Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom, now you can freely say… “Go out and play!”

My husband and I were having cold glasses of iced tea when his sight were directed to my daughters who were zombified by computer games on our laptops.   He asked me if I ever miss my childhood times.  Growing up in the ‘80s, we both  remember how much fun we  had playing outdoors with our friends and neighbors, especially during summer. He would bike around our village, I  would play patintero or piko, or hang out at the neighborhood park. It was an idyllic childhood.
And now, as a Mom of a two girls,  a 6-year-old and 8-year-old, I did somehow  wish that my children could spend more time outdoors just like I did. Aside from the fun of the great outdoors, I’ve read from experts that outdoor play can help stimulate children’s emotional, social and physical development[i].
But, I fear that exposure to the sun when outdoors can bring about various skin discomforts on my Dana and Danica like rashes and irritation, malodor and stickiness. Having less safe areas where my  kids can play is also a big concern. Because of these, I’m guilty of one thing – limiting my kids’ outdoor playtime.
I’m sure I am not alone. Many of today’s Moms feel the same way and that’s why JOHNSON’S®, the country’s number one baby care brand trusted by generations, presents a new advocacy campaign to help Moms confidently send their active, growing kids for outdoor play – JOHNSON’S® Play Days.
This summer 2012, JOHNSON’S® Play Days introduces three product platforms that are best for active, growing kids who want to play outdoors:
  1. No Bungang Araw
  2. Walang Lagkit Feeling
  3. No Amoy-Araw

Aside from the products, JOHNSON’S® also brings to Moms and kids the country’s first and only travelling playground that will visit Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to provide kids a fun and secure place to play in throughout summer.
There are still thousands of kids out there who have yet to experience the joy of outdoor play. But with JOHNSON’S® Play Days, more Moms can now freely tell their kids to … “Go out and play!”


As the number 1 brand  trusted by generations of Filipino moms in caring for their babies, JOHNSON’S® extends more help to moms of more active, growing kids as it launches its new advocacy campaign, JOHNSON’S® Play Days, this summer 2012.
JOHNSON’S® Play Days addresses the concerns of moms through three complete product platforms best for active, growing kids:
  1. No Bungang Araw
  2. Walang Lagkit Feeling
  3. No Amoy-Araw.
Sa alagang JOHNSON’S®, Laro Buong Araw!


Every Single Filipino Kid Can Experience Prickly Heat/Bungang-Araw
Did you know that 4 out of 10 kids have prickly heat right this very moment? What’s worse is that 10 out of 10 kids can have prickly heat, especially during summer here in the Philippines. Indeed, prickly heat is the top skin concern of moms on their kids.[1]

Prickly Heat is Due to Excessive Sweating
Prickly heat occurs when the body’s sweat glands become blocked. Excessive sweating can cause sweat to become trapped beneath the skin making it easier for dead skin cells and bacteria to collect in your sweat glands. If your sweat glands become blocked, sweat will be trapped underneath your skin in tiny swollen pockets. It will also seep into the nearby tissue and irritate your skin. When the pockets burst and release sweat, it causes a stinging and prickling sensation.[2]

Prevent Prickly Heat Now  
To prevent prickly heat, use JOHNSON’S® Baby Skin Protection Powder on your kid before play. It has zinc oxide that’s a proven anti-bacterial agent and magnesium steareate that repels wetness. With this unique formulation, it helps fight rashes and prevents them from coming back.

JOHNSON’S® Baby Skin Protection Powder Price List 
JOHNSON’S® Baby Skin Protection Powder 25g
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Skin Protection Powder 50g
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Skin Protection Powder 100g
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Skin Protection Powder 200g


Hot, Hot, Hot Summer 2012
PAGASA forecasts that temperatures might reach as high as 36 degrees Celsius this summer. In line with this, the Department of Health (DOH) cautions the public to take extra precaution against conditions like heat stroke caused by hot temperature. [3]

For kids who love to play outdoors, hot is not necessarily “cool”. 

Stay Cool this Summer
Good news because JOHNSON’S® introduces its Walang Lagkit Feeling Range featuring the following products:
  • JOHNSON’S®  Baby Cooling Bath with honeysuckle
  • JOHNSON’S®  Baby Cooling Powder with honeysuckle that cools the skin in less than 1 minute
  • JOHNSON’S®  Baby Tumble Cologne with a with a refreshing fragrance that gives an energizing after-bath feeling

Price List 
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Cooling Bath 200ml
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Cooling Bath 1000ml
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Cooling Powder 50g
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Cooling Powder 100g
NEW! JOHNSON’S®  Baby Cooling Powder 500g
LIMITED EDITION! JOHNSON’S®  Baby Cologne Tumble 125ml


Because it’s More than Just a Reflection of Good Hygiene
One clear sign that your child is no longer a Baby is when he starts to smell more like an adult. This is especially true when he’s out playing in the sun, hence the popular term “amoy-araw”! As a mom, you want your kid always smelling clean and fresh, not just as a reflection of good hygiene, but also as a reflection of your care.  

Say No to Amoy-Araw
JOHNSON’S® introduces its No Amoy Araw Range featuring the following products to keep your kid smelling fresh:
  • JOHNSON’S®  Baby Slide & Bounce Cologne with a sweet and fruity fragrance
  • JOHNSON’S®  Baby Summer Peach Bath with Vitamin E and the natural essence of Peach Leaf
  • JOHNSON’S®  Baby Pink Blossoms Powder with long-lasting fragrance

Price List 
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Cologne Slide 25ml
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Cologne Slide 50ml
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Cologne Slide 125ml
LIMITED EDITION! JOHNSON’S®  Baby Cologne Bounce 125ml
LIMITED EDITION! JOHNSON’S®  Baby Summer Peach Bath 200ml
LIMITED EDITION! JOHNSON’S®  Baby Summer Peach Bath 1000ml
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Pink Blossoms Powder 25g
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Pink Blossoms Powder 50g
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Pink Blossoms Powder 100g
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Pink Blossoms Powder 200g
JOHNSON’S®  Baby Pink Blossoms Powder 300g


 Sun’s harmful UV rays are everywhere, even indoors!
Did you know that even when your child is fully clothed or indoors, as much as 70% of the sun’s harmful UV rays can still penetrate and harm his skin? That is why your child needs special protection made for his sensitive skin.   Introducing new JOHNSON’S® Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion, a first from JOHNSON’S®  -- protects children’s skin from the sun even when mom thinks she’s got it all covered.
A Child’s sensitive skin can be an easy target of UV rays
Your child’s skin is still developing so it is not yet fully capable of protecting him against environmental stresses like the sun’s harsh rays. It also has less melanin, which acts as natural protection against UV rays, making him more susceptible to sun damage. While his skin might not be showing signs of sun damage now, excessive sun exposure can build up over time and can result in wrinkles, sunspots, and even melanoma, a type of skin cancer.
Complete your Play Days with Gentle & Effective Sun Protection
JOHNSON’S® Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion contains special ingredients that can block as much as 90% of the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays, offering wide sun protection. Its Clinically-Proven Mild® formula is light and non-greasy, making it safe and comfortable for everyday use.
Grab a bottle of JOHNSON’S® Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion in Mercury Drug, Baby Company, Watsons and selected supermarkets near you. It is available in SPF 15 100ml and SPF 30 50ml with Suggested Retail Price of PHP230.00 and PHP215.00 respectively.
To know more about JOHNSON’S® Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion, visit: 


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