Friday, October 7, 2011

A Taste of Negros Cuisine at 26th Negros Trade Fare

Last Saturday (October 1, 2011) I was at the Rockwell Tent, Makati, where I was treated to an authentic Negrense lunch.   Much to my delight I entered with an anticipation of finding food stuffs, that might not be here in Manila.   That's what I love going to bazaars and trade fairs,  you find things of value which are unique, may sometimes be peculiar but sure would capture once interest.
I saw a lot of things that really caught my attention, like accessories, furniture,  artsy home deco and a lot more.   But I'm sure you are waiting for remarkable food finds.  I was introduced to Teena Rodriguez, Sales and Marketing of ANP, who then introduced me to some other people behind the successful trade fair.  Till I ended up delighting myself with the food and the people

With a broad selection of mouth mollifiers, I was all of a sudden surrounded with a myriad of Negrense delicacies.  
ANP, stands for Association of Negros Producers, an entrepreneurship arm of Negros Islands,  committed to its mission to uplift the lives of the Negrenses through training services and marketing opportunities.
It was born in answer to a call for diversification when Negros was reeling from the sugar industry crises in the 1980's.   The first members of ANP were sugar farm owners.   They then turned to other raw material available in their community such as bamboo, coconuts, herbs, etc., were the first workers were farmhands and their wives.
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For a list of members and their products go here @
Felicia's, famous for their Thin chocolate cookies

  (a nominee for the Bulawan Awards in the Pastry Category)     
Margie's pastry treats are also to try for.
Elsie's Breads are always freshly made and ready for consumption, and are really good, I was able to check out their french toast with chives, well, their next to the best that I had so far and they are available here in Manila, since they have one here at Paranaque.
Time was too short for my Saturday rendezvous , if only I was there more earlier I could have more to show I guess I have to squeeze in a tour to Bacolod before this year ends and show more of their creative concoctions.

Chicken Bacolod Inasal, which they are so famous of.   Grilled  "free range" or native chicken were marinated and skewed on bamboo sticks and grilled.   Inasalan sa Balay, might mean Inasal at the house (well, I tried, I hope that right, though i know balay means house), which was one of the viand we had for lunch, along with Kare-Kare and Kadyos.
Here staff of BOB's  are busy catering for lechon lovers, oh they too have various specialties, which tourists look for.
Kadios is the one far in the middle
Kadyos (Kadios) also known as KBL, is a quintessential Ilonggo favorite, this was the first time I had this actually. It’s traditionally made with a triumvirate  of Kadyos,  pigs feet and young green jackfruit , thus K-kadios, B-baboy and L- Langka, get it?   Kadios is s bean which has a distinctly purple color when cooked  and of course as with most Filipino cooking, a souring agent.   
Also another definite winner which also was a contender for the Bulawan Award for Food and Confection, is Pueblo Bakeshop, which carries Quan Pastries which I do intend to write a separate blog. 


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