Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Simplest Pink Birthday Party

 My baby is now 8.  Last May 5, the girls planned a mini-party.   They have been wanting to swim and bask more in the sun, but due to the many things we need to consider, and one is budget, we had to set the idea aside for a while.   I'm just so blessed with kids who don't throw tantrums if their wants would not be met.  
One time the three cousins, Dana, Jaeda and Danica, were talking to each other about their dream birthday parties.  Danica will be 7 on September, she knows all our options and she liked each one of them.    Jaeda on the other hand had hers last April but still boasted of a future Hawaiian themed party in Boracay.   Whilst Dana said, I don't need to have a party.   I'm already 8 and mommy and daddy should not spend much because we need money for school.   I'll just ask her to buy me more books.   But the two were not satisfied, telling her to have a pink party with their Barbies and "stuffies".    I'm more of thinking like a tea party is what Danica tried to tell her.   
So on her day, I asked her what she would like to have on that day.   She didn't mention any.   But I know there is something in her mind but was kind enough not to ask it.   I don't know, we moms can tell what might be on their mind.   So I rushed off to the top floor, swept the fallen dried leaves on the floor, arranged the potted plants and thought of ways to decorate the whole area.   We bought pink colored papers, cut them and made pinwheels and cutesy paper cut-outs.

It was a party planned just in the nick of time.   For our princess to enjoy her birthday, with a life as a gift from God.  With all the pains she literally undergo everyday of her life and surviving each day is such a wonderful blessing to our family.  
So enjoy the pictures, they are what the girls might have envisioned it and eventually had,  without putting too much effort and money on it.
Pink and white gummy candies and strawberry flavored jelly beans on empty honey jars
Pink Soda, it's only Sprite with gel food color in Rosso (Gourdo's)
Fight heat with colored ice candies
What's a birthday party without the cakes.   Forgive me but my powers weren't enough to bake her cakes plus the party was just a spur of the moment, so we had to use necessary sources. 
Goldilocks Strawberry cream in 6"in round,  Sophie's Mom  famous Cupcakes
So we hurriedly went to Mega mall to check out cakes from Goldilocks and at that time Sophie's Mom's Bakeshop had their cupcakes on a 10 % discount.  We bought ice cream with three flavors, Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry from Selecta. 
You see all she wanted was to have even for a short time normal kids have as snacks, candies and more sweet treats, which however is not allowed for her to take even in moderation.   
No she didn't  consume a lot, and yes she tried everything in small and counted quantities.   And that for her was enjoyable enough.

 Wouldn't that be an amazing simple, very affordable  but fun intimate party?   Everyone in the family contributed something just to make this happen, and we are all contented we all did it.   The smile and the laughter on that day is more than enough to give them even more as they too share their joy and love.
And the Lord speaks His promises.   While they were playing, we all noticed the rainbow on the east side of the sky, which for me is a sign that healing is already at work and we just all need to have faith in Him and rely in His promises.   

2 Peter 1:4
And because of his glory and excellence, he has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to share his divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires.

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  1. You are so an artistic Mom, Ms. Joy! Pink is my favorite color eversince. You made those simple party, fabulous and elegant!

    Jinkee Umali

  2. I love at home birthday parties. good job Ms.Joy!

  3. so pretty in PINK :-) Happy birthday beautiful :-) Dropping by from PF


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