Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Capping a Year of Haute Cuisine at Chef's Table

Last week ended with  a blast as the Filipino-fusion acclaimed Chef's  Table celebrated its first anniversary.   The theme for the night, "bald is beautiful as long as you can make the food right, Chef Bruce Lim's style!"   Donning the bald-head look, the chefs paraded with their culinary skills as beauteous guests looks on while hors d’oeuvres are being prepared.   If you've been to Chef's Table you know that  half of the the restaurant's area is the open kitchen so everything is in the open,  but I just ever so wonder how these bald but good-looking chefs were ever so cool  even in the hot kitchen.   
Here are just some of the drinks we had which began the spectacular degustation.  The yellow drink, Chef's Star is my favorite from the mock cocktail selection..   On the middle is the Pipino Cooler,   refreshing with  mild kick, and of course Lemon Coke. 

Before I continue, my apologies to everyone behind this wonderful event, I know how totally lame that I am just posting this now.   I have to admit  this quick post is my way of cutting corners. It has something to do with the very fact that everything in my life is such a whirlwind right now.   That being said,  I still have lots of trades on my sleeves.  With my blog anniversary coming up, Christmas season is around the corner and I have yet to finish planning for  the Children  Ministry's party for our church, and now we' re on the stage of preparing the household for  my parents  one-month  visit.  To tell you, the above mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg, meaning, a chunk-full of things needed to be done, I'm behind schedules.
But events such as this is such  breather,  not to mention all the food, the people and freebies.   RPAStyle.com  joined hands with 3DMe Photo Novelties, Bacardi and Manny O Wines for this swanky soiree.   
Anyways, hope this would make a feast for your eyes.
Kangkong  Melon Soup with grilled Shrimp
 Seared raw salmon on house-made chips
 Cebuana Chili Chicken wings, the hot-shot of the night!
Oysters Steamed on Lambanog
Yummy sirloin steaks on rice
The crowd favorite, Grilled shrimp wrapped in Bacon
Stuffed tomatoes
Baked Oysters
Steamed clams in Lambanog
Salad on forks
Tangy Meringue
Cream Puffs with Langka (Jackfruit)
Mango-topped glutinous rice with coconut milk
What a party  worth coming for, it was a surprise having Tablea Chocolate Torte, my favorite dessert ever from Hyphy's (which by the way, Chef Bruce Lim and wife Michelle also own and manage).
Hey, this blog wouldn't be named as Gastronomy without highlighting the forage.  So pardon me for making you drool.    But of course you do have an option  trying out these dishes, they're available and waiting for you at Chef's Table.
With me are friend bloggers and other media people enjoying the party with none-the-less the Boss of the of Chef's Table.
Party-goers, and celebs joined in the fun too.
Cheers to Chef's Table!

Chef's Table is located at:
Infinity Tower, 25th St. cor.10th Ave.  Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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