Thursday, May 17, 2012

Felix, My Feel-Good Posh Restaurant

The day after the eventful Mother's Day celebration is also a keeper.   My kids had been greeting me for a week, a made-up greeting card in astonishing designs  would make my day even when it seemed to be dull.   This I say bragging,  with my kids who are very creative, loving, and very appreciative, I would say I'm one proud mom and that would never replace any hard-fitting job in a lifetime.   You wouldn't be in my shoes if you know how my day starts and ends, but it would melt your heart when I tell you that my kids would always tell me that I'm the best mom in the world every time  and the most beautiful too!  Hahaha, I wouldn't bargain for that!
We did celebrate the Sunday , Mother's Day, but we weren't able to go to a nice restaurant because almost all were full but it was still okay.  So we decided to go out for dinner the next day at FELIX at Greenbelt 5, Makati.

Felix if you don't know is also owned and operated by one of our great and famous chef,  Chef  Florabel Co-Yatco, who also owned Crisostomo, Sweet Pea and Elias (hope I didn't forget any other restaurants in her line).   Come to think of it this is my third restaurant amongst all her restaurants.   We have tried Crisostomo at Nuvali, Laguna,  Sweet Pea at McKinley Hill and now FELIX.   I guess that would only testify how much diverse and sumptuously-delighting her cuisine is.  

My kids loved it here as well, too lucky there weren't  many diners when we were there,  My youngest Danica is as frisky as she could get.  So it was cool to bring out my camera and  capture moments, especially the food. 
We had a creamy mushroom soup first, which my kiddos enjoyed, Clare, a five-mushroom soup with oyster chips.   
 We then ordered, San Raphael, cracker-like, thinly sliced lechon kawali with a nice lechon sauce and slightly spiced cane vineagar.  Sinful but less guilty, since having fried like this, the fats have been drained out.

Next, this amazing big platter of diced up tuna on Chinese soup spoons reached our table.  Everyone was in awe.  Gensan is a refreshing appetite at Felix you shouldn't miss.  Cubed fresh and raw tuna mixed with a wasabi-mayo dressing and some fresh vegetables served with salad greens. 
Another one that's my daughter had finished in less than ten minutes, Ostrea,  baked oysters.  You can order in three flavors, or opt to have all the flavors in one serving, as suggested by our most reliable waiter.  The three sure to love flavors are, Spinach and Bacon,  Cream cheese and Basil, Tomatoes and Anchovy. 
 Ala Ton is a rendition of their pizza,  thin-crust tomato-based sauce with parma ham, spring veggies and smothered generously with mozzarella cheese.
As you can see, the titles of the food were short yet intriguing, why didn't I ever ask the waiters how each recipe was named.    That's how I like Chef Florabel's way of communicating to her diners, somehow her dishes portray a character as if they  are presented as stars in a show.   I remember how Crisostomo's Menu was like,  as if Noli Me Tangere was haunting me till now.  
Lastly, we all had a fair serving of Daniele, oh not my daughter but their pasta dish.  Spaghetti with truffle sauce and mushrooms, now you know how my kids adore mushrooms.

To end, going back to Felix is something I will always look forward to, with or  without my family.   The ambiance is very relaxing with a touch of elegance, I love the beige fleur de lis walls and milky leathered comfy chairs.   It was at first hard to choose which one to get, that would always be a dilemma dining with kids.  But the knowledgeable staff was gracious enough to give us good suggestions, which most waiters in other restos falter. We didn't have to ask for water refills, the food were served fast, as expected in a day like that.  And judging by the pictures, the drool-worthy dishes we had gave us more of the feel-good moments without feeling sluggish and robbed off.


Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St., Legaspi Village, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 729-9062


  1. Is it just my browser or your blog just got revamped? I liked the new look! :D

    Seeing Ala Ton makes me crave for pizza! Will look for Felix (the Cat?) soon! Haha

  2. Ah, after reading about the beauty of raw foods, FINALLY! Real food na! hahaha! Love this Felix restaurant. A genuine place to be really happy! Anyway, belated Happy Mother's Day! You're really blessed to have kids like them.

  3. Von and I love Felix too.

    In fact, that's where we celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary a few months ago. :)

    Happy Mother's Day Ate!


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