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Hair Truths and Balayage Hairstyle at Arte Manila

At 40 I'm still learning new things, especially that times change so fast and trends just come and go. I'm not really into fashion or beauty, (thinking twice) or maybe I am, but I've not been vocal about it since I am too preoccupied with my family and my blogging.
When we talk about beauty trends, what you'll hear are the new make up brands or hair colors in the market, hence, I'm giving my self something new, that each time I look in the mirror I can dare say that I was brave enough to try something wild and  something that is getting raves in Hollywood.

By the time I get to the middle of this article I'm sure you've percolated a lot of questions in your mind already.  

After posting the picture of my new hair color, the first one which was red, a lot have been asking why the sudden change in color and striking at that.

So let me answer that first.  

To be honest, it wasn't my intention to come home with these red locks.  When I got to Arte Manila Salon, they asked me what I want to color my hair with.   I chose ash blonde or something like gray.

Hair Fashion had gone new heights and I was so surprised to see the color I chose was on top of the list.  My hair was worn out brown from the ends and black originally so it took them a while to figure out how they could manage to transform my hair into my desire.

They even asked if I want a balayage hair color.  I was clueless about what that meant, so I just said yes, anyway, it sounded classy and "French" so I thought it might be a good idea.  But, I didn't realize they really meant to achieve the color I chose, so yes #Customer_is_King at Arte Manila Salon.

So, how then did I end up with a red hair...

Before I answer that, let's look at the word Balayage first.

According to Honey, hairstylist extraordinaire of Arte Manila, many have been mistaken about a certain hairstyle being crazed in the social media. I remembered swooning over this IG account about their hairstyle creation and seeing beauty bloggers having their hair done in this ultra chic hairstyle with the hair colors looked liked it was perfectly combed over.

Many salons and hairstylists have mistaken this for highlights or ombre style. As many repressed ladies dying-over, this style had been misrepresented ending up stepping out of the salon disappointed and worse wrought.

What is Balayage?

According to Marie Claire, the term Balayage is a French word pronounced as "bah-lee-AHZGE", which means to sweep or to paint.  Just like what Honey told me, it is a technique, a coloring technique that assures a blended natural look, limiting obvious regrowth lines.

It's a multi-tonal finish best applied on blonde hairs but can also work with dark colored hair, but a rigorous process had to be considered. The technique uses patches of light and shade to create multiple dimensions to the color.

How is balayage applied?

This technique is like painting over some streaks of hair.

Balayage is painted on the surface of the hair strand and not saturated through the section until the very tips. This ensures a smooth, blended stroke of color.

Think of it this way, your hair becomes's the "hair artist's canvass" and with the brush, he or she painstakingly make segments and color the ends of the hair.  The application can be uniform or certain patterns must be taken note of.

For blonde hair, coloring can be easier but for dark-colored ones like us Asians, the hair has to be treated with bleach to lighten the hair color, therefore allowing the colors to work well with the hair.

In my case, I hade two sessions.  My first day was to have my hair bleached, then colored, then treated with #KeraPower to help the hair recover from the drastic impact of the bleach.  Since having a bleached hair wouldn't be convenient for me, the hair artist thought of a more clever way, she added purple tints to my hair treatment.  

So that answers your question of how I got a red hair.

After four days, I went back again to Arte Manila Salon and they had my hair bleached again and recolored, this time with the desired hair colorant which smelt really good.

How long does it take to do balayage?

It depends on the depth of the colors you want to achieve or even the layers of hair you want to be colored, also the length and thickness of hair have to be considered as well.

As I've mentioned it took me 6 hours for the for each day, that excludes the haircut and hairstyling after the color application and treatment.  The same in my second session with them.  So as not to waste precious work time, you can just bring your work there (if applicable) as they do have a reliable wifi.

What's to like about Balayage?

Having your hair done with this technique means, you are unique and it would be hard to find someone with the exact hairstyle as you do.  You can play with all sorts of colors to match your style.

Also, Arte Manila uses commercially tested hair colors and other materials that are not harmful to our hair and even skin.  The staff is very caring and they are trained professionals, some of them have been with previous salons that give good services too.

Since I had the Kerapower treatment, my hair is tangle-free always and are soft and silky to the touch.

What sets Balayage apart from ombre?

Balayage is a totally blended hair look, there are no lines or blocks of color and the gradation between shades is much more subtle. Some lengths of the hair are kept darker for a seamless color finish.

Ombre hair has a more defined contrast between the roots and tips of the hair with color starting mid-way down the strands. Ombre color is a more noticeable, statement look compared to Balayage.

How much is it?

You need to consult with their hair artist first to see how they are going to work with your hair.  Some elements they need to consider when pricing is the length of hair, thickness, quality and if the hair had been colored or not.

It also depends on the kind of Balayage you want to be achieved. check online for inspirations.  You can either have the whispy time or the full balayage like mine.

For more style inspiration you can check out The Wig Mall's article at

For my hair, the cost is P 4500.  

Where is Arte Manila?

Arte Manila is located at 2nd Floor Lorna’s Bldg. CAA Road Pulang Lupa Dos las pinas city
Las Piñas.

You can call them at 0995 653 7083 (For Globe) or at  0908-9097280 (For Smart).

They now have lots of packages perfect for that makeover in time for Christmas parties and New Year look.


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