Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club

If you think MOA complex is just all fun, shopping and eating, think again.  There's an addition within the area that caters to the more upscale lifestyle.  A lifestyle where play is essential as much as work, and where play means exceptional wellness experience.

We all know how city living can really take a toll on our well-being. The stress from school or work, compounded by your daily drive can leave muscles knotted and your mind out of focus. It is important to find the time to recharge and pamper yourself with a wellness experience that is unlike any other. 

Here is the answer to that, Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club. A place where members can enjoy a leisurely day, indulging in wellness activities in luxurious, relaxing and contemporary surroundings.

What Does the Marina Bay Offer?

The club offers a complete array of holistic services for the mind, body, and spirit. These include pampering and de-stressing treatments such as hot and cold baths, sauna and steam room, and a heated floor, all designed to complement healing and relaxing therapies offered by trained spa specialists. There are 20 private massage rooms which can accommodate only one person per room for guests to enjoy therapeutic massages like the Marina Signature Massage and the Crystal Chakra Healing Touch that use oils and scrubs made from the finest organic products.

Those who want to decompress can also stay at the sumptuously designed relaxing lounge a spacious and quiet area that resembles a mini-theatre complete with LED TV monitors. This space, equipped with ultra-comfortable relaxing chairs is best for lounging or sleeping before or after getting a massage.

Guests can also admire rooftop view of majestic Manila Bay from the infinity pool as they soak their stress away while getting a massage, watching the sunset or sipping specialty drinks from the sunset pool bar.

For members who opt for more vigorous activities in order to decompress, Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club offers a well-equipped fitness gym with the latest exercise equipment coupled with a sweeping view of the bay and a wellness studio that holds a variety of classes including TRX, Cardio Box, Boot Camp, Yoga, and Pilates.

Guests who want to go all out on the fun factor can check out the KTV Room for a musical respite, or the gaming room for a rousing round of billiards. The lifestyle club also accommodates groups, with a conference room that can comfortably seat 10 for a meeting, or the roof deck lounge that can be booked for private parties to celebrate special milestones.

There are also foot spas and a salon where guests can avail of manicure and pedicure services

Membership Types

Membership at Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club provides members with full access and discounts to the spa, fitness, entertainment and dining facilities (relaxing area, mini-theatre, heated floor, cold and hot bath, sauna and steam room, dining/buffet, gym, fitness, studio and infinity pool).

The club's professional and well-trained staff assures guests of personalized service. Whatever your age or fitness level, they will assess your health and wellness needs and develop a program just for you.

Here are different membership packages:

*Pearl - P90,000.000 (with P15,000.00 worth of spa vouchers, 10% off on all spa services, valid for one year)

*Shell - P60,000.00 (P7,500.00 worth of spa vouchers, 10% off on all spa services, valid for 6 months)

*Coral/Corporate - P270,000.00 (P45,000.00 worth of spa vouchers, 10% off on all spa services, valid for one year)

The club is also open to walk-in guests.

Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club, which is a brad under the Vikings Group, aims to provide a distinct holistic experience through carefully crafted treatments and superior facilities to fully cater to the client's wellness, recreation, entertainment and fitness needs.

Marina Bay Spa

Address:  Esplanade Seaside Terminal,
                Seaside Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex,
                Pasay City

Tel. nos. : 0977.831.2888
: 0920.976.8888
Website : www.marinabayspa.com
FB/IG :  Marina Bay Spa


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