Sunday, October 16, 2011

Binondo Kiddie Express: Wai Ying Chinese Fastfood

This was  the first time these kids got here.   Chinatown home of  Binondo Girl (a show were Kim Chiu stars).    Look how excited they are,  not too camera shy though.   My kids, Danica (6), Dana (7) and Jaeda (6) their cousin can't help but read aloud the Chinese words around and uttered, "are we still in the Philippines, Mom?"  Jokingly they were quite remembering scenes from a certain Star movie just recently shown and pointing to the exact venue where a scene was shot.

Like at this prayer kiosk.   Well we weren't here not only for the Mooncakes and Hopias, but more so about the authentic Chinese cuisine.     You bet you these kids are at it.   All ready for the gastronomic journey even at an early age.   Is that bad?  Gee. I hope not, but spoiling them with good and nutritious foods, my sis-in-law and I doesn't really mind.

Beef Wanton soup.
Roast Peking Duck with creamy leeks.   I love how the leeks were cooked.  It made me really wonder how they cooked  it, where the dish achieved a very buttery yet creamy sauce still have that freshness from the veggies.
Shrimp and scallop dumplings.
A big bowl of noodles, sorry can't remember the name of this bowl.
I think this are sharks-fin balls.
Danica, practicing her chopsticks skills while Dana can't help but finish all the dumplings.   At that time she was only allowed meat and vegetables with a very minimal amount of carbohydrates.   For she was having a dinner with no  insulin yet.  
And the glorious roasts, Binondo version of Peking ducks.
We, including the kids give Wai Ying Chinese Fast-food an over-all rating of 8 out of 10.
The serving was good, for a Chinese Fastfood.  The foods were served fast but delicately prepared.   Though it doesn't come with any fancy plating, the aroma of the dishes, as it wifted-off when the plates were put on the table, was so amazingly good.
The place was clean, simple, well the kids were very famished to look for a more kid-friendly place so they didn't mind the place to be a bit drab and less-architecturally-designed.
The menu was fantastic and we can't wait to be back to try out other dishes, and oh, the Peking duck was so sumptuous, it may not be the best Peking Duck in Binondo or in Manila, but it was good enough for me!


  1. Arrrgh! NOODLES!!!!! Love it! Adorable kids!

  2. Your kids are soo pretty! :) Their noodles are the bomb! :)

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