Saturday, May 12, 2012

Casa San Luis Pastries: Un Superbe Gâteau

I have a confession, I adore extra-ordinary cakes and pastries!  Hhmm, if you're an avid reader of my site, you would probably say, "come on, that is so obvious!"
Well this time of year, in the mid of the first to the second quarter, cakes have been a necessary table-pleaser.   March has been the ultimate birthday month, where me, my daughter,  my sister-in-law and my best friend celebrate our natal day.   This actually is a concluding post to my last one, and it was still about an incomparable selection.
But now that it's May and today is the global celebration of Mother's Day, let me send my gift to all you moms reading and might have been drooling (sorry about that) over this post.
Okay, another confession, I should have been slimming down, to keep me staying young-looking (humility aside) because my kids have been noticing my tummy sagging and my belly bulges.   I want to keep my identity a bit mystifying.   You see people who would meet me for the first time would see me as a young unmarried professional, and when I tell them about me having four-kids, they get surprised,  mostly when I tell them about my eldest entering college this year.   "Say what, you have a son going to college, you must have married really young!"  With an exclamation point, to exaggerate on it, and of course I would get flattered.
Alright, confession day it is.   I've been getting this habit of searching for the top of the line and unparalleled sweet confection, not just the sheer joy of  moist cakes, but a plethora of dessert types.
 Now you have seen it, the best by far mousse cake I have tasted.   My kids never liked mousse cakes, even chocolate eggnogs or  soft pudding, but when they tasted this, it changed their lives.  I have been baking for a long time but never did I attempt to make this one.   If you like the mousse cake in Red Ribbon, which we all have grown  up with, you will most definitely love this!

During my last ordeal at a food fair and probably the grandest, I met one of the owner of Casa San Luis Pastries, Julien, a French man who married her business partner and the baker, Carmela.   I was so petrified with ll the goodies laid down on their table.    This hunk of a guy, so cunning enough to  invite me to try some of his wife's creation.    Since then I have been craving for the most sumptuous cake  have tried on Best Food Forward, just last March.   Thanks to Chef Anna of My Pink Wasabi for giving me complimentary tickets, btw.

As you can see, it's a triple-decker of chocolate heaven.  The bottom is lined with dark chocolate cake, which is dense but moist. Topped with a hefty layer of soft and silky smooth Belgian chocolate mousse cake.   Yes it didn't stop there as you can see, on it is a lovely layer of white chocolate mousse (which I never had since I've been trying out  different kids of mousse cakes), finally ending it with butter cream.     If you love Choco-nuts,  "tsoknut" or sugary peanut bar contending for a chocolate title, like my sister and my kids,  you will go head over heels on this.    A mystical sprinkle of what seemed to be gold salts can also be chanced upon looking closer.

I guess this would be enough reason for me to run a mile or so.   But I still do not mind myself carrying extra baggage with a slice of this. 
Casa San Luis carries a vast assortment of sinfully delighting sweets and quiche you wouldn't want to miss. 

Order from them by calling  0916 644 8522 or e-mail them at

To see more of their sampled treats visit their Facebook page
.Do follow them on Twitter as well,  @CasaSanLuis


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