Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Magic is Not in the Cover, It's in the Pages...

 The magic is not in the cover, it's in the pages...

The vast chronicle of foodies who love not only good food but aptly written words led  me here.  If I could literally be a bookworm (a worm who does eat papers or a person who loves to read), this definitely is my space.   Pages Deli, a treasure awaiting to be discovered is tucked beside the posh mall of Shaw Boulevard, The Shangri-La Plaza.

Pages Deli is an origination of Jojo Paje, which I would not dare say an off the beaten path among food gawkers.   For nearly a year, the staff fumble of regular customers which are so diverse.   A typical day would have a coffee drinker situated at one of the leather-custom made chairs, having legs relaxed at another chair with laptop on the table and a fave sandwich from the menu on the side, or an unassuming wine drinker bringing in his favorite "sisig" while having it with Schublig and choice cheese slices.   They would open at 11 am on Mondays till Friday and 10 am on Saturdays and Sundays but due to high regard for customers  clamoring for morning hunger pangs and caffeine fixes, they would open earlier than usual.   Staff might have been so genial that customers keep coming back.   And choosing them as they start their day.

An Escape at Streetscape 
As I enter the glass door,  I was taken back to my childhood days where words in books are part of my relaxation, a way of escape from chores, oops, a way to reach the depths and the corners of the world couched in my bed or on the reading chair.   Where the pictures, as foretold by Mark Twain, Lewis Caroll, Brothers Grimm among many others, come alive and have taught me countless values which now I hold dear. Now teaching the same affection to those genius writings to my kids.   Thinking how the owners must have loved  these classic writings as I used to, and conjoining the concept with their love for food.  With the all hullabaloohs around where electronic gadgets rule our kids, this is a great way of reminiscing how fun it was during  times where technology is just the next best thing.    It may though be the reality but I'm happy to say that my kids though exposed to these media still have the kindling to reach a book and finish it, ooohhh and telling back the story to you! (My daughter's are now by the way collecting Nancy Drew's, The Spiderwick Chronicles and more so if by chance you have it collecting dusts at home and would be willing to give us please let me know)
My New Love
This may be a far cry to Holly's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" but what the heck that was how I might feel having breakfast here or and in this matter my snack.   Seeing quotes after quotes all over the shop got me more inspired, till I got beaten with how the title of classic novels where used as names of the dishes they serve on the menu.   
Animal Farm, Turkey with Bacon
 Anyone still remembers, Animal Farm, a fable (a political allegory for adults) written by George Orwell, where farm animals revolted against their master?  Clever huh? Well here at Pages Deli, it's not just your regular BLT, Animal Farm has soft and lightly seasoned turkey slices.   How's The Secret Garden sounds to you?  It is also a sandwich but for the vegetarian, of grilled zucchini, bell pepper and more in between freshly baked slices of Ciabatta or French breads.   Oh and who doesn't know The Little Mermaid, in which smoked  salmon (not mermaid, hahaha) where snugged in a flaky croissant.  Let me tell you, they have nine more of this whimsically named sandwiches on their menu, all waiting to be savored.
With a sandwich meal is a sweet surprise, a note uniquely chosen for every different sandwich.   Mine of course has an excerpt from Animal Farm,  only shows how every detail has been well-taken cared off, with  personal touches of the owners.   Believe me, even in the lavatory, there is a chandelier and a portrait of a lady.   From the European-styled furniture, mirrored walls, damask cylinder lamps to the attendees' uniform (with a leather beret of some sort), designed to give each diner wonders, like pages of the books come into life.

Seafood and Sundried Tomato
 It was at first a deli, where they offer range of sandwiches, imported cold cuts and cheeses.   However, as their customers grow, the demand for other types of food bristled.   Would you want a Midsummer Nights Dream rice meal or a Peter Pan?  Pasta is also favored, I sampled the Seafood and Sundried Tomato, which I found so rich in tomato flavor without the sourness with it is mild basil favor, complementing with loads of shrimps, squids, etc., significantly topped with non-commercial type parmesan cheese.
Dayap Shake (tangy and sweet concoction of lime juice

And now I'm off to La-La land with this sumptuous dessert, TRIO, a triple deck of heaven.  Bottom lined with brownie,  then laiden with cheesecake, and super moist chocolate cake, beautifully covered with Belgian chocolate ganache.  I never left the place leaving a crumb of it, making it a treasure gone to waist, no, no,.
Ms. Jojo, the brilliant lady behind this jewel of a deli, with creative juices spurting all over, is excited with more blessed events coming her way, yes two more babies are about to be born, The Scroll and Bistro Vignette.   They are turning one this September and tons of  enchanting events still waiting to happen at Pages, such as poetry reading, wine tasting, tea sampling, and photography sessions.   
You may visit them at 
The Streetscape, Shangri-La Plaza (outside the mall, on the north-side, where you can find big umbrellas, theirs are the reds)
For order inquiries call them at 632 4774718


  1. I've heard of that restaurant and I wanted to go there. I just can't seen to find the time...

  2. Triple deck of heaven.... loved those words! Very interesting place. It feels like i do belong to that sanctuary....

  3. love the pictures, as if I can eat it! Didn't know Shangri-La has this! Tnx for the post!

  4. I hope I can drop by for those mentioned events and to truly experience your gustatory adventure at Pages Deli.

  5. Wow, this is great, a quote in a food! One of the secret of happy life is a small lovely treat like this..Simple yet sooooo elegent...Really love to to check out again as I am in love with their sandwhich also..

    Jinkee Umali of


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