Monday, October 3, 2011

Spicy Chocolate Ice Cream, Anyone?

Check out my breakfast,  a rather cynical combination with my morning coffee booze.   It's Paradis Natural Ice Cream's Chili Chocolate with Saffron.  Paradis (pronounced with silent S) is a French word meaning paradise.   I sure hope that the title of this blog post is fitting.  That I still have to realize and now excited for my stop at their store in Tomas Morato. 
I'm sure you might be wondering why on earth would someone invent an ice cream flavor that's spicy hot as the chili and infused  it  with other spices such as saffron.   I also don't know either and I would definitely have to figure that out, in time.  However, at one of the Indian restaurant I've been to  they do have an ice cream where saffron was added, not only to color it pink but to enhance the flavor  of the otter ingredients on that ice cream, it is called  KULFE.    So do check out this site for more of this gourmet ice cream.   In the mean time let me just usher in the event or the launch that was, where I got to chance on these out of this world ice cream.  Verdict later...

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Yesterday morning,  I was at a press launch of  Uno Magazine's next event at the Genting Club of RWM which will be on the 7th of October.   Cited as "Human NaturePhotography Fashion Show, "  which will showcase the photographs of GT Toledo, president of  IlustradosPH, a group of young photographers, stylists, make-up artists and the like.   The theme would be " Earth, Wind , Fire, Water," the basic elements of nature.  Filipinos are known to be ingenious artists and this will be glamorized more on that event.
This is not only for the show of it,  they also work hand in hand with Manila Shrine Club in helping out burned and crippled children.   Children 18 years old and below with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal injuries and cleft palate, will be benefiting from this event.
Here are some of what took place on that morning.  More of the event at another site...

Going back to the ice cream which also sponsored the said launching...
Paradis have two different kinds of ice cream: the Signature Ice Cream and the Traditional Ice Cream. The Signature Ice Cream flavors are delicious and vitamin packed with health promoting properties from natural herbs and vegetables. The Traditional Ice Cream flavors on the other hand, are natural ice cream without synthetic flavors and colors made from the finest milk, fresh fruits, and prime ingredients. Bestsellers include the Chocolate & Tomato, Red Beet & Orange, Wasabi, and Strawberry. They also offer two interesting dishes: the Yolive, which is a healthy combination of yoghurt and olive oil and the Soybet Ice cream which is ice cream with a touch of soya.  They will also be adding stevia, a plant-based sweetener said to have lower glycemic index, to their ingredients for those who likes it less sugary but more healthy, great for my daughter who's diabetic.
Ning Buning's (a co-blogger enjoying the same treat) Red Beet and Orange
So what's my say?  The combination of chocolate and chili is astounding.   It is delicious.  Yes, it is, funny but it is.  Though it was way too hot for my taste buds, every small bit was a gastronomic adventure on my mouth.  Minced fresh red chilies are all over so one has to be really brave on choosing this.  One of my friend suggested that their Nutty Peanut butter and Red Beet and Orange are the ones to look out for.  Now I can't wait to visit their branch and try out their other creations. 

Paradis Natural Ice Cream
G/F Unit B, Kojack Bldg.,
#184 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City
Call them at 7094518


  1. wow! why don't I get invited to cool events with cool ice cream flavors?LOL!

  2. I'm sure you've been too a lot of cool events, just hope that someday in one of the future event they will be present...or we can just go at Paradis in Tomas Morato! See you soon Peachy!

  3. Ooooh! I just love spicy chocolate ice cream. So far, here in Florence I only know one gelateria (gelato shop) that sells that kind of ice cream. They call it gelato speziato. I think they mix it with red pepper and cinnamon. There's another flavor that i could taste in the mixture but i can't figure out what. The owner of the place won't tell me the "secret ingredient".... Perhaps it is saffron?

  4. I can't wait to go back to Italy, haven't been to Florence yet but I will definitely tell my sisters and brothers to try it the next time they go on a trip to Firenze. Weird thing is i liked it though i hate the idea having taste chilies on my choco ice cream...
    Saffron might be the "secret ingredient."


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