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Regional Flavors of Spain at Tapella

Take time to explore the alchemy of Spain as Gaudi and Tapella brings Flavours de Espana, a month-long food festival featuring Spain’s most famous regional cuisines.

Spanish and Filipinos same passion for good eats are a huge part of its exciting culture—great meals over good conversation remain both preference for feasts. For this type of epicurean experience, Gaudi and Tapella offers a set menu from Spain’s different regions only P599++ per head.

From today until October 31, both restaurants highlight the northwest and south of Spain, Andalucia and Basque. Evidently, the common staple for both regions are meat and seafood but the difference lies in their unique preparation.

For a rich experience of Basque, start off with chistorra (basque chorizo on baguette slice) and viruta (Serrano ham with alioli on baguette slice).  

A Basque cuisine is certifiably known for tomatoes and sweet or hot red peppers, the purrusalda (Basque potato and leek soup) is a tasty combo pair, followed by the freshest assorted greens--ensalada de la casa (tossed greens drizzed with house dressing). 

And for the much-awaited main course, it’s an amazingly tender and generous serving of estofado de cordero (lambstew with potatoes),not a fan of lamb? Then have abonito con tomate (fresh tuna in tomato and pepper sauce) a diet-friendly option of refreshing tuna drizzled with tomato and peppercorns. 

To cap off the meal, it’s a decadent serving of arroz con leche (creamy rice pudding with cinnamon) velvety and thick, this will surely leave the palate asking for another plate.

Andalucia of the South is something not to be missed too. The historic Islamic influence in its cuisine gives this region a unique culinary identity with the use of olive oil, garlic, and wine as the most important native ingredients. 

For a truly appetite-inducing starter, croquetas variadas dos salsa (mushroom, salami, and ham croquetas with romesco and alioli dip) is a favorite delicacy brimming with rich palatable dip. The soup, is an interesting take on tomatoes— gazpacho (fresh tomato and vegetable soup) served cold but delightfully heartwarming. The salad is truly Mediterranean in taste as it is filled with healthy greens and other freshest produced.


For the main highlight, paella marisco (fish and seafood paella) is tummy-filling and never boring with its appetizing blend of shapes and colors. 

Another Mediterranean main course option is the pollo moruno (Moorish chicken with   couscous) especially marinated that gives a zestful zing to its flavor.  

End it light and sweet with tocino del cielo, deemed as the heavenly egg custard of Spain. 

Moving on from October 3 to 31, Gaudi and Tapella guide guests to Catalan, rightfully known as the Mediterranean flavor of the northeast.

  As the cuisine of this region is infused with olives, garlic, onions, tomatoes, nuts, and dried fruits, the meal from start to finish offers a delightfully refreshing sensation of flavors. 

The crujentes de jamon (Serrano ham and cheese bites and in phyllo pastry) and ondarza (fried camembert with rapberry sauce) is great choice for a truly-Catalan starters. For a simple yet flavorful soup, sopa de cebolla (onion soup) remains a classic warm up with a certified twist of Span. Feast on ensalada de la casa (Tossed greens drizzled with house dressing) 
followed by parillada de carnes con patatas pobre y pimientos (assorted grilled meats with stewed potatoes and pimientos)  a mix of sweet and savoury ingredients, and a mark of the inventiveness of Catalan cuisine. 

Or opt for the fideua (seafood noodle paella), brimming with the delicious goodness of seafood, but using unique short pasta called fideua. 

 Chef’s recommendation for dessert is no other than profiteroles con leche (cream puff with vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate). These lovely puffs are complete with worth-relishing dessert indulgence— airy, light, and cloyingly sweet.

Perhaps one of the most famous fares of Spain, worth waiting is the Flavours of Castillan from October 10 to 31. Food here usually gets a high regard for its diversity and sophisticated preparation especially on its stews, asados, and large assortments of desserts. 

Chorizo al vino (chorizo stewed in red wine) prepares the palate with truly worth-relishing meals to come, with its tasty balance of spices drenched in olive oil, paired with tortilla de pimientos (traditional Spanish omelet with peppers). 

Soup is simple but delicate in flavor, sopa de ajo (poor man’s garlic and bread soup) followed by the aromatic pollo al ajillo (chicken in garlic and olive oil) or gambas al ajillo (shrimps sautéed in olive oil, garlic and chili). 

To conclude the hearty meal, it’s the well-known family dessert recipe, flan dela abuela (grandma’s Spanish leche flan).

Make lunch or dinner a family affair at Gaudi and Tapella, where the experience will take anyone to Spain’s most note-worthy regions. After all, it’s the company that truly completes the treat for a family of discerning foodies. 
Gaudi is located at the Ground Level of cosmopolitan Serendra in Taguig while Tapella at Ground Level of Greenbelt 5. Both restaurants offer a patio for those who want to be seen and the large booths inside good for power talks and intimate chats. Surrounded by top Business offices, theatres and high end shops, it makes an ideal spot for a quiet coffee, a fashionable lunch or a romantic dinner.

For inquiries and reservations, please call 757.2710 and 856.0473.

The beautiful  Spanish lady who's behind all this gorgeous forage is Chef Alexandra Cacho.   Both she and husband Francisco Cacho Jr.  owns and manages Tapella and Gaudi.
Aside from her love for Spanish cuisine, her passion is also  serving us with her authentic Spanish specialties and serving indigenous people through missions.    If ever you do bump at her at the Airport,  you might want to give her a hand with her luggages,   It's sure going to be loaded with all the goods, bottled spices and delectables all from Spain.     So you'll always have the rich flavours of the different Spanish regions and more here at Tapella.


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