Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Daddy's Day at Union Jack Tavern

 WE try as much as we could to get our family together, specially on Sunday, where we go to worship the Lord and thank Him for all the blessings we have now.   Father's Day, not only do we want to enjoy family time and thank our Daddy for all his hard work, toiling for the family's needs and giving all the support the kids need as they grow up and face life's little and big challenges.   It was also a time to thank our Father, in heaven, whom without Him, all this goodness would not be possible.

OH, how time flies, my husband has been a very good father for 15 years now.  Our babies have outgrown their mommy,  now we are preparing for my eldest son to enter college and his sister all determined to hone her artistic side, eventually according to her would turn out to be a nice business.  
 GOing back to our Father's  day celebration.   Thanks to a friend of us who gave us GC's to Union Jack's Tavern, we were able to have an unspoilt dinner.   At the end of our dinner, one of the crew gave him a token, a key chain, as shown above.   They are so sweet.    And after we gave our order, which really took us time asking each other what to have and a lot of asking, he was given a drink, on the house.   Of course, he made me try it first.   This light green shake has a strong taste of banana, a hint of orange, pineapple and milk.  It's a shake alright!  A refreshing one!

 ONce again, an incomparable experience, we went British this time.   The tavern theme was shouting in that place, two separate bars divided by the washroom  and working kitchen, wooden chairs and table, carriage wheels on the walls and United Kingdom flags everywhere.   Pictures are all scattered all over the walls, from sports, famous people down to amazing nature-inspired photos.   To add to the artistry and candid deeds, place mats are blown-up caricatures from old newspaper and comic characters.  If you don't care for the surroundings, well there are LCD TV's on such corners to watch sport games and what nots.  

 THe food, definitely English! 
BRitish cuisine tends to be heavy with starches. Fried foods dominate the palate, along with fish and vegetables.   Meat pies are common on their menu.   Typical in the British menu are which the Tavern have are , Bangers and Mash (mashed potatoes and sausages), Bangers are sausages in England. (The reason sausages were nicknamed bangers is that during wartime rationing they were so filled with water they often exploded when they were fried.)
Lancanshire Hot Pot
Stewed Lamb chops
topped with ultra creamy white mushrooms sauce,
garnished with corn and carrots and baked potatoes

Breaded Chicken Strips with baked beans and potato wedges

Shepherd's Pie
Minced lamb and gravy with carrots, celery and onions and a hint of rosemary
topped with mashed potato and cheddar cheese.
It's just too bad, we weren't able to check out Chicken Tikka Masala.  For it was mentioned that it is a popular dish in U.K., however it's an Indian dish.   We were there at 8 in the evening and they have reported that they were out of it and so as Chicken Skewers, all understood since it was Father's Day and for sure they had a lot of customers earlier.

THey have a mini grocery as well, where British kitchen staples can be bought.   Here one of the crew cared enough to post for a picture.   I love their outfit, not to vulgar but catchy on ones eyes.  The staffs look so cute as they paraded with all the good stuffs on the tavern!
After the substantial dinner!


  1. You should have also checked out the Union Jack's mini-grocery! They usually stock on such staples as self-rising flour and rapid-rising bread yeast. (The brand I usually get from them is Hovis; less expensive than the Fleischmann's sold in supermarkets but is equally effective.)

    Their food is also amazing; next time you go, I recommend their savory pies!

  2. That was a great post!


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