Thursday, May 3, 2012

MYP's Nutella Ferrero Chocolate Cake and More

Let me just  quote  Margaret Anderson, "Life for me has been exactly what I thought it would be, a cake, which I have eaten and had too."  

We would sometime say that life is a box of chocolate,  that you never know what you're gonna get (quote from the movie Forrest Gumpp),  where a person's life is likened to a box with chocolates of different flavors, but times had evolved, you can choose to have a box with the same flavors and you know what to get after.   
A cake maybe just a cake, eaten to sweeten a bitter day, or to highlight a special occasion.  For me it's a whole lot of emotions, perspective  and all, but for bakers, they are works of passion and of one's artistry.   For Chef Anna Marin Chua, of My Pink Wasabi, it's her ingenious way of making people special, a love from her oven.

A cake may mean differently to many or to an occasion.  In a wedding, it is symbolic,  as the first task the newlyweds execute together - the groom will feed the bride her first bite and then the bride will feed the groom a bite. This tradition signifies the commitment of the bride and groom to provide for one another.
For a birthday celebrant,  blowing candles on their cakes  means that their lives are blessings and they fell every inch of love and each stain of happiness.

And these cakes that I have recently ordered from Chef Anna sums it all up!  Every single thrust of your knife to these wonderful cake and pastry creations instantly brings heaven into a bite.   
Picture from My Pink Wasabi FB page
 This cake, Nutella Ferrero Chocolate Cake is a surprise one.   This is for me and my daughter's birthday last March.  I know, this has been another long overdue post.  You see, I ordered a cake, I didn't give her any details just told her anything that a teen would love.   I guess we really are from the same block, of course she couldn't have guessed it wrong, it has to be chocolate.   But to our amazement, she knew our favorite chocolate brands, Italian chocolates to be particular!   Our family's all-time spread, Nutella (Ferrero) and my best kept secret (my soul-mate, if chocolates have souls that is!)  Ferrero Rocher.   Plainly spread with chocolate frosting, and embellished with minced pistachio nuts around the sides.  This rich cake was easily deconstructed at a simple dinner,  where everyone's eyes are all on the cake.   The lusciously creamy frosting was so redeeming and the cake itself was so moist and velvety.   Something a hotel cafe would boast off.   the chocolatey taste is not overpoweringly sweet.  She knows how to play it on the sugar.   So it is not as what we Filipinos call "nakakaumay."  But it is definitely addictive!
Picture from My Pink Wasabi FB page
 Next in line was another luscious cheesecake decadence.   The Peanut Butter Cheesecake however is so humbling!   I am a lover of all that's cheesecake.   In a lifetime I had probably eaten more than 20 variants.  It may not sound impressive to you for there are a myriad of flavors of it.   Just let this one impress you though.   So, if you love peanut butter, and cheesecakes, and chocolates but afraid of getting sugar coma, well this is for you.   The soft but firm mound will not disappoint you.   it is held together but melts in your mouth easily.   But let me warn you,  one cupful of serving like in the picture below won't get you through.   You will be craving for more.  Better take my word for it, so buy a bigger cake size if you plan to share this.
A sampler of Peanut butter cheesecake sold at Best Foods Forward 2012 (q food fair)
 The chocolate ganache at the center ties in with the peanut butter flavor.   The cream cheese is imported, guaranteeing the quality.   The peanut butter is home-spunned, specially made by Chef Anna just for the perfect concoction of the whole recipe.   She really does have magics on her hands, and know how to control the sugar,  I hate how  too sweet a simple dessert can ruin your palate and gives you goose-bumps as it threads down your venter, thus, making it perfectly delicious, ummm!

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For prices of the cakes and other inquiries, PM them at MY PINK WASABI FACEBOOK  PAGE
Call them or SMS at  0947 865 8634


  1. ohmigod! nutella, ferrero and pistachio on one cake?! <3

  2. Wow, these cakes look so delish! Don't envy me for getting to try Cafe Publico 'cause I should be the one envious here. Nutella and pistachios are 2 of my most fave things in the world! And having them both in a single cake is heaven!

  3. Wow! This post made me crave for cakes!

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  5. that nutella ferrero chocolate cake's really interesting.. i've got to try that one =)

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