Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pinoy Grill Master: DLSU's Neighboring Inasal Joint

One night my husband and I decided to go on a dinner search.   We head to Malate via Roxas Boulevard, on a motorbike.   Half-way across the bridge of  Buendia, rain came outpouring in heavy drops.   Not so blessed that night, we didn't have raincoats, we should have brought the car but he ought not to.  So that meant we got soaked in rainwater just before finding a shed. 
 It took us 30 minutes to wait for the rain to stop.  We then decided to go to Taft or Leon Ginto street instead to look for one since it's getting late and we are dead starving.
We knew of 8065 Bagnet  restaurant and the intriguing Sinangag Express (also know as SEx), but we saw something new.

The restaurant is just in front of the what used to be football field of  DLSU which now a foundation for their new building.   It is on the second floor of an apartment where Tropical Hut and Starbuck Coffee are also situated.
According to the staff, they've just opened this one last March.  The first branch was in Caloocan, but they are closing that one down. 

At first you will say this is just a typical Inasal and Filipino resto con carinderia feel.   But once you get to experience the food will not say that again.

Let me start of by saying that the staff are very warm in welcoming us, giving us good suggestions on what to order.
A bowl of  hot soup (from Sinigang) and unlimited rice goes with any rice order you make.

 Bhogs' choice, chicken sisig, a fairly seasoned chicken shreds with chili slices.  stir-fried quickly and then set on a sizzling platter, topping with a raw egg to finalize the look.   An order is good for two 
people already.  Not that sensational though but still appetizing.  Two people can share with one serving of this.

Mine was the regular grilled chicken on a stick.  Cooked the inasal way, I'd probably say that this is better than Mang Inasal.   My husband said that this is the chicken inasal he had been searching for a long time, one that has the same taste his grandfather cooks it.   Unlike Mang Inasal, it doesn't have that sweet sticky taste, instead a subtle lemony kick and salt does it.  Not marinated for a long time I guess with soy sauce, or maybe none at all.   Sometimes, the simplest is the best.

And after the much filling dinner, how can one say no to a cold sweet-ending.  Banana and nata de coco was the terrific heat-fighter was a winner.   The rightly cooked saba bananas and shredded fresh nata de coco where  mixed with  milky shaved ice and leche flan slices.  We had to share with this, a few spaces were left at my tummy from gorging two big cups of rice.

Sorry I wasn't able to get contact information yet. since they are new at Taft, I don't think they have land line numbers, but you won't miss it, it is at the building infront of DLSU, Taft, beside Benilde and on the right side is the building where Cafe Noriter is.   Have I told you that they have WIFI for free?  

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