Saturday, May 19, 2012

What's Real, Personal and All That Style?

Once again  Style RPA  have managed to put all together  fashion, arts and culture, music,  dining, technology and influential people all in one roof.   Partnering with Destiny Cable this time they've launch something new in the fashion scene, StyleRPA TV!

StyleRPA TV is your newest hotspot for everything real, personal, and all that style. After making a splash in today’s most popular medium of the internet, your latest lifestyle news from online lifestyle magazine is now not only your laptop screens, but on your televisions as well.

StyleRPA TV treats audiences to updates on the most stylish happenings in fashion, beauty, food, design, arts and culture, motoring and gadgets, and design. Up and coming personalities from these fields, who embody style in their individual ways also regularly grace the show for an up close look on themselves and their work.

StyleRPA, both the television show and the online lifestyle magazine, are the handiwork of RPA & Communicate president Philip Abadicio, who has been successful in public relations, events management, marketing, and publication for nearly two decades. Philip started out as a young entrepreneur and, knowing the importance of communicating the right information to the right people, eventually moved on to expanding businesses through public relations.  At first operating in Philip’s parents’ house in Quezon City until its first paying client and the business’ eventual expansion, RPA & Communicate has since served many clients such as the Araneta Group of Companies, Levi Strauss Philippines, Nickelodeon, Yahoo and Warner Music Philippines. Philip now ventures into making brands and people visible through and StyleRPA TV.

Under Philip’s expert hand, StyleRPA TV becomes a great platform for artists of different kinds, products, and events to make themselves visible and to reach out to a young and engaged audience. The show is hosted by Amanda Elvina, Ria Casco, and Nicole Reyes, who are also involved with work with Amanda and Ria, Communication Arts graduates and Nicole, an English Literature graduate, engage the viewers in discussions on lifestyle news and with the show’s guests.

StyleRPA TV’s segments deal with the most interesting happenings in lifestyle every week, and feature great new finds like restaurants, artists and musicians, and events. The show has its eyes peeled and arms wide open for exciting new personalities, always a step ahead of all things innovative.

StyleRPA TV airs on GNN Channel 8 on Destiny Cable and on free cable nationwide on Saturdays, 7 - 8 p.m., and replays on Sundays, 8 - 9 a.m.
The night was fun and bloggers were treated to a night of  good food, cocktails, acoustic  performances,  games  and raffles.  The prices by the way, were sponsored by  clients, such as Flawless, Fruit Garden Luxury Jams,  XO 46 Filipino Bistro,  and FAME Hair & Styling Salon by Marites Allen

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