outside the gate waiting for someone to accommodate us or  give our orders.  We waited for a while until one of the staff came and presented the cakes.  To my chagrin, I told her that this is not what I ordered for.   I thought that during my call both me and the staff agreed that I will have chocolate and vanilla cuppies, since those are the only variations they have, even though it was mentioned on the review that goes with the deal, that they have luscious chocolate or a rich banana cupcake topped with indulgent buttercream. Satisfy your sophisticated sweet-tooth with bittersweet chocolate cupcake, topped with dual tiers of two-tone frosting and a yummy treat, such as sunflower seeds or custom, hand-made chocolates.  So she went inside the compound and left us outside the gate, went back and told me that there have been a miscommunication.  "Girl, it was not a miscommunication, it was simply not providing total customer satisfaction!"  She said also, "Maam kung gusto nyo, balikan nyo bukas, papalitan namin, para may chocolate cupcakes." 
   My husband said, " Is that for the P900 peso that you ordered?" 
   I chuckled, "No! It was for the P 225!"
  Hoping I could write a nice review of the bakeshop, since I've read some good ones on it, I just thought it was horrible.
   My husband just to calm my senses a bit, told me that my cupcakes, (the ones I bake) looks more appealing and delectable.  And added, "Baka di yan pansinin ng mga anak mo, hehehe." 
   There was actually another customer of them who picked up her order, ordered it the same way I did.  She went home with a long face, looks disappointed also, went home even before ours have been settled.
   The staff saw how disgusted I was with the situation.   I gave my card and told her, "Sayang I was gonna include your bakeshop pa naman sa list of my cupcake suppliers page on my website."   We left with long faces, and thought on how I could get over this.
    We stopped-by at Wendy's to have a snack and well, I can't wait to smack on at least one.   Hoping that at least the flavor could be satisfying.  But!  Hay! I breathed deeply!  Not the ones I expected!  See how tiny the cuppy is compared to Wendy's Shrimp Sandwich.  The actual cost of that vanilla cupcake topped with chocolate ganache is P 75.
   I don't know where to point my fingers to here.   Is it the responsibility of the dealer?
   When purschaing deals does it mean that the quality of the product suffers?
   Does getting discounts mean that your product would be  worthy of the price paid for?
  As a business woman, I believe how  deals like this can work for the best interest of the products being sold.  How?
  For one, you don't have to pay for advertisers or endorsers.  Word of mouth is the best advertisement which is free!
   So instead of spending hundreds of thousands of money, millions even, you just lower your price down to the most competitive price in the market.   It is better than giving free samples!
   You don't lose money, you gain customers! Simple.
   On the sidetrack, if only one customer recents buying your product, that will be like a virus spreading in the system of your computer and might harm the whole package.
    So I hope, anyone who might read from this, should take caution, in buying deals, and if you are a merchant, make sure you make your customers happy and would let them want to buy more even if it is not powered by any vouchers.  It is always the end-user who has the power.  Like the saying "Customer is King!"


  1. mygod it so disappointing talaga hayz!!! PM mo sakin ung store baka mabiktioma ako eh eheh..hilig ko pa nmn cupcakes hayz!!

  2. hey mommy Joy I think you can divulge the name of the store not to bad mouth them but for them to at least learn din di ba?

    I think I know them :) and actually ordered jiji's wedding cake and cupcakes there..pero so far wala naman kami naging problema dun sa deal na yun.

    Thanks na rin and will surely take caution sa mga deals na yan :)

  3. What a big disappointment! I really wish you could name where you bought it and the name of the shop/bakery or whatever it. They are misleading and fooling everyone with the so called deal.

  4. @gene of latebloomerblog...I'm sorry can't do it here though but if you want i could send it to your e-mail, just kindly write your email address here. Tnx!

  5. I think I know that bakeshop, they actually have a facebook account, and last I checked a lot have felt the same way.

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