Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Khop a Nosh as We Bid April Farewell

"Now the bright morning-star, Day’s harbinger,
Comes dancing from the East, and leads with her
The flowery May, who from her green lap throws
The yellow cowslip and the pale primrose.
Hail, bounteous May, that dost inspire
Mirth, and youth, and warm desire!
Woods and groves are of thy dressing;
Hill and dale doth boast thy blessing.
Thus we salute thee with our early song,
And welcome thee, and wish thee long."
-  John Milton, Song on a May Morning, 1660  

Spring has sprang in other parts of the world,  we however feel that summer's wave is still  abound, but the pleasures the month of May bring is seeming.  The blossoms in the garden, the fruits of summer trees and the endless beach tours fuel us, as we bid goodbye to April and embrace the coming of May.  
This however is my farewell post for the month of April.   I have collated April's best and yet to be discovered in foodie out-takings!  It kills me seeing this photos sitting, waiting on my files. 
Just consider this post as the first-timer's Food Porn series.

Here are some restaurants we had tried over the month, some kind of discovery for us, but had given us supreme delight.   I'm sure just by looking at this photos, I hope it could give you some part of it.

1.  Mister Kabab at BlueWave, Macapagal Highway, Pasay City
 (Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Cuisine) 
Facade of the resto
Grub Chops  at Mister Kabab 

2.  Phat Wong

Grub Chops at Phat Wong
Indonesian Milk Tea
Sorry about not giving enough justice to these pictures...hope you don't rate me as a poor food blogger, I promise to share everything as according to had transpired in the dinners we had at this restaurants.   Will try to give a lot of info about them as well  but will do these in a few days.  
3.  Ryuma Japanese Restaurant, Sta.  Rosa, Laguna (our third visit)

Grub Chops at Ryuma

Food choices are endless and really authentic Japanese dishes to entice every senses.   Free fruit desserts and ice cream. 
3.  Buffalo's Wings n' Things, Quezon City

 Grub Chops from Buffalo's Wings n' Things

5.  Ramen Cool,  Kapitolyo, Pasig
A modern touch at Japanese interiors, but with the same traditional taste of Japanese Ramen.

6.  Yabu, SM Megamall
Serves one of the best Katsus in town!

Cute walls, looked liked enlarged pages of comic books.
Grub Chops  at Yabu

I hope I didn't give you the inkling  that I have been a bit  lazy writing about them.   Promise will do a review on each and hoping I could go back to each one and not just remember how it felt but indulge on them some more.


  1. Your food adventure are awesome! Next time you visit phat wong try their tocino bbq ribs :)

  2. Ang sarap ng food nakakagutom, I love mutton kebab :)

  3. Ms Joy!!! I love your matching tank tops! Yabu is sooo yummy!!! And the Angus Beef too~ Hihihi!

  4. Hi Miss Joy! I've been to Mister Kebab along West Ave. I don't know though if it is the same franchise as the one you've been to but they have super good food as well. I've also tried YABU and loved it!!! The ambiance and cool wallpaper sure is something as well eh!

  5. Where is your like button?

  6. You have a great page Joy, I have followed you and keep posting.

    And those yummy food, kakatakam tlaga!

    God Bless!


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