Friday, October 14, 2011

Gastronomy By Joy Turns 1

To my Dear Readers and Followers,

I praise and thank the Lord Jesus Almighty above all!
This has been a one heck of an adventure for a less ordinary foodie-mom like me.   It took me a lifetime to consider this path, inconveniences which are adventures wrongly considered.   Not too many would give a damn on writing about their dining experiences and simple joy's in life and somehow spark some changes to many.   But this inconveniences, aptly considered, changed the way I see life now.
I am more thankful, more open in accepting opportunities and full of zest in my future endeavour.
I first blogged about my dining experience last October 29 of 2010.    An out-of-the-box experience for me, where my husband and I went all the way to Cavite to try out the only restaurant along Daang-Hari.    To my astonishment, the German owner of the restaurant commented on my post, saying that he was happy that we had a nice experience at their Italian restaurant.
Fifteen days from now will be the first anniversary of this blog, and I am aflame right now.    I have actually thought of some plans on how I could share that day with you!

So here's how:
I will be inviting three of my favorite top blogger friends who always reads and comments on my posts.   I have actually chosen Pages Deli, to host our little get-together and would like to have it on Oct. 29, that's a Saturday!   It's my treat or the tricks on me.   Aside from the sumptuous meal at a very dreamy place, we will also be having raffle offs of GC's and imported ingredients, and who would not like my cupcakes and chocolate treats!  A box of that will also be given away, My Pink Wasabi's Kashi Makis and more!

So, how does one qualify?
1.   You must be a blogger and one who is a follower of Gastronomy by Joy.  
  If you are not yet one just click on the FOLLOW link, and you instantly qualify.   
2.   I'm sure if you are a follower you must have read at least one or a few of my posts.   What I need you to do is choose from any of my reviews on food or restaurant, a post to your liking is much appreciated.
3.   Kindly comment on this post (HERE/below this post please) and tell me which post you chose and why?
4.   Along with your comment is your full name, contact numbers and e-mail address.
That's it!
No fuss, no frills! 

Cheers to more food reviews and more exciting gastronomic adventures ahead!

Much Love,



  1. Wow, thanks for being such an inspiration for us bloggers and food-addicts! Hehehe.... i'd like to join the promo but I'm overseas. But thanks anyway for posting articles in this sweet and delightful blog of yours. Keep up the good work! And if you ever visit Italy, especially here in Florence, I'll be your guide and take you to the best spots here in Florence!

  2. Oh wow! I'd love that! I'll have my family in Italy know about that, their from ADIMEF-Milan church. It's nice to know that people, even overseas are touched by what I do for the sake of happiness and palate-satisfaction! If ever you may want to visit Manila though, I can be your guide, hehehe, to awesome coffee-shops and gelaterias!

  3. Advance Happy Blogiversary Joy! I'm a follower and liker.
    I like your post about pages Deli, actually. The place is interesting and I like how they serve the food with little notes.

    Cheers to more years to come!

  4. Nice blog here and great to meet you at Appetite event...A new found foodie lover!

    Like to attend your blog anniversary and hopefully I can be part of it..

    Jinkee Umali of and

  5. My apology, I am not following instructions..

    Anyway, I love your Pages Deli post -

    I am a passionate of quotes that guides me in this challenging escapades...Maybe that is the reason have open another blog, to compile all my thoughts...

    What more exciting is to put this in a sumptuous meal like Pages Deli...

    Looking forward to visit this place with my family.

    Again Happy Anniversary with your blog and best of luck!

    Jinkee Umali

  6. hi joy, I like your post about Naci's comfort food and dessert bar because we both know that their food their is awesome (and the cr too!.) And i love Naci too because of their sinful desserts! Happy anniversary Joy!. hope i get to be picked!

    janese halabaso

  7. @Peachkins! Please attach your cp number and e-mail, my daughter Danielle (13) will be the one raffling off the entries! I'm getting more and more excited! Can't wait to share anyone a
    the experience I had at Pages Deli!

  8. @Jinkee of Calamba-Online, It was also a pleasure meeting you, I just hope you can join me also!

    And to everyone, just informed Chef Anna, of My Pink Wasabi, she will be joining us also and will also be sharing her treats!
    Tnx for joining Jinkee and also for the lovely comments!

  9. @ Janese! Great that you were able to join! Many thanks Sis!

  10. Hi Joy, first of congratulations! more blogging years ahead! :)

    I wasn't able to blog hop lately because of my crazy schedule, so I only get to see this post now. I am trying my luck and join your wonderful contest :)

    Followed your blog's friend connect, and just like these lovely ladies, my favorite post is the one about Pages Deli because I share the same passion for food and written words. Your photos on that post are all ultimately hunger-inducing, to say the least :)

    Again, congratulations Joy, and I hope to be a part of your anniversary celebration :)

    Yedy Calaguas of YedyLicious Food Blog

  11. @Yedi... It's an honor to have you Ms. Yedi! Thanks for the greet! I've read your post about Pages Deli as well, since then I've been dreaming of the place and I'm sure Ms. Jojo would be happy to see you there as well! I'll let everyone know, those who will be coming, on Sunday night via text messages.

    Thanks a bunch guys!


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