Saturday, September 30, 2017

At the Mothers Who Brunch Affair: Because Moms Like Me Need a Break

Lovely photo of the attendees, photo credit from MWB
Motherhood is wonderful and magical yet awful and hard. But when you’re feeling all of the awful and hard and none of the wonder and magic, don't you think It’s time to take a break. Actually, it’s past time. You are right in feeling spent because that’s exactly what you are.

Was there a day when you start the mental countdown to bedtime before your first cup of coffee?  It's a sign, one of the many, that you are spent and you needed to find a little bit of pleasure with others other than your family.

If you can't seem to get your focus on and game-face isn't working either, by all means, Mom - have a break!

Mommy breaks can be a 10-minute escape to a regular once a week habit, or once in a month (but has to be counted in days.).  I don't have the luxury of having an hour break a day, but glad my husband and I was able to fly to Kalibo and onto Boracay last month for that much-coveted break from the kids and the household.

Not long after that weekend, I was back to my daily grind and for some reason, my work doubled and our home became stress-stuffed, as one of our dogs was about to give birth to another batch of litter.  Felt the knots on my back and shoulders and my hands looked more prune-y than ever.  I turned to gardening to relieve some stress, but it seemed that it added to my workload and now the signs have shown up that I'm totally spent.

So I heeded and said yes to my inner voice, and what timing when I received an invitation from my favorite cooking besties, the kitchen divas behind Mothers Who Brunch - Mish and Sab.

Both Mish and Sab are moms who take delight in creating delicious moments in their own kitchen and in somebody elses' kitchen.  Despite mommy duties, they also tend to their own blogs.

The pretty amazing moms behind Mothers Who Brunch

Mish Aventajado shares her family stories and recipes at Momma n' Manila while Sabrina Cristobal-Go ardently shares her recipes on her blog Sinfully Sabrina.  I love it when like-minded mommies join their wits together and come up with something spectacular, mostly when it's for moms.

Mothers Who Brunch have been around for years already and had opened up friendship within a clique of mom bloggers who share the same interest - love for food, family and "me-time." The two have always been great hosts to their events, I should know, I've been to three of their awesome events for moms and foodies.
Mothers Who Brunch
Facebook: https://www.facebook .com/MothersWhoBrunch/
Instagram: @motherswhobrunch

The last Mothers Who Brunch was held at the sassy 81 Cafe and Bistro at the Madison Galleries in Alabang Hills.

I couldn't tell what happened first but I knew they did a demo on how to make Frose which I missed (sigh).

It was an instant favorite, as it was refreshing and perfect to banish the stress brought about by the terrible traffic that caused me to come late.  Good thing Sab shared the procedure on her Facebook page.

81 Cafe and Bistro (and Madison Galleries) is one of those hidden gems in the South.  If you needed a good meal on a venue that isn't too crowded or noisy, this is the place, plus its  right smack in front a beautiful red brick church.

Will allocate a separate post for the cafe as their food is really top notch and worth writing about, and ought to be discovered by many foodies.

The theme this time around was "Gather, Inspire, Feast."  It wasn't only a quick escape we had from our mom lives (as if we truly could), it was also an opportunity to meet other moms and learn a thing or two about how they cope up with mothering and how they take time for breaks.

What can I say, they really stuffed us up, as we can't help to have bites after bites of their Filipino-type of tapas.

81 Cafe and Bistro
Instagram: @81eats

The gathering was made more special with beautifully arranged florals from Flowers by Yumi and Orly.PH

Aside from 81 Cafe and Bistro, we also checked out another spiffy place in Madison Galleries, just a few steps away from the resto- Coco Nail Studio.

I was totally envious of the moms I was with.  The invitation came with a friendly reminder - "please hold off your manicure and pedicure session as we are treating you to one."

Well, I did, it's just that I couldn't join them that day cause our dog was left at the hospital, however, it still took him a few more days to pop out.

I was envious because this seals that utterly relaxing mommy break. The relaxing studio was hidden way at the back where there are cozy sofas with throw pillows you can just bury yourself in.

Coco Nail Studio's interior is my kind of design.  It has that classy, clutter-free design scheme with light gray to white hues.  I've heard that they offer a one of kind service that makes clients go back for, plus they only use quality products that do not harm even the youngest of their guests, and brands like Orly Philippines, you can't go wrong choosing them to take care your nails.

Coco Nails
Facebook: https://www.facebook .com/coconailstudiomadisongale ries/
Instagram: @coconailstudio

Photo credit from MWB

Especially now that Orly offers breathable polishes in 18 beautiful shades (USA and Germany).

They are 10-free and have a permeable formula which allows better adhesion and less chipping. Your nails won't only look good but Orly also cares for your nails without the need for a base coat. They contain argan oil, pro-vitamin B5, and vitamin C. This one does not really require having a top coat, thanks to the no-chip formula.

When you say 10-free, it refers to the non-toxic nail polishes that are free of all toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, triphenyl phosphate and parabens, and they also tout a lack of animal ingredients and/or fragrance.

To know more about their products and promotions check their Facebook page.

Orly Philippines
Instagram: @orlyph

Lastly, thanks to Flowers by Yumi, I came home like I was on my first date with a large fully-bloomed red rose.  Flowers by Yumi is a Japanese-inspired flower arrangement.  Do give their store a visit at The Bellevue Business Center, North Bridgeway Alabang.

Flowers by Yumi
Instagram: @flowersbyyumi
I have always been a follower of team MWB, and their guests, you should too as you'll definitely get enough inspirations in motherhood and learning the art of sharing your life passions.

Attendees of the MWB at 81 Cafe and Bistro


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