Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chef Ed Quimson at the Weekend Market Roadshow

   Gloomy as it was, yet the day would not dare get hotter than this cooking demo.   Once again San Miguel Corp. had pulled off a great spectacle of cooking skills, hefty samples from the company, adept viewers and a gustatory display of food, where else, at Mercato Centrale, at the BGC.

   No, it was not my first time, well, in a sense it was.   Me and my hubby have been there though it was during the night.  Yes, Midnight Mercato.   So sorry but I still do intend to post something about Midnight Mercato, the pictures are still sleeping at my disk, hehehe, need to kick my self to hustle up on my reviews.
   Going back to the smashing event.   Recipes from San Miguel Great Food Club kept on coming.   Now I have more options on my kitchen's menu.   It is so much better attending workshops, cause you not only get a hint of the skillfulness of the chefs and the cooks involved, you get firsthand the whys and hows of the processes in the recipes.   Plus,  crowd-pleasers are everywhere!  When I mean crowd-pleasers I meant, not the mascots, but the staff who roams around bringing samples of angus burgers, German Franks, Chicken Barbecues, Pork Barbecues and the exotically, delish "Isaw" from Hungry Juan.
   This time around four riveting recipes where introduced and mustered by nonetheless Chef Ed Quimson of Tres Cuisine.   Known for his Spanish-Filipino Fusion, this amusing and flirtatious one heck of a big guy, made the steamy tent of Mercato sizzled more.    Making himself more interesting to watch, specially in cooking.  
   Here,  Chef Ed asked a viewer (Tita Marikit)  to help him demonstrate French Pork chops Stuffed With Mushroom Duxelles.  I'm sure everyone had so much fun watching the two make the dish in savoir-faire
   Drum rolls....tsan tsararan!  Here are the contestants, weehh, no these yummies are not in a contest, but these were raffled off to the most blessed viewers.  

   To win or even get these, one should be around when claiming time was opened.  Too bad I wasn't so blessed that day, oh not!   To be honest I am more than blessed.   Being there was a blessing, and even blogging about it is more than a blessing, should I say.   And to add to it,  I went home not only tummy-filled but also arm-filled , of premium goods from San Miguel.   Thanks a lot SMC, may I also take this opportunity to thank Ms. Babes Dimalanta and Ms. Marikit Figueras for the opus oppurtunity!
I'm sure SMC Great Food Club will be perking up more activities in the future, so, stay updated, and my blog will be always accommodating and pleasantly inviting my readers and followers for more of such.
NTBN:     I will be posting the recipes one by one on my recipe blog site, My Humble Kitchen.
Let me also invite you to join San Miguel Great Food Club,to do so kindly visit:


  1. You know I'm really surprised to know that you've been to all these food and cooking festivals and yet you still maintain your figure. I won't be asking your secret. I just know that you're simply blessed. Wish I had the same blessing too, hahaha!

    Flirtatious chef, hahaha! Nice one! I think a guy who can cook well makes a good impression to girls... Husband-material kasi at mauutusan ni misis sa kusina! LOL!

  2. @ Mr. Tripster
    Well, I am a foodie not a glutton, hahaha. I'll take the compliment of telling me I still have a nice figure!
    I don't have secrets when it comes to eating, I take pleasure in tasting and looking at food in an artistic manner, coz I also cook and bake, it is just that i suck in design.
    It is also a matter of what is best for my health and my limitations when comes to food.
    I'm sure you are blessed as well.
    Tnx, tnx!


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