Friday, October 13, 2017

Saboten Means Perfect 10 Katsu for My Family

One gleeful Sunday - not like any other Sundays, a Sunday we would rarely have, as my daughter, Danielle went with us to attend church service at New Life the Fort.  Before we went to hear more good news about the Lord, we went to Saboten.  

Here are a few reasons why we decided to dine here for the nth time, this too after having found out that Stella is no more.  For five years of indulging us with soul food, they bid farewell and is embarking on a new concept, still under Raintree Restaurants group.

You would imagine my kids telling me off about how far we walked from BGC HS Central to Serendra which, well, made us all famished. Knowing how huge the serving in Saboten (as we have been here so many times), and being close to Market Market where our church is, Saboten was .my husband's choice.

Another reason is that my kids have been wanting Japanese food again (and again) and that our Ate Danielle has not yet tried this resto.

She was so happy to finally see Japanese Curry Rice up close and real, as she would get curious reading about it and seeing it in anime otaku series.

My kids know my curry dish and we have had many different versions of it at home, but never a Japanese-style.  I guess this was pretty special for her.

She had the Curry Loin Set.  According to my daughter, Japanese curry sauce is a mild version, which meant less spicy than the Indian and Thai varieties which I use to make the dish at home.

I've tasted Japanese curry before, it used to be the only restaurant who focused on serving the latter.  Sadly, that resto also said bye bye.

Also, unlike other known curry dishes, this version does not have coconut milk.  The sauce is made up of "probably" a roux (butter/oil and flour) and some kind of stock (chicken, beef, veal) to simmer and deepen the flavor with Japanese curry powder or paste is added.  To make it fancier, pork cutlet is served with it.

My other daughter, Danica had Mille Feuille Katsu, a mix of three different #Katsufied portions of meat, the pork mille feuille, shrimp and crab cream croquette.

My daughter was fascinated with how thin layers of meat rolled and was fried together and she said it was flavorful.

 With a huge serving, the 11-year old girl did not finish her katsu plus a bowl of steamed rice, she said she really loved the crunchy-outside yet juicy inside experience in every bite, but her tummy could not handle the heavy plate.

The man of the house, the one who insisted on having our meal here was equally satisfied with his Grated Radish Tenderloin Set.  I was happy and surprised at the same time, as I could not imagine him eating a fresh radish but he did like this version of katsu.

Lastly, with all the different ways katsu was served, I ended up having mine on a clay pot. I love that the Claypot holds all the elements of this dish that makes it special.  The katsu is partly submergedin a sauce of melded velutinous egg and some kind of sweetish sauce it was heaven.  It was served with rice on the side.  The good thing about your saucy meal on a clay pot is that your every bite is consistently hot, but the katsu stayed crunchy on its outer layer and juicy inside.

Saboten took katsu-eating habit to a cut above the rest with its ingenious ways of serving the best katsu in town, add to that its affordability, good quality restaurant service and perfect ambiance either for a date or a family eat out.


Address: G/F, Serendra,
                Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Saboten Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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  1. Wow!This was excellent! I made it for dinner tonight as in needed something quick and cool.


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