Friday, June 10, 2011

Phil Younghusband Endorses New VitPower

The RFM family is getting bigger as the Beverage group of RFM Corporation opened its doors to another member. No other than Philippine National Football Team power player Phil Younghusband is the newest endorser of Vitwater Power , the company’s popular energy drink brand.

RFM’s Brand Manager for Beverages, Cris Canaria said that the 23-year old British Filipino athlete embodies the distinct attributes of its popular energy drink Vitwater, also called as VitPower (abbreviation for the variant “Vitwater Power”).

“We are impressed with Phil’s relentless spirit to win.  He channels his energy to his passion, which is football, and to things that matter, like his family, friends, bringing pride to the country, and his zest for life,” shares Ms. Di Genove, Vitwater Brand Assistant.

Mr. Canaria claims that VitPower has higher contents of  Taurine, Inositol,             B vitamins and ginseng, making it the ideal refreshment for active individuals like Phil who need an immediate boost in their daily activities.

What’s more, the apple-flavored vitamin water has zero sugar and is low in calories, making it a better choice among on-the-go and health-conscious young professionals / call center agents of today.   Wow, now I have more options on what to get for my daughter's "baon" at school, cause she is a juvenile diabetic.

Phil said that he is “happy to be part of the RFM family” and hopes that he can help the company in further spreading the good benefits of VitPower among young achievers like him.

“I feel blessed that I get to endorse highly-esteemed brands like VitPower and I feel that I could contribute more to the brand. I am excited with the tours and activities that I will be doing with VitPower sometime this year. I hope that you guys would support,” said Phil who credits the product for its excellent taste and for giving him extreme energy in his daily activities, on and off the football field.

Better look out for Phil, as he will be going around the country with VitPower this year and he said he is excited to meet his supporters.

“I did a lot of interesting things with VitPower lately, activities that I find very challenging. I won’t forget the recent photo shoot that I did with the cool RFM Brand team.  They asked me to do various poses for the shoot, stunts that would test my energy to the extreme.  And I think I made it, thanks to VitPower,” he proudly narrates.

Watch out for videos of Phil’s VitPower challenge and other behind-the scenes on Facebook and Twitter.  

For more of Phil’s adventures with VitPower and his nationwide visits with the VitPower team, go to or follow at   For a chance to see Phil’s latest escapades, visit

Unless you have been living under a giant rock, then you must know Phil Younghusband.  This British-Filipino footballer made his way into our consciousness with his thick and fascinating accent, his disarming million-dollar smile and most importantly, his contribution to the growing success and popularity of the Philippine National Football team more popularly known as the Azkals.  Off the football field, he
has been making entertainment headlines because of his romantic pursuits as well as making the multimedia rounds—magazine covers, television appearances and billboards.  He is the power player and idol of today’s youth—good-looking, athletic, popular and almost still available.

But that’s just icing on top of the cake.  Take away all the media hype and what’s left is a grounded and disciplined 23-year-old young man driven by football, his love for his family and a desire to make a difference through the sport that he loves.  “My life really revolves around football,” he declares.  “Even when I am resting, I am still involved with football.”   When he’s not resting or captivating people with his boyish charms, Phil is most likely on training.  A typical training day for Phil and his teammates involves two hours of workout in the morning and then another two hours in the afternoon.  It is short yet intense and in between, he makes sure to rest and to take in the right kind of food and fluids.  Not surprisingly, Phil is the newest face of VitWater Power or Vitpower – a zero sugar,  low calorie, energy boosting drink—exactly the kind of energy drink that his very physical routine requires—earlier endorsed by another topnotch athlete, no less than Manny Pacquiao.

“We all have the capacity to develop our extreme power, we just need to strive harder everyday, keep ourselves busy and useful to  society,” explains the country’s latest sport idol who shares that his formula for success is simple – spending time with his family and friends, keeping himself physically fit, maintaining a positive disposition, and maintaining a balanced life.

Phil adds that proper hydration is likewise important not just for athletes like him but for individuals who are always on the go.   He encourages people who live an active lifestyle to be wise in their choice of drink.
“Some people are so busy that they forget about the amount of water that their body requires.  Some are not just fond of drinking water but you know, there is always a more fun, healthier way to enjoying water,” Phil asserts, pertaining to Vitwater, which he describes as “excellent tasting” and an “extremely good power booster.”

Most 23-year-olds plan on landing lucrative careers, building their own families or travelling around the world.  For this so-called celebrity athlete, the future is, all about football but it is not just about him and his career.  “It’s important to progress and not be satisfied with what I have now if I want more success for the Philippine team and success for the academy.  I want to sustain the popularity of football for a long, long time in the Philippines and not just for a few months.”   He is only in his early twenties but Phil knows a footballer’s career does not last for long, especially after 30.  That is why he is focusing his energies, not just on playing, but on honing the next generation of Filipino footballers.

Phil Younghusband was not born in the Philippines.  Nor does he look or speak Filipino.  Clearly, though, his heart is in this country and he is ready to take this nation to greater football heights.

If you have been living under a rock and have never heard of the rising football star named Phil Younghusband, then it’s about time you do.  It’s always good to learn from someone as extremely driven as Phil, someone who we can, you know, emulate.

It was June 7 when I attended VitWater's (also called VitPower) media presentation for RFM's new drink which is endorsed by nonetheless Phil Young husband.  We were treated to an hour or two of  power dances, games and more revelations from Phil.   Here are snapshots of my wonderful afternoon at 55 Events Place at Quezon City.

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