Monday, December 18, 2017

Cheap and Hassle-free Gifting

Sometimes giving a great gift means thinking outside of the box—literally. Stop thinking about what you can give them and start thinking about things you can give them that will enhance what they already have. For most people, a solid gift is something that won’t clutter up their home or can be used in multiples ways something that need not be expensive but are practical and useful.

Christmas is just around the corner, and maybe many are still like me, someone having a terrible time searching for gifts for colleagues and loved-ones.  We can not omit the fact that there are 

Someone once said that "The manner of giving is worth more than the gift."  So keep on finding that special someone his or her gift. Don't think about the price, nor if it'll be liked.

If you still can't decide, let me give you some ideas.  

Above are just some of the objects given to me as a gift.  Customised gifts are no-brainers, they make a well-thought-of gift but does not cost that much, whether it be mugs, drawstring bags, pouch or anything you can put names on or quotes or even hugot lines, making it more meaningful and memorable.   Can I suggest printed shirts with Biblical verses?

For your coffee-loving friends, why not give locally grown, single origin coffee beans or (grounded).  Another great item to give is KeepCup reusable coffee cup.  It's a global brand that keeps up with sustainability campaign, perfect for your environment-loving friends.

Why Keep Cup?

It's a product from Australia said to be made for baristas.  These are not only cute and color-customizable, they are not easily breakable, even the glass one.  You can either build your own design with either plastic BPA-free or glass-tempered one.

It's best with hot coffee as it comes with a hard lid and a plug that seals, to keep your coffee hot longer.  It is also spill-proof and has a thermal non-slip band.

To know more about #keepcup, search and follow @Cuppinginitiative in Facebook and Instgram.

Have you also heard about Uashmama paper bags?

Pronounced as "wash mama," it's a versatile product from Italy distributed by three Filipina friends.  These are multi-use bags made from paper, however, they are washable and comes in a variety of design and color.

Primarily used as bread containers in Italy, these can also be used to organize stuff anywhere at home and in the office.

Visit to order online.

My three girls have already received their gifts.  Teens and millennials swoon over these make up collection from Colourpop and Kylie.

Check them out here.

Make your own gift.


Make healthy granola and put them in fancy jars.

You can buy your jars at AllHome and at My Mother's Cupboard.

Get the recipe of Easy to Make Granola here.

And yet another easy-to-make gift are chocolate barks.

Above are white chocolate barks studded with fruity rice pops.

Check out how to make them here.

The best gifts are the ones framed with love, so let's keep on giving and loving this Christmas.

Have the Merriest Christmas!


  1. Wow. True po ate joy. Hindi naman sa kung ano ang ibbigay mo sa tao, kelangan bukal sa kalooban mo ang pagbbigay and of it comes from the heart super sarap sa feeling. Dapat everyday is Christmas dba po.

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